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UFOs in the daily Press:

The controversed photos of an E.T. killed in a UFO crash od Charles Wilhelm:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Weekly World News, USA, le 4 novembre 1980.

Startling photos show the corpse of alien whose ship crashed on Earth


The first stunning proof that space aliens have visited Earth and met violent deaths here has been revealed in startling pictures taken by a government photographer.

The shocking, recently released photos show the charred corpse of an alien star traveler in the burned-out wreckage of his spacecraft and they confirm bizarre reports that the Pentagon is secretly studying the bodies or 30 other alien creatures killed in the United States.

U.F.O. expert Charles Wilhelm, who released the pictures, said they were taken by a Navy photographer who was ordered to document a government investigation into a fiery crash in Mexico.

The photos show what appears to be a severely burned human-like form lying face down in a gutted spacecraft.

The head is proportionately larger than the rest of the body and in life the creature stood about 4 feet 6 inches tall.

Wilhelm said the spacecraft was tracked by U.S. radar before it plunged to the ground and exploded in Mexico, about 80 miles south of Laredo, Texas, on July 1948.

The Mexican authorities immediately threw a security cordon around the area of the crash and informed the American government.

Investigators were then sent from Washington, including the Navy photographer.

"The man is still in the military and does not want his name to be disclosed," Wilhelm said. He already believes that the pictures can be traced to him, and that he will be harassed by the government."

Wilhelm also has a memo written to him by the photographer which reads: "I do feel that it is my duty to warn you that once you begin the dissemination of the photos, you may find yourself the subject of harassment, and even abuse, perhaps by an agency of the government that you never even suspected existed. I had to cut up one negative because there are recognizable persons still alive gathered around the body."

This worried other UFO experts who, convinced the pictures are genuine advised the man not to release them, Wilhelm was told by the photographer that there were two alien bodies in the wreckage and that both were later taken to Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Ohio for further study.

Wilhelm said that by using the Freedom of Information Act, the Coalition of Concerned Ufologists of America have documented a government coverup on alien visits.

"We've compiled more than 15,000 pages of official service documents to prove that Uncle Sam is still engaged in UFO research, even though they say they shut down their 'Blue Book' operation," he said.

"There has been at least one crash, and possibly two in the United States over the years, and some spacecraft have landed because of malfunctions and have been recovered."

"The government denies that they have the bodies or space aliens in their possession, but we have testimony from former military personnel who saw them. We've even talked with a couple of pathologists who did autopsies on the bodies."

Wilhelm said he has had the negatives of the incredible pictures tested by two different photography labs and both give the age of the film at 30-plus years.

The labs can also find no evidence of retouching, superimposing or miniaturization.

"The pictures are obviously genuine," he said, "They are stunningly real, I don't see how they could be fakes."

The pictures are incredibly similar to drawings of dead space men made by top UFO investigator Leonard Stringfield, who claims to have interviewed people who have actually seen the alien bodies.

Stringfield, whose findings were published by MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), says the U.S. military has recovered more than 30 alien corpses since the 1950's, and has carried out top secret autopsies.

He said the alien bodies were between 3 1/2 to 5 feet tall, slender, with oversized heads, uncannily like the dead creature in Wilhelm's pictures. Among the people who saw the preserved aliens which are being stored at Wright-Patterson were a former Air Force pilot who saw three corpses being delivered there in crates, and a doctor who observed a partial autopsy on an alien in the early 50s.

Note: the picture of the burned ET show a pair of spectacle near its body, and some researchers said it was actually a crash of an airplane and the body of its pilot, since then known as "tomato man". The parts of the craft look definitely like airplane parts.

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