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UFOs in the daily Press:

In Cambridge, U-K., 1988:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Cambridge News, U-K., on September 19, 1988.


Reports of UFO sightings in Cambridge during the early hours of this morning have been made to the Greenwich Obervatory in London.

Anxious residents woken by a loud pulsing noise claimed to have seen a bright orange ball just after 2 am, according to Cambridge police.

But an astronomer at the obseratory said it is unlikely to have been extra-terrestrial.

Dr. Rosaly Lopes said: "We had a number of telephone calls. One lady said there were vibrations on the top of her house and other people had seen strange objects in the sky.

"I won't say I don't believe in UFOs but most can be explained. It is not that the people are in any way mad, it's just that they see things they can't understand."

Dr. Lopes believes the bright ball could have been Mars which is quite high in the sky at the moment and has an orange tinge.


And she said the noise could have been caused by an aeroplane, weather balloon, or even a meteor entering the Earth's atmosphere.

Another possible explanation is a Russiabn satellite expected to fall to earth soon.

But Miss Maureen Plantagenet, 40, of Eden Street, Cambridge, refused to accept the explanations.

She said she was woken abruptly just after 2 am by a loud noise: "It was quite the most incredible noise I have heard in my life. First of all I thought it was an aeroplane crash then I realized it was a loud energetic. pulsing."

The noise moved down towards Parkside School, she said. But it was gone by the time she got to her window.

Her neighbor, Mrs Pamela Lee, was also woken.

"I have heard some powerful engines with my father in the RAF, but this was quite extraordinary."

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