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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFOs in the 1980 French Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Le Parisien Libéré, France, om March 10, 1980.


According to an American newspaper:


An extraordinary piece of information has just appeared in the American newspaper "News": seven U.S. medical centers are currently looking into around thirty bodies from spaceships that crashed on earth in recent years.

At least that's Professor Léon Springfield [Leonard Springfield] who says so. A researcher at U.F.O., he would have, in fact, discovered the secret of these autopsies and will soon publish a book on this subject. It will even contain "sketches" of these strange beings from elsewhere.

Already know that the "space castaways" resemble human beings, but do not measure more than 1.30 m. Their arms and legs are extremely thin "suggesting that they perform only light physical labor."

On these slender bodies, "without digestive system", rests a large head with enormous eyes and a mouth "without any function." Finally, last detail, which is important: these extra-terrestrials do not have sexual organs.

For Professor Springfield, these could therefore be "biological robots" sent to our planet to carry out research on behalf of a race of very advanced individuals.

We don't have to believe it. No more than in "spaceships", which could only be, after all, a duck.

The daily UFO

SAINTES. -- A UFO has appeared every evening, for about a week, in the sky of the town of Saint-Porchaire (Charente-Maritime), where many residents were able to observe it, as well as the gendarmes, who opened an investigation. The craft appeared on Friday evening for around twenty minutes, around 10:15 p.m., and a brief power outage occurred as it flew over the line supplying the village. Then the object disappeared following its usual trajectory towards the North.

The UFO was seen last Monday at around the same time by two residents of Saint-Porchaire, who were returning home by car. It was, according to their statements to the gendarmerie, a "huge and flaming object, whose glow set the entire windshield ablaze" and which moved away "rapidly and in jerks", when the car's headlights enlightened it.

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