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Contradictions in mutilated cow investigation, Wyoming, USA, October 1980:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Daily Boomerang, in Laramie, Wyoming, USA, on October 15, 1980.


Cattle Mutilation Investigated

An investigation by a Laramie photographer into a recent cattle mutilation case has resulted in a conclusion contrary to one found by an investigation by the Albany County Sheriff's Department and a University of Wyoming veterinarian.

Photographer Michael Lewis, who operates High Country Images in Laramie and also holds an M.A. Degree in Biology, investigated a recent cattle mutilation case at the Benick Ranch, 14 miles southwest of Laramie.

He submitted his report to the Aerial Phenomena Research Organisation in Tucson. (missing) transmitted to the Laramie Daily Boomerang.

Lewis' report, complete with photos is available for public inspection at the Albany County Public Library.

Lewis reports that part of the skull wound on the cow, found Sept. 22, shows signs of being cut. He said, "At two places on the upper margin of the wound are areas sight to 11 cm in length where the hair bordering the wound appears to have been sharply severed. Under microscopic examination, "... the severed ends of the hair appeared to have been cut sharply, at right angles to the axis of the hair; (missing)

the wound on the jaw and on the mandibles. The cut hair on the margin of the original wound is consistent with that produced by a sharp instrument."

Lewis also concluded that some predators had removed tissue from the carcass and that the exact cause of death of the animal could not be determined.

Lewis' conclusions differ sharply from those of Dr. Herman Hancock, a University of Wyoming veterinarian who works with the state laboratory in West Laramie. He said of the condition of the carcass, "This is typical of what predators do. (missing)

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