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UFOs in the daily Press:

The UFO phenomenon in the newspapers, a collection of newspaper articles reporting UFO observations or UFO related information, by local and national newspapers from all countries. These articles are linked from their respective dossier on this site. This page is to answer the claim "if UFOs existed, they would be in the newspaper." (Other sections of this site answer the claim "people believe in UFOs because of the newspapers.")

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Years 1990 to 1999 (This page).
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Years 1990 to 1999:

Le Journal de l'Ile La Réunion, October 15, 1999 "Three pilots paced by a UFO".
La Liberté de l'Est France, July 25, 1999 "A U.F.O. on the route des crêtes".
Le Bien Public France, July 15, 1999 "Mysterious luminous object..."
East Kootena Weekly Canada, March 17, 1999 "UFO spotting".
L'Alsace France, October 30, 1998 "Public opinion: UFOs" regional TV debate announced.
France Soir France, September 12, 1998 "UFO - A family in the Isère films a flying saucer", Voreppe, later explained as balloon.
La Dépêche France, September 11, 1998 "A UFO in the sky of Grenoble?" Voreppe, French official UFO groups gets a 2 minute tape of a daylight UFO hovering 10 meters about ground.
L'Alsace France, September 20, 1998 "UFO", police officers observe a UFO in Normandy.
Centre-Presse France, August 17, 1998 "A UFO in the sky?"
Libération-Champagne France, August 16, 1998 "Traces and suspicious noises of a flying object".
L'Alsace France, August 15, 1998 "New UFOs", observation in Horbourg-Wihr.
Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire France, August 15, 1998 "A UFO in the sky of the Chalon area?"
The Warrington Guardian U-K., May 14, 1998 "Britain's first alien abduction happened in Runcorn."
Atlanta Journal-Constitution USA, November 25, 1997 "UFO book zooms in on sightings in Georgia".
Newsday USA, June 6, 1997 "1947: Arizona's Roswell case".
La Dépêche du Midi France, March 18, 1997 "Unidentified luminous object in the sky".
L'Aslace France, March 1, 1997 "Delle and Ferretee: funny UFO".
France Soir France, February 10, 1997 "A green light in sight".
France Soir France, February 7, 1997 "Green ball in the sky".
France Soir France, September 10, 1996 "UFO in Alpes-Maritimes".
France Soir France, July 27, 1996 "a UFO in Vilnius".
Deseret News USA, June 30, 1996 "Frequent Flyers? Those aliens do get around." An article for those among us that do not see a relationship between the accounts of cattle mutilation and UFOs sightings.
Daily Mail U-K, May 15, 1996 "An intelligence visited the woods - it did not originate on Earth".
Le Midi Libre France, March 8, 1996 "Two residents saw a "strange" flying object".
France Soir France, January 16, 1996 "UFO reported in New Hebrides".
France Soir France, September 13, 1995 "A UFO hovers above a policeman's car".
France Soir France, October 18, 1995 "4 minutes and 44 seconds of saucers".
France Soir France, August 19, 1995 "Ufo: the power outage trick".
France Soir France, August 3, 1995 "Ufo against plane: It was close to a crash!", the Bariloche Argentina classic case.
Le Courrier de l'Ouest France, August 3, 1995 "Argentina: Flying saucers fly", the Bariloche Argentina classic case.
Clarin Argentina, August 2, 1995 "A strange phenomenon complicated the flight of a plane in Bariloche", the Bariloche Argentina classic case.
France Soir France, March 15, 1995 "The ufo sees red".
Journal de Montreal Canada, March 15, 1995 Airmiss in China.
France Soir France, December 31, 1994 Plasmoïd or ball lightning of some sort.
The People U-K, December 4, 1994 "L'atterrissage d'un OVNI gardé secret" déclare l'ex ministre de la défense".
Le Midi Libre France, October 15, 1994 "A UFO on Palavas?".
France Soir France, October 6, 1994 "Strange, the blue grass", official SEPRA to analyze.
La Dépêche du Midi France, October 5, 1994 "A mysterious trace", official SEPRA to analyze.
L'Eclaireur Brayon France, September 2, 1994 "A U.F.O. above Blargies? Here is the puzzling testimony of a driver".
Le Méridional France, July 30, 1994 "Three residents of Martigues see a UFO on the pond".
Saudi Arabia Gazette Saudi Arabia, April 8, 1994 "UFO scare grips Philippine town".
Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire France, July 17, 1994 "The enigmatic nocturnal trajectory of the UFOs".
Midi Libre France, February 2, 1994 "Weird phenomena in the sky of the Aude".
The Sunday Mercury U-K., January 30, 1994 "Stunned top cop filmed UFO craft".
France Soir France, April 7, 1993 "The UFO was a Russian rocket".
France Soir France, April 2, 1993 "Grenoble UFO has stunned non-sleepers".
Le Dauphiné Libéré France, March 22, 1993 "Flying saucers in Costa Rica".
Courier-Journal USA, March 4, 1993 "UFO makes a show - Police officers in Jefferson describe the encounter".
Midi Libre France, January 6, 1993 "UFO of new year's eve".
Midi Libre France, September 13, 1992 "In Béziers - UFO at close sight".
Le Midi Libre France, August 28, 1992 "The mysterious lights of the sky (continued)".
Centre Ouest France, March 25, 1991 "Ufos in Belgium".
Le Provençal France, March 23, 1991 "Belgian see UFOs everywhere".
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace France, November 18, 1990 "The last moments of a Russian rocket".
Sud Ouest France, November 10, 1990 "UFO - It was a rocket".
Sud Ouest France, November 9, 1990 "UFOs - Jean-Pierre Petit: 'Weird, weird...'".
Sud Ouest France, November 8, 1990 "Mysterious 'cigar' in the Gironde".
Sud Ouest France, November 8, 1990 "UFOs - All the hypothesis".
Sud Ouest France, November 7, 1990 "UFOs in European sky".
L'Est Républicain France, November 6, 1990 "UFO: also in the sky of Saint-Nabor".
France Soir France, November 6, 1990 "From West to the East blinking UFOs in the sky of France".
Sud Ouest France, November 6, 1990 "The Landes - A luminous object in the sky".
Arizona Republic USA, July 15, 1990 "Pilots, radar spot 'flying saucers'" in USSR.
Ft. Walton Beach Daily News USA, July 8, 1990 "Mystery of Roswell hot topic at UFO gathering".
New York Tribune USA, June 21, 1990 "Soviet Press airs startling UFO evidence from military sources".

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