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The Woodbridge / Rendlesham incidents, U-K., 1980:

An article from the newspaper "The People" (U-K.), Sunday, December 4, 1994 regarding the Rendlesham incidents. "UFO-landing was kept secret" says ex-Defence Chief - by David Jack.


By David Jack

A series of chilling encounters with alien spacecraft have been covered up, claims Britain's former military top gun. Lord Hill-Norton is convinced the Defence Ministry is hiding the fact that a UFO landed in Britain. The former Chief of the Defence Staff said: 'The Ministry has doggedly denied that anything untoward happened and I simply don't believe them. 'Someone is sitting on information that should be in the public domain.' His claims center on bizarre incidents at RAF Woodbridge in Suffolk, where American airmen claim to have seen UFOs. The People has seen a top-secret report by American Lt Colonel Charles Halt which confirms sightings of UFOs 'involving an intelligence which didn't originate on earth'. And former US military intelligence officer Clifford Stone claims that the USA, NATO and Russia have long exchanged details of similar incidents under the code name Operation Moondust.

His evidence is due to be screened on LWT's Strange But True program this Friday.

It centers on the mysterious events of December 27, 1980, when radar operators at RAF Watton, near Norwich, picked up an unusual blip. As RAF Phantom jets closed on the object, pilots reported seeing intense, bright lights in the sky. Former radar operator Mal Scurrah said: 'As the Phantoms got close the hovering object shot upwards at phenomenal speed - monitored at more than 1,000mph.' At RAF Woodbridge, airman John Burroughs and sergeant Jim Penniston investigated a dazzling fire in nearby Rendlesham Forest. 'The air was filled with electricity and we saw an object about the size of a tank,' said Penniston. 'It was triangular, molded of black glass and had symbols on it. Suddenly it shot off faster that any aircraft I have ever observed.' Next night the object returned and base deputy commander Lt Col Halt went to investigate. He said: 'I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It looked like the rising sun with a black pulsating center. It appeared to be dripping molten metal.'

Halt's tape recordings and photographs were confiscated by US defence officials and there was an information black-out.

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