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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Méridional, France, le 30 septembre 1994.

Three residents of Martigues see a UFO on the pond

Rina Barbiéri claims to have observed an unidentified flying object at 3 a.m., yesterday, during half an hour. Her daughter and a friend, drawn from their sleep noted the same phenomenon.

Around three o'clock in the morning, Friday in this district of Canto-Perdrix in Martigues, Rina Barbéri of Martigues observed, fascinated, during a few minutes from her window, a strange phenomenon: "It was like a full moon, with a half rings very illuminated at the bottom and which flickered, like the flashes that would have taken photographs. It was so much opposite me that I wondered in the beginning why they were taking pictures of me...".

She then woke up her daughter who sleeps upstairs. You would say she is crazy if she had been the only one to have seen that. Solange and a friend, drawn from their sleep, get out with Rina on the terrace.

The strange luminous ball is still there, high in the sky.

"It resembled a large motionless star, explains Solange, with flashes of light which intensified per moment and red gleams intermittently. I thought that it must have been a satellite which takes photographs of the ground, or something like that".

Two ariplanes at approximately 03:20

During half an hour, Rina remains close to her window, not succeeding in sleeping any more, clouds now piled up hiding the luminous ball. Two planes then pass one after the other much lower in the sky. At this time, the clouds let the strange moon be seen again. "It was certainly only a coincidence, but when one is on the edge of their nerves, everyting seems to be related."

After getting information at the military base of Istres, no plane took off nor landed between midnight and 7 a.m.. The control tower of Marignane did not note anything unusual either.

Note: On July 29, 1994 at 03:00 a.m. there, the moon was at an azimut of 125° 59' 42.0" and an elevation of 43° 51' 45.1". The next day at the same hour, it was at 112° 9' 44.7" and an elevation of 39° 40' 12.9".

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