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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO videotaped in Japan, July 1989:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Japan Times, Japan, on September 23, 1989.


Ufo seen over Kazanawa

Whatever it was, it wasn't a hoax, group says

Kanazawa (Kyodo) A flying object videotaped over Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, in early July has been identified as "a real UFO" by a U.S. research institution.

Yasuhiko Hamazaki, a 32-year-old public office worker, spotted and videotaped the object on the evening of July 6.

Diamond in shape and platinum-colored, the object made no sounds as it hovered over the city in a halo of orange and white light, Hamazaki said.

He said it was very different from the planes stationed at nearby Komatsu U.S. Air Base that often fly over the city.

Hamazaki videotaped the "flying saucer" for about a minute and sent the tape to the private UFO Research Institution Fund in the United States for analysis.

Bruce Maccabee, a physics professor at Washington University carried out the analysis using a computer to give clearer definition to the videotape.

After two months of study, Maccabee, who has served as a science and technology advisor to the U.S. Navy, concluded that the flying object in the video was not identical to any existing on earth and could be aknowledged as a "real UFO."

He also said the flying object is similar to one that was photographed in Hawaii in 1975.

Some of the Institute's findings were sent to the Hakui Youth Mystery Club, which had arranged for Hamazaki to send the video to the U.S.

Hamazaki, after being notified of the results, said he was very pleased that his discovery has been aknowledged by an authoritative UFO researcher.

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