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The 1954 French flap:

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Unknown day and month, 1954, Northern France, unknown department:

Reference for this case: ?-?-54-Nord.
Please cite this reference in any correspondence with me regarding this case.


[Ref. ezr1:] ERIC ZURCHER:

Ufologist Eric Zurcher constituted a small catalogue of about thirty previously unpublished French cases, among which this one:

021.1954. North of France. X...

The witness saw a saucer land and a small man come out of it. He was entirely covered with a diving suit which did not allow to distinguish anything. He made hear in French these completely absurd 2 sentences:

"Intelligence is prohibited to the constipated and cancer comes from tooth ache (or, 'from within')". Then it went up in the UFO which disappeared quickly.

Source: Communicated by A. Michel

[Ref. #aml4:] AIME MICHEL:

Ufologist Aimé Michel wrote to the reader's mailbag of FSR magazine:

One for the 1954 book

Dear Mr. Bowen, - Your excellent answer to Dr. Willy Smith in FSR Vol. 26, No. 6, gives me the opportunity to write you, vieux copain, and to give a brief account of a case in 1954 which I have never before mentioned.

The "witness" first wrote me a letter. In every other way he seemed believable - sober, cultured, anxious to keep his story secret - yet at first I did not believe him, rather in the fashion of Dr. Smith.

Perhaps I should try to explain: what he told me so perplexed me that I couldn't rid my mind of it, especially when, during the long years, I investigated a CE3(4). He was, in fact, the first "contactee" I had encountered, and he was a strange contactee at that, for he himself could not believe his own story (though he was sure it took place) because of its absurdity.

Let me relate the details: one night that autumn, while driving in the country, he was stopped by something on the road. He stopped, got out of the car, saw - somewhat vaguely - what was then called a flying saucer (round, etc.) and, between him and the thing, a little being. He never gave me precise details for he considered that nothing in his adventure deserved investigation (because of its absurdity). The little being approached and addressed the witness, in a queer "artificial" or monotonous voice, repeating two sentences a number of times. Those two sentences were:

"La vérité est refusée aux constipés," and
"Ce que vous appelez cancer vient des dents."

Even in French the first sentence is more than ambiguous. "Constipé" means, of course, "Constipated," but it also means "stiff" or "ill at ease". In the second sense it can be understood somewhat humourosly. But "refusée" par qui? does it mean that people with stiff characters are unlikely to find or grasp truth? (What truth?). One can imagine many other interpretations. As for the second sentence, there are also many other possible meanings, for example "vient des dents" ("comes from the teeth") can mean "through what you eat" (your diet), or "your manner of eating" and so on.

Remember that in the autumn of 1954 all such strange things were new -by that I mean CE3 and 4. An ordinary person in 1954 could not grasp the idea that another world, whatever that can be, was mounting a scenario of "fantasmagory," as huge as that wave, merely in order to deliver such follies and platitudes.

Years later, while still reflecting on that, and other cases, I tried to renew contact with the witness. Alas he was dead. However a friend of his answered me (I think he is still alive) and so is the unique confident of the witness (apart from me). The friend told me that he asked the witness on his death bed what was the truth of the story. The dying man confirmed the whole story... and died asking himself what the devil it could all mean.

Personally, I believe the story is "true". But Quid est veritas? as Pontius Pilate said. Voltaire remarked that "...he went out without waiting for an answer, so that human kind were left in ignorance of the truth."

Yours sincerely,
Aimé Michel,
Alpes de Haute Provence,
21 April, 1981

[Ref. ars1:] ALBERT ROSALES:


Location. Nord (Northern) France (exact location not given)

Date: 1954

Time: unknown

An anonymous witness reported seeing a disc-shaped object land and a small man come out of it. He was entirely covered in a dark tight-fitting diving suit, which did not allow distinguishing none of his features. The little man then communicated in French with the witness saying the following absurd sentences:

"Intelligence is prohibited to the constipated and cancer comes from a tooth ache." The little man then walked back into the disc, which then took off and disappeared.

HC addendum:
Source: Eric Zurcher quoting Aime Michel

Type: B



This is a story without credibility, which apparently was the subject of no checking neither investigation nor decent documentation, and in which Aimé Michel probably did not believe for a second if one considers what he thought of the "contactees" as expressed in his book on the 1954 French flap. Probably entirely invented, perharps by the "confident" of the "witness".


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