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Kenneth Arnold's sighting

Kenneth Arnold sighting reports in the Press:

The article below was published in the newspaper The Post-Register, Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA, on pages 1 and 11, on June 27, 1947.


Missile Mystery Deepens; Oregon Photo Shows 'Flying Objects' in Air

EUGENE, Ore., June 27. (AP) -- Subsequent enlargements of photographs taken by E. H. Sprinkle, Eugene man who said he snapped a $3.50 camera from a hill in Eugene on June 18, at "flying objects" similar to those first reported over Washington state a week later, revealed seven "V" or "X" shaped dots in the sky in what could be a military formation.

The dots are too small to show up on ordinary news prints, but are visible on a glossy finish 8 by 10 inch print. Under an ordinary microscope they show a similar shape.

Sprinkle said he took his camera up on Kinner's butte overlooking Eugene to give it its first test. At about 2:15 p.m. he said he spotted the objects approaching from the southwest but they nearly had disappeared into the northeast before he could get a picture.

Sprinkle said he could not estimate the speed of the craft that he saw at Eugene and gor only a fleeting glimpse of them.

Increasing Reports

By the Associated Press

Conjectures multiplied Friday as widely separated areas reported apparent confirmation of incredibly fast disc-like objects flashing through the sky - but skeptics remained.

Following Wednesday's report at Pendleton, Ore., by Kenneth Arnold of Boise, Idaho, that he had seen nine saucer-shaped shiny objects dipping and skimming through the sky between Mount Rainier and Mount Adams in Washington state at an estimated 12 hundred miles an hour, came these observations:

Byron Savage, Oklahoma City businessman pilot, said that five or six weeks ago he observed from his front lawn a flat disc-like object hurtling through the sky at tremendous speed.

At Kansas City, W. I. Davenport, a carpenter, said that he, too, saw nine speeding objects, moving west high in the sky. However, he reported engine sound and vapor trails - the only one of the observers with that to report.

A Brementon, Wash., housewife - west across the Cascade mountains from where Arnold saw his objects - said that twice in the past 10 days she had seen "platter-like" lights reflecting objects.

Seen at Night

WENATCHEE, June 27. (AP) - To further confound anyone who is

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Missile Mystery Grows Deeper

(Continued from Page One)

attempting to figure out what the mysterious gadgets are that have been reported swishing through the air of western United States the past few days comes a story of similar objects seen at night.

The story is told by Archies Edes, Wenatchee, who was driving east through the Columbia basin on the Moses lake highway at 11 p.m. Friday night, June 20, when he saw the speeding object, he reports.

"I [it] was going faster than any airplane, and it was descending on a long slant. It seemed to be about four miles away, heading northeast, and it looked like a long, oval, blue white flame. [So, it looked like a meteor.]

"It looked quite large to us (Edes' father and his family were with him) and it certainly was traveling fast.

As we watched, it neared the ground, and when it was about two hundred feet high it exploded.

"There was no blinding flash, but there were great showers of sparks and flame seemed to hurtle to the ground. I'm sure it wasn't a meteor, because it didn't have the other characteristics [?] of meteors of comets [!]."

Edes said he hesitated to say anything about the strange sight until he read newspaper accounts of the flying discs.

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