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Kenneth Arnold's sighting

Kenneth Arnold sighting report in the Press:

The article below was published in the newspaper The Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada, USA, on page 19, on June 29, 1947.


Mystery 'Discs' Reported Sighted Speeding Through Sky Over Illinois

Joliet, Ill., June 28. (UP) -- A railroad engineer said today he saw "about nine" spinning discs speeding through the sky last Tuesday, the same day an Idaho flier said he saw some flashing objects in the air.

Charles Kastl, 60, an employe of the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern railroad for 38 years, said he saw the discs at about 1:50 p.m. (CST) as he was walking along a highway to work.

No other person in the Joliet area reported anything unusual.

Kastl said he saw a string of flat, circular objects going faster "than any plane I ever saw" about 10 to 12 miles east of Joliet. They were flying at about 4,000 feet, he said.

"They appeared to be very high, and were coming from north to south," he said. "I could see no connecting link between them, but they acted as though the leading disc had a motor in it to power the others, because when it flipped, the others would too. When it would right itself, the others would right themselves."

Kastl said he did not tell anyone but his wife about seeing the objects until today, "because I didn't think anything about it."

When he returned from a railroad run today, however, he learned that Kenneth Arnold, Boise, Ida., pilot had reported seeing objects similar to the ones he claimed to have seen. Arnold said he saw objects over the Pacific northwest.

Arnold said he saw the "objects" at 3 p.m. (PST), about three hours later than Kastl reportedly saw similar sight.

Charles Preucil, head of the Joliet astronomical society, said there would be no natural cause for a display such as Kastl described.

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