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Kenneth Arnold's sighting

Kenneth Arnold sighting reports in the Press:

The article below was published in the newspaper The News-Review, Rosebug, Oregon, USA, on page 1, on June 30, 1947.


[Photo caption:] 'SO HELP ME' -- Kenneth Arnold, Boise, Idaho, businessman flyer, clings to his story that he saw nine shiny disc-like objects skimming through the air in formation near Mt. Rainier, Wash. Arnold said he clocked them at 1200 M. P. H. by the stop watch on his own plane's instrument panel. The mysterious objects were reported seen by other Northwest residents.

'Flying Saucers' Mean World's End, Preacher Warns

LA GRANDE, June 30. -- (AP) -- The end of the world is imminent, declared Rev. Lester Carlson, pastor of the Gospel Tabernacle Church in La Grande, today, after "flying saucers" were reported by several persons here.

The strange zooming objects, first reported zipping across southwestern Washington, are the signs of a second coming of Christ, Rev. Carlson insisted.

He said the millennium would come at any minute.

The discs were reported here by Leland Jones, La Grande high school student, who said his attention was called to them by two catholic nuns. They were nine, Jones said, and they kept weaving in and out of formation. He estimated their speed to be around 300 miles an hour.

"They looked bright and round, and seemed to have fins," Jones said.

A vapor trail was reported at a very high altitude northwest of La Grange by City Patrolman George Webb yesterday. The patrolman, who viewed the column though binoculars, said the trail was visible for nearly half an hour. It was unlike any vapor trail he had never seen, Webb said.

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