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Ann Harris LaFeir Bossack


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Ann Harris intruduces herself as the daughter of Richard Clayton Harris, Jr., a man retired from the US Air Force with the rank of Major, who, she said, was a Budget and Fiscal Officer during the Roswell incident.

Interviews and public statements:

Ann Harris wrote the following on her own website at:

July 4, 1947: The day that Roswell, New Mexico, became the Mecca for UFO investigators. The day that the United States Government started one of its longest and greatest cover-ups. Dad was at the very heart of it. I was almost six months old.

As Budget and Fiscal Officer, it was his job to allot the funds necessary for the cleanup and cover-up of a crashed space ship north of Roswell that has become known as The Roswell Incident. Dad allotted the funds to pay for housing and food for extra personnel, and extra fuel for the unscheduled flights to the air field at Fort Worth, Texas, and then on to Wright Patterson Field near Dayton, Ohio.

Dad had a chance to view the bodies. But he did not have a strong stomach. As he approached the door to the morgue, the odor turned him away.

However, he did mention in a 1997 interview with Kevin Randle for Strange Universe, that it was, in fact, a space ship that had crashed near Roswell in 1947.

As a result of this interview, which first aired February 12, 1997, Dad was killed in his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dad was 82. The circumstances behind his death are very strange, indeed. Being confined to use a walker, it was unusual for it not to end up near his body. There was a six-inch hole in the adobe wall; his skull was crushed in the back, and his neck was broken. The Albuquerque Police Department and the Medical Investigator said that the hole was caused by his fall from a standing height. But what made the purple bruises on his forehead and face? Why was his body found ten feet from that hole in the wall? Why was there blood on the carpet, on the couch, and on the phone?? Why were his slippers found at the opposite end of the room, in the dining area, on opposite sides of that room??? None of this was mentioned in the police report or in the coroner's report. One more question: Why were there CIA agents investigating along with the APD?

I have had a life-long interest in UFOs and Visitors because of being born in Roswell in 1947, and because my father was directly involved in the Roswell Incident.

All my life, I would ask Dad to tell me about what he saw. He would bend down, get right in my face and shout, "We were told to forget it. It never happened."

But I never stopped asking him.

In 1996, I opened a small business in Old Town Albuquerque called UFO LAB. It was a huge success for such a tiny shop. Then, a free-lance producer's wife, Mrs. John Grace, found the UFO LAB. She brought John along on her very next visit and he asked to do an interview as UFO LAB was the only one of its kind in the world at that time. During the interview, I explained about my dad and my life-long interest in this subject. I was shocked when Dad agreed to be inter- viewed by Kevin Randle for Strange Universe. The segment turned out well. I was rather pleased. It first aired on February 12, 1997. And, Strange Universe ran our segment all that year in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident. About once a week, customers would come running into the UFO LAB and excitedly tell me that they'd seen me on television the night before. Life was fun.

On August 13, 1997, my brother called to tell me that our father was dead. He had been dead for about 12 hours when his caregiver found him and called 911.

Less than one month later, Stanton Friedman introduced me to Dennis Bossack on September 9, 1997. It was love at first sight. We were married on December 27, 1997. Even though Dennis and Dad never got to meet each other, Dennis honors him, and me, by referring to Dad as his father-in-law. We packed up and headed for the East Coast on January 14, 1998, settling in Hope Valley, Rhode Island, on March 27, 1998.

In September, 1999, plans were initiated to re-open the UFO LAB in Richmond, Rhode Island. The grand opening of our museum, information center and gift shop began the week of November 22, 1999. Stan Friedman was in attendance for a book signing and chatting with customers. Of course, he charmed everyone, as usual. Along with many other famous folks, Stan's also been a guest on our radio show, DNA LIVE RADIO which aired on Sundays, from 6 to 10pm, WBLQ, 88.1 FM, Westerly, Rhode Island. Our last show was December 2, 2001, but we will doing an internet radio show after we settle in New Mexico.

Ann Harris LaFeir Bossack

Source of the text below:

Bossack, Dennis and Ann, - co-hosts of DNA LIVE, broadcast every Sunday, 6:00-10:00 pm (EST) on WBLQ 88.1 FM. Dennis recently semi-retired from an above-top-secret private organization which watchdogged government and corresponding subversive groups and is currently writing the first of three books about this agency and his experiences with the Visitors. Dennisí wife, Ann, is the daughter of the late Richard Clayton Harris, Jr., Budget and Fiscal Officer at Roswell Army Air Field, 1947. Annís father died mysteriously after an interview with Kevin Randle aired on Strange Universe, in which he mentioned that it was, in fact, a space ship that had crashed near Roswell in 1947. and

Investigators notes and comments:

Bwlow: excerpts from "The outsider", a section by Chris Wright on the " News and Features" website at

The outsider

Once the darling of the UFO community, Dennis Bossack is now described as Ďthe worst thing that ever happenedí to it. Where did he go wrong?



In 1997, Dennis [Bossack] boosted his status in the UFO field even further when he met and married a woman named Ann Harris. When Dennis met Ann, she owned a space-age emporium called the UFO Lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico. One of the only businesses of its kind at the time, the lab attracted national publicity. It seemed the perfect base for Dennis Bossack to loose his Omega theories on the world.

Better yet, Ann had impeccable credentials of her own. She is a native of Roswell, New Mexico, the Mecca of the UFO movement. Her father, Richard Clayton Harris Jr., was stationed at the Roswell air field in 1947, the year a space craft is supposed to have crash-landed there. As a budget officer, Ann says, Lieutenant Harris allotted the funds for the clean-up and cover-up of the crash site. In 1997, the noted UFO expert Kevin Randle investigated Harrisís claims for the TV show Strange Universe, and called them "credible." In the UFO community, this is as close to a ringing endorsement as youíre likely to get.

Ann also counted Stanton Friedman ó one of the UFO fieldís most respected investigators ó among her friends. Indeed, it was Friedman who first introduced Dennis to Ann. The couple insist, though, that their marriage was more a matter of divine ó or at least otherworldly ó intervention. "When the Creator formed the foundations of the earth," says Ann, "he meant me for Dennis and Dennis for me."

In any case, the two share one thing in common: both have had a lifelong obsession with things that go bleep in the night. And, whether or not you believe their account of the night they met, the way they tell the story lends credence to Annís assertion that they are "a match made in heaven."


The museum at the UFO Lab is, in fact, not really a museum at all ó at least not in the traditional sense of the word. It is a visual representation of the Bossacksí world-view ó a fascinating, idiosyncratic, even gonzo take on the UFO phenomenon. "History as we know it is wrong," Ann says, puffing a cigarette. "There is information in here you canít get anywhere else on earth."

On this point she is absolutely right. Following a brief tour of the museum, I am led through another door and ushered into a back room, where, surrounded by jars of peanut butter, computer equipment, and UFO paraphernalia, Dennis and Ann Bossack tell me stories I am quite sure I could not hear anywhere else on earth. Or possibly the universe.

THE OMEGA Agency is the security force for the Universal Government. The Universal Government consists of 752 advanced planets from around the known universe," says Dennis, bracing himself to deliver a pitch he has clearly made many times before. "I was the director of the agency here on earth."

This stuff goes on for about four hours, and not once does Dennis deviate from his deadpan, matter-of-fact delivery. Indeed, the truly impressive thing about his stories is that they are both incoherent and consistent. Ask Dennis a questions about the tiniest detail of his Omega days, and he will fire back an answer before you can blink in disbelief.

The story begins in New York, back in the early 1970s, when a pair of Omega representatives approached Dennis about working for the agency. "Men in Black, thatís what they looked like," he says. "White shirts, black pants, black jacket, black tie. They knocked on my apartment door. I said, ĎWhat the hell are you talking about?í "

A visit to Omega headquarters, five miles beneath the New Mexico desert, allayed his doubts. "It was amazing," he says. "The first place we went to was the cafeteria. It was stark white, immaculately clean, indirect lighting everywhere. They had any kind of food you wanted to eat, Zeta food too. They had this mango-banana-type food thatís very sweet. Iím a diabetic, and I could eat it."

After meeting with the Omega leader, Dennis agreed to join the agency. He ended up working there, he says, for 28 years, 15 of those as director. His main job was overseeing the day-to-day operation of the underground facility, in which hundreds of earthlings and Visitors worked side by side to prepare the planet for the day Omega takes over. "It was a very hectic life," he says, "very time-consuming. I missed a lot of family functions."

Dennis "semi-retired" from Omega in 1997, though he still has a role in the organization. He is, in his own words, a sort of PR man. Even so, Dennis misses the Omega lifestyle. "Itís one big family down there," he says. "Everybody watches out for everybody." He especially misses his friend Aviel, the hamburger-munching Reticulan.

Aviel still works at Omega as a biologist, specializing in the study of human emotions. Actually, this isnít entirely accurate ó she studies earthling emotions. Aviel is herself a human being, as are all the Visitors. She is simply 200 million years more evolved than we are.

For Aviel, earthlings are like infants. She finds us difficult to understand. We make her sad. She used to quiz Dennis for hours, asking question after question about our aggressive, warlike ways. "For her, this was like looking into the past," he says. "Her planet actually had 12 world wars before they matured. But she hasnít seen any of that. Watching earth is like watching ancient Zeta."

More often than not, Dennis and Avielís conversations concerned more mundane subjects, like family and work. Aviel has a husband and two kids back on Zeta, Dennis says, and "every other weekend or so" she would go back for a visit. Occasionally, Dennis would go with her.

"Itís actually only a 15-minute trip," he says. "That puppy takes off from zero to 10 times the speed of light, and you have no idea youíre doing it. You do not have to be seat-belted in. You do not have to be seated."

Itís been a while since Dennis went to Zeta, and itís been a while since he saw Aviel. "We still communicate telepathically," he says, "but itís not the same." The day of Dennisís retirement, Aviel demonstrated her regard for him by violating a Reticulan taboo. "One of the things that surprised me most after 25 years of working with Aviel," he says, "I was the only one who left there and got a hug. To her, any kind of touching is sexual, but she had to take that and turn it into an earth gesture to say goodbye."

"They donít even shake hands," adds Ann, without a hint of jealousy.


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