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Roswell 1947 - Roswell before Roswell

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After the original incident of the "flying disc debris" found near Roswell in 1947 was explained the next day as balloon debris by the Army Air Force, what would become the Roswell incident was, we are told, completely forgotten until 1978, when Major Jesse Marcel, intelligence officer at the Roswell Army Air Base, came forward to claim that the debris were not from a balloon, but of something from another world.

But it is not totally true that "Roswell" had totally disappeared between these two moments...

Roswell in TRUE Magazine, 1952:


Fallen-saucer stories weren't, in fact, new even at that time. Back on July 9, 1947, only two weeks after private-flier Kenneth Arnold had alerted the nation with his nine disks seen skipping "saucer-like" near Mt. Rainier, Southwest newspapers headlined that captured disk that had fallen on a New Mexico ranch was a dud. That one, when delivered to the Eighth Army Air Force, was identified as a tinfoil-covered reflector from a weather balloon.



J. P. Cahn had investigated the case of a "crashed saucer" and "extraterrestrial technology to find oil" devised by two crooks, Silas Newton and Leo Gebaueur, who managed to fool author Frank Scully. Cahn would write a detailed article on this subject in TRUE Magazine in 1953.

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