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Kenneth Arnold's sighting

Kenneth Arnold sighting reports in the Press:

The article below was published in the newspaper The Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, on page 1, on July 10, 1947.


Flying Saucer Reports Fall Off to Trickle

Rebuke Reputedly Given By AAF To Roswell Base for Balloon Sensation

CHICAGO. July 9 (UP) -- The mysterious "flying saucers" all but disappeared Wednesday.

Every report that one of the discs has been found was proven false, and the number of reports from persons who claimed to have seen saucers in the sky dropped to a trickle.

Army Air Forces headquarters in Washington was reported to have delivered a blistering rebuke to officers at the Roswell, N. M., air base for announcing Tuesday that a flying disc had been found on a New Mexico ranch The "disc" turned out to be the remnants of a weather observation balloon of a type used by the army.

At Boise, Ida., Dave Johnson, aviation editor of the "Idaho Statesman," reported he took motion pictures of a black object he said he hopes was a disc. He said he was able to get only about 10 feet of film before the object disappeared in the sky.

A 16-inch aluminum disc equipped with two radio condensers, a fluorescent light switch and copper tubing found by F. G. Harston near the Shreveport, La., business district was found to have been the work of a prankster. Police believed the prankster hurled the gadget over a signboard and watched it land at Harston's feet.

Gannon college scientists at Erie, Pa., come up with an identification of a "flying saucer" found by a Troy, Pa., mill worker. They said the object, found in a pasture, was a scoria - a solidified frothing from a volcano.

But that brought up a new problem. There isn't a volcano within 3,000 miles of the field where the scoria was found.

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