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UFOs in the Press:

The 1954 saucer flap in the daily Press:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper The Muncie Evening Press, Muncie, Indiana, USA, on page 2, on October 11, 1954.


Saw Little People Leaving Saucer

By International News Service

A sudden wave of flying saucer reports came simultaneously today from persons in at least five different parts of the world, including one from a German who claimed to have seen creatures less than four feet tall disembark from a cigar-shaped craft.

Persons in Germany, Belgium, Egypt, Argentina, Lebanon and the French Cameroon claimed they saw mysterious disks in the sky.

IN MUENSTER, Germany, 42-year-old movie projectionist Franz Hoge told the news agency DPA that he saw a "flying saucer" land in a field and peculiarly shaped creatures get out.

Hoge said he noticed a bright blue light and thought at first it came from a crashed airplane. On closer examination, he declared, he discovered a "cigar-shaped" craft hovering about six feet above the ground and giving off a brilliant blue radiance which nearly blinded him.

Then, the movie projectionist added, he suddenly sighted four creatures about three and a one-half feet in height. He said they had "thick-set bodies, oversized heads and delicate legs" and wore rubber-like clothing.

Hoge said he observed the craft and its occupants for about 10 minutes from a distance of about 200 feet, but did not have the courage to approach any closer.

FLYING SAUCERS reports came also from Frankfurt, Germany; Namu, Belgium; Buenos Aires, Alexandria, Beirut and Yaounde in the French Cameroon.

Also in Germany, pilots and pupils of a glider school near Frankfurt claimed to have seen a "slightly swollen silvery disc" moving noiselessly over their field.

Agence France Presse said the 13 witnesses, some of them former Luftwaffe (German Air Force) men, denied that they were the victims of an optical illusion.

A mail carrier in the Belgian village of Huy, near Namur, reported that he spotted a flying "cigar" which rose into the sky as he approached. He claimed to have seen silhouettes "roughly human in shape" aboard the craft.

Several hundreds witnesses in Alexandria told of seeing a luminous object which changed in color from red to orange as it streaked through the sky. Later the mysterious object turned green and then a sort of gray-blue.

The Heluan observatory near Cairo was notified but the object vanished before special instruments could be trained on it. However, observatory officials said it could have been a natural phenomenon caused by a recent electric storm.

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