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Kenneth Arnold's sighting

Kenneth Arnold sighting report in the Press:

The article below was published in the newspaper The Statesman-Journal, Salem, Oregon, USA, on page 4, on July 1, 1947.


Editorial Comment
From Our contemporaries


We do not know what Kenneth Arnold saw between Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier but he certainly saw something and we hope they were American military planes or guided missiles.

Admiral Halsey, in his interesting story in the Saturday Evening Post, says that between the two world wars the United States made the grand mistake of assuming there were [no] predatory powers and that all was sweetness and light.

The good world has never been all sweetness and light. Primitive man had to fight for existence against dangerous animals. He had to set up tribal protection or we would have had no civilization. Brigands always try to steal, kill and rape if the bars are down. They did that even in peaceful Boston when the policemen went on strike.

The only way to make sure of world peace is by the peace enforcement route and America must help the cause along because this is the only country capable of taking the lead. Furthermore we have more to lose than any other country should there be a breakdown.

Our government needs whatever it takes to make the nation secure and the necessity of up to date air strength is plain. -- (Pendleton East Oregonian.)

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