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Roswell 1947 - Declassified documents on Roswell

RAAF and 509th Bomb Group combined history for July 1947:

Combined History

509th Bomb Group


Roswell Army Air Field

1 July 1947 Through 31 July 1947


The other three briefings were those which were given to the VIP and a simulated briefing to a large group of Air Scouts representing all of the troops in New Mexico which was given on 15 July 1947.

Several small projects were completed during the month including signs on all the office doors, a building directory, and a world situation map which is maintained on a day-to-day basis.

The Historical Section of S-2 has been seriously handicapped by the removal of the regular stenographer with the reduction in force.

Due to the fact that the quality of the department reports has in general been so inadequate, lectures are being prepared to be given early in August to properly train the liaison representatives of each department.

The Office of Public Information was kept quite busy during the month answering inquiries on the "flying disc", which was reported to be in the possession of the 509th Bomb Group. The object turned out to be a radar tracking balloon.

The main project of the month was making all arrangements for a successful Air Force Day. Lt. Colonel Oliver LaFarge, Air Reserve Corps, at Santa Fe, made arrangements for Colonel Blanchard to visit the Governor of New Mexico and ask him to declare Air Force Day in New Mexico on 7 August.



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