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Roswell 1947 - newspapers in 1947

Roswell saucer in the foreign Press, July 9, 1947:

The article below was published in the newspaper The Guardian, London, U-K., page 5, on July 9, 1947.



On Ranch in New Mexico

Roswell, New Mexico,
July 8.

The United States Army Air Force announced here to-night that a "flying saucer" had been found on a ranch near here and was now in the Army's possession.

Lieutenant Warren Haught [sic, Walter Haut], public relations officer at Roswell, announced that the disc had been found "some time last week," and had been handed over to the airfield through the co-operation of the sheriff's office. It was inspected at Roswell Army airfield and subsequently sent "to higher authorities." No other details are given.


Washington, July 8.

Brigadier General Roger Ramey, commander of the Eighth Air Force, said to-night that a battered object, previously described as a flying disc found near Roswell, New Mexico, is being sent by air to the United states Army Air Force's research centre in Ohio [Wright-Patterson army air field]. He described it as of "flimsy construction, almost like a box-kite." -- Associated Press.

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