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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Francis Cassidy

(Francis CASSIDY, Francis "Frank" CASSIDY, Sarah MOUNCE).

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Please, before asking any question or sending any comment or criticism, read this.


According to Roswell incident investigators Carey and Schmitt (see below), Francis "Franck" Cassidy was a Private of the 1359th Military Police Company at the Roswell Army Air Force Base in 1947.


There is no affidavit neither by Francis Cassidy not by his wife Sarah Mounce.

Interviews and public statements:

I found no public statement neither by Francis Cassidy not by his wife Sarah Mounce.

Investigators notes and comments:

Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt:

In their 2007 book, these authors said that Private Francis "Franck" Cassidy, of the 1359th Military Police Company, who was at Roswell in 1947, told in his final days in 1976 to his wife Sarah Mounce that as he was "guarding Hangar P-3" he saw the bodies inside..."

This was then reproduced on many websites and books, with or without source reference.


My comments:

I found nothing else about the alleged testimony in the ufology litterature so far; needless to say that Francis Cassidy is an alleged second-hand witness, and that the collected information is very minimal, and basic information such as when Mrs. Mounce told the story and to whom she told it appears to be missing.

What I found is a "Sarah Inez Cassidy Mounce" who passed away at 79 on March 31, 2017, ie four days before I wrote these lines. She was born July 19, 1937 in Dexter, New Mexico. She was the first female Deputy Sherriff in Benton County, as well as the first female dispatcher for the New Mexico State Police. Her husband was Loyd Mounce; she had a son, Robert Cassidy, and a daughter, Mary Cassidy, four brothers, six sisters and her parents.

I think it is very odd that the names Mounce and Cassidy appear, and that she had apparently been working with the NM police. Is this all just a coincidence? Was Francis Cassidy a previous husband?

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