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Kenneth Arnold's sighting

Kenneth Arnold sighting reports in the Press:

The article below was published in the newspaper The Herald and News, Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA, on page 14, on July 2, 1947.


Long-Time Pilot Tells Of Seeing 10 Flying Saucers

PORTLAND, July 2 (AP) -- The report of a long-time west coast pilot was added today to the growing account of "flying saucers" over the west.

Richard Rankin, veteran of more than 7000 hours in the air, said he saw the much-debated mystery disks high over Bakersfield, Calif., and going "maybe 300 or 400 miles an hour."

There were 10 in the formation flying south, he told a reporter but when "they returned on the reverse course, headed south, there were only seven."

"I couldn't make out the number or location of their propellers and couldn't distinguish any wings or tail. They appeared almost round," he said.

Rankin said he saw them June 23, but hesitated to describe what he saw until he noted others were reporting the same thing.

At first, he continued, he assumed he had seen the XF5U-1, the experimental navy "flying flapjack." The navy since has announced it has only one XF5U-1, and it has not left Connecticut.

Rankin, ex-Portlander who now lives in Palm springs, Calif., and a brother of the late George "Tex" Rankin, pioneer stunt flyer, said he observed the "planes" from the ground.

News reports meanwhile came in from three Oregon cities, Astoria, Madras and Portland. The Portlanders making the reports, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Balliet, said they disbelieved stories about the "saucers" until they saw at least 10 of them winging noiselessly high over the Columbia river yesterday.

PENDLETON, July 2 (AP) -- The "saucers" still are flying over Pendleton.

Five roundup city residents today reported seeing "six to eight" mysterious objects whiz over this area Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Walter Clark compared the "saucers" speed to that of a "shooting star". She admitted that they looked more like a "silver meal platter" than a saucer.

The objects were flying high and were visible only four or five minutes, the observers reported. They were traveling east.

Sunday, a McKay creek resident reported seeing objects similar to those reported by Kenneth Arnold, Boise, Idaho, flyer.

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