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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Elmer Landry

(Elmer LANDRY).

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I found no information about Elmer Landry other than what appears below. This does not mean he did not exist, it only means I found nothing that corroborates he existence or his involvement in the alleged flight of the debris from Roswell to Fort Worth.

Interviews and public statements:

No Elmer Landry testified of anything related to the Roswell incident.

Investigators notes and comments:

Robert Slusher:

On the affidavit by witness Robert Slusher, the latter added a handwritten note saying that "Lieutenant Elmer Landry took part in the flight as assistant to the flight mechanic."


An anonymous witness report mentions the name of "warrant offier Landry". The anonymous talks of the same flight Robert Slusher described in his affidavit, and only says that on the way back, he (the anonymous witness, who says he was on the flight) went to talkd with warrant officer Landry anout a minor problem with a propeller. "We had the Curtiss Electric's and there was concern that one of them was hunting a bit."

Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt:

The authors discuss the crew of the flight of the Roswell debris on the "Straight Flush" B-29 from the 393rd Bomb Squadron at RAAF to Fort Worth.

They say Lt. Elmer Landry was a fillin on the July 9 flight for Sgt. David Tyner as the flight engineer, and he has never been interviewed and is presumed dead.


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