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Roswell 1947:

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05.04.2018The Press, prank in Hollywood.
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08.01.2017Witnesses, Charles Forgus.
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05.29.2017The Press, Albuquerque Journal.
05.29.2017The Press, Albuquerque Journal.
05.29.2017The Press, Albuquerque Journal.
05.27.2017The Press, Flying disc over Carrizozo.
05.27.2017The Press, Middletown Times-Herald.
05.27.2017The Press, Clovis News-Journal.
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05.23.2017Documents, Carey and Schmitt 1999 part 2.
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05.10.2017The Press, Amarillo Daily News, July 9, 1947.
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04.29.2017Witnesses, Anna Willmon.
04.29.2017The search for archeologists witnesses, 1994.
04.28.2017Witnesses, Joe Briley.
04.28.2017Articles, Crash sites in the ABQ Journal.
04.27.2017Witnesses, Patrick Saunders.
04.27.2017Witnesses, Vernon D. Zorn.
04.26.2017Witnesses, Ethel Sims.
04.26.2017Witnesses, Elmer Landry.
04.26.2017Witnesses, Anonymous 1, update.
04.25.2017Witnesses, E. L. Pyles.
04.25.2017Witnesses, Paul Wilmot.
04.24.2017Witnesses, Mr. and Mrs Dan Wilmot.
04.24.2017Witnesses, William Woody, update.
04.23.2017Documents, Ted Bloecher, in 1967.
04.23.2017Documents, Frank Edwards, in 1956.
04.22.2017Documents, SAGA UFO Report in 1974.
04.22.2017Documents, Frank Edwards, in 1966.
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04.22.2017Documents, RAAF and 509th BG combined history for July 1947.
04.21.2017Witnesses, Barbara Dugger.
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04.20.2017Witnesses, Dan Dwyer.
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04.13.2017Witnesses, Paul Brazel.
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04.12.2017Witnesses, Tommy Tyree.
04.12.2017Witnesses, Edgar Izard.
04.11.2017Witnesses, Fleck Danley.
04.11.2017Documents: A comment on 'The Roswell Incident' book by Berlitz and Moore, 1981.
04.10.2017Documents: A review of 'The Roswell Incident' book by Berlitz and Moore, 1981.
04.09.2017Documents: 1979 interview of Jesse Marcel by Bob Pratt.
04.09.2017Documents: MUFON Journal in 1980.
04.08.2017Documents: Leonard Stringfield, 1978.
04.08.2017Witnesses, Bud Payne.
04.07.2017Witnesses, Robert Lida.
04.07.2017Witnesses, Ann Harris LaFeir Bossack.
04.06.2017Witnesses, An anonymous archaeologist.
04.06.2017Witnesses, Francis Cassidy.
04.06.2017Witnesses, An anonymous MP.
04.05.2017Witnesses, William Anderson.
04.04.2017Witnesses, Robin Adair.
04.02.2017Witnesss, Chase Brandon.
04.21.2010About statements by Mack Brazel in the Roswell Daily Record.
11.15.2007L'Aurore, July 10, 1947.
11.15.2007The Times, July 9, 1947.
11.15.2007Circleville Herald, July 9, 1947.
11.11.2007Echo d'Oran, July 9, 1947.
08.31.2007Witness, Jack Trowbridge.
07.26.2006Witness, Ann Robbins.
04.06.2006The alleged alien autopsy fim: Ray Santilli confessions.
02.25.2006Le Parisien Libéré, July 9, 1947.
11.26.2005Witness, Edgar Mitchell.
11.09.2005The Chicago Tribune, July 9, 1947.
11.08.2005Witness, Art McQuiddy.
11.08.2005Witness, B. A. Tillery.
11.08.2005Witness, Charles Schmid.
11.08.2005Witness, Greg Boldra.
11.08.2005Witness, Ellis Boldra.
11.08.2005Witness, George Newling.
07.04.2005Nick Redfern's new truth interview, my review.
04.14.2005Witness, Felix Martucci.
04.13.2005Witness, Robert Porter.
04.12.2005Witness, Jack Barnett.
04.10.2005The Wyoming Eagle, July 9, 1947.
04.10.2005"Is the holding of the scissors in the alleged Roswell autopsy footage correct or incorrect?"
04.09.2005Witness, Stephen Lovekin.
04.09.2005If the sticks were of wood, what wood was it?".
04.09.2005Witness, William Brainerd.
03.26.2005International Roswell Initiative by Kent Jeffrey in 1995.
03.25.2005Witness, Bessie Brazel Schreiber.
03.25.2005Witness, Lorenzo Kent Kimball.
03.25.2005Mac Brazel interviewed July 9, 1947.
03.25.2005Witness, Mary Goode.
03.25.2005Photographs, Roswell Army Air Field.
03.25.2005The Press, Disc is hot air, July 10, 1947.
03.24.2005Photograph, The Foster ranch.
03.16.2005Recollections of Mogul radar targets by C.B. Moore.
03.16.2005Faked images, "Outer Limits".
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03.14.2005Fugo balloons.
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03.14.2005Photographs: KGFL.
03.13.20051997, The alleged alien artefact tested by dr. Russell VernonClark, comments and critics.
03.13.20051997, The alleged alien artefact tested by dr. Russell VernonClark, news and comments.
03.12.2005Witness, Chuck Wade.
09.05.2004The New York Times, July 9, 1947.
08.23.2004Roswell, Major Marcel's last words, article.
08.23.2004GAO starts investigating, The Washington Post, 1994.
08.23.2004GAO starts investigating, 1994 Press.
08.17.2004Bill Richardson in the Press.
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06.19.2004Article by Gildas Bourdais, February 2004.
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02.21.2004Photographs before the July 8 Press conference.
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02.18.2004Rawin balloons.
12.31.2003Seattle Daily Times, July 8, 1947.
12.31.2003Article, Kent Jeffrey and Roswell, by Stanton Friedman.
12.14.2003The shack on the Foster ranch.
11.30.2003Corriere della Sera, July 10, 1947.
11.23.2003Witness, Phyllis McGuire.
09.25.2003Modern media, Roswell Daily Record.
09.13.2003Witness, Robert Shirkey.
09.13.2003Lettre to Maj. Marcel, from his sister.
09.07.2003RAAF and the incident, SAC.
09.06.2003Photographic material, Mogul balloon trains.
09.04.2003Roswell Daily Record, July 9, 1947.
08.31.2003Did the notion of ET spaceship exist before Roswell?
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08.09.2003Affidavit, L. M. Hall.
08.02.2003Article by Bob Shell on the alleged AA footage.
08.02.2003New section, Articles and its guideline.
08.02.2003Interview, Jesse Marcel by Bob Pratt.
07.21.2003Affidavit, David Wagnon.
07.21.2003Albert B. Collins.
07.20.2003Affidavit, Earl Zimmerman.
07.20.2003Col. Alan Clark.
07.19.2003Reuters, November 15, 2002.
07.19.2003The Times, July 8, 1947.
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07.05.2003FOIA, FBI memo of July 8, 1947.
07.05.2003Affidavit, interview, Lydia Sleppy.
07.05.2003Affidavit, Jason Kellahin.
07.05.2003Affidavit, Thomas J. Dubose.
07.05.2003Frequently asked questions and answers.

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