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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Albert Duran

(Albert Lovejoy DURAN, Albert DURAN, Albert L. DURAN, Lt. Col Albert Lovejoy DURAN).

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According to Kevin Randle, Albert L. Duran was a military person at White Sands who dfinished his military career as a Lieutenant-Colonel.

I found no record of him outside the ufology litterature, and could not identify him or family members in genealogy sources.

This does not mean he did not exist, it only means I was unable to find traces of him.


There is no affidavit by Albert Duran.

Interviews and public statements:

There is no publich statement by Albert Duran.

Investigators notes and comments:

Karl Pflock:

This skeptical researcher says there were only 4 identified people who talked of alien bodies recovered during the Roswell incident, and he cites "a Lt. Col Albert L. Duran" as one of these four people.

He says that Kevin Randle asked him ny email on August 3, 1999, if he had talked to Duran, saying ihe is a source developped by Donald Schmitt and that Schmitt seemed quite impressed by him. Pflock answered that he had not talked to Duran.

Further on, Pflock indicated that Randles in 1999 told him that anything of a confirmed account by Duran remains very elusive.


Timothy Printy, 2003:


Getting back to Frank's [Frank Kaufmann, a discredited witness] rather ingenious tale, we find all the cast near the crashed saucer. Frank states there were many people there. The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell states that this list included:

Robert Thomas from Washington DC
Howard Fletcher from Washington DC
Lucas from Washington DC
Adair from west coast
Harris from west coast
A special unit from White Sands
Colonel Blanchard
W.O. "Pappy" Henderson
Major Edwin Easley
Lt. Col. Albert Lovejoy Duran (Randle and Schmitt Truth 10)

This list includes some interesting names. However, all seem to be conveniently dead! There is a comment by Randle and Schmitt that Duran confirms Frank’s story. However, he is not quoted or placed in the list of witnesses in the back of the book. He is not even listed as being interviewed!



Unknown FUFOR article footnote:



Lieutenant Colonel Albert Lovejoy Duran backs this story up as an assignment of his White Sands unit.



Kevin Randle explains that the reason Donald Schmitt and him did not do much about Albert Duran was that though they were able to confirm his military service and retirement at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, he was apparently an alcoholic, who eventually moved to Colorado. A friend, Sergeant Arne Oldman, who was assigned to White Sands in the early 1990s, had attempted to interview Duran, but Duran's cirrhosis of the liver made that problematic and Duran died before Oldman could meet with him in person though he did talk to him over the telephone conducting a somewhat preliminary interview. After Duran's death, Donald Schmitt did talk to the daughter one more time and she stood by the tale she told. Because of all this, and the failure by Randle and Schmitt to get Duran on tape, they let the story go.

Randle explains that he used a government publication printed every year, looked for any mention of Duran and found his name in it, confirming that he had retired as a lieutenant colonel. He specifies that this does not mean the story he shared with his daughter, especially when he had been drinking, was true, but it means Duran existed and had retired as a lieutenant colonel.


Kevin Randle explains that though Karl Pflock had been unable to check whether Albert Duran existed, and others suggested he did not exist, Donald Schmitt had been introduced to Juanita "Theresa" Valenzuala through Carrie Wallace of Alamogordo. Juanita "Theresa" Valenzuela was the daughter of Duran.

She told that her father was something of an alcolholic, and when he had been drinking, he sometimes talk of a unit from White Sands that had been dispatched to the desert north of Roswell, and he sometimes mentionned bodies found at one of those sites.

Kevin Randle indicates Lieutenant Colonel Duran does exist; he is mentionned in an official document he was able to locate after Karl Pflock's book was published.


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