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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Albert Bruce Collins

(Albert Bruce COLLINS, Albert COLLINS, Albert B. Collins).

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There is no verified biography of Albert Bruce Collins.


There is no affidavit by Albert Bruce Collins.

Interviews and public statements:

There is no interview or public statements by Albert Bruce Collins.

Investigators notes and comments:

(Under investigation.)

It is alleged by author Tim Cooper that Albert B. Collins is a Counter-Intelligence Corp (CIC) Army Technician, dead January 1st, 1991, supposedly member of the IPU (Interplanetary Phenomena Unit), and supposed to be known by a CIC agent named Cantwheel or Cantwell, who is not listed on Army records.

Tim Cooper claims to have interviewed him in 1990 shortly before his death, and that Collins claimed to have been a metallurgist who worked for the University of California, Berkeley, and Occidental College for the Manhattan Project from 1942 to the late fifties, allegedly developing alloys used for electro-magnetic propagation and magnetic propulsion.

Collins claimed he heard rumors about "unusual metal-like wood [sic] being tested and results fed into a computer at Berkeley."

Collins also claims to have seen the Roswell craft in 1947 in Berkeley on a flatbed truck being backed into a warehouse and that he then worked on analyzing debris fragments.

There is absolutely no verification by any other Roswell researchers for Tim Copper alleged interview, many are questioning the very existence of Albert B. Collins.

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