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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

William Anderson

(William ANDERSON, William E. ANDERSON).

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Please, before asking any question or sending any comment or criticism, read this.


William E. Anderson is the name of a captain who was a crew member of the alleged "second flight" of the Roswell debris, to Wright Field via Fort Worth, on July 8, 1978.

He said that what they were transporting "was from a flying saucer".

This is from the affidavit by Robert R. Porter, crewmember on this flight, on June 7, 1997, cited in many books such as:

The name "William E. Anderson" matches with several military men, but here is all I found that is consistent with an Army Air Force officer for 1947:

I found in Sooner, a military magazine, for November 1943, page 11, an information saying that a Willian E. Anderson, and his twin Robert E. Anderson, from Hobart, Missouri, were promoted to the grade of corporal.

I found that a "Major William E. Anderson USAF" participated in the Vietnam war.


There is no affidavit by William E. Anderson.

Interviews and public statements:

I found no statements at all by William E. Anderson.

On the web:

In 2017 I found on the web a "copied/pasted" article, apparently lifted from a disappeared web age at, written by "A group of media guys" or "RRRGroup", that said:


Researcher Kevin Randle provided to me the names of some of the individuals that he could confirm were part of "Squadron A" at RAAF in 1947 as base fire department personnel. Randle has access to the 1947 RAAF Base Yearbook and other resources to help with such confirmation. The individuals Randle identified that he could find were Lt. Col. William H. Unger, Major Wilson L. Jones and Captain William E. Anderson.

It was this last name - Captain William E. Anderson - that seemed vaguely familiar to me, as though I may have read it before in relation to Roswell. For many months I thought about this. Then entirely by coincidence - when recently re-reading the US Air Force's debunking 1995 "The Roswell Report" authored by Col. Richard Weaver- I found where I had seen the name William E. Anderson before. Incredibly, there in the very Air Force Roswell report that I was reading (on page 23) was the name William E. Anderson of the RAAF fire department - explicitly mentioned in relation to the Roswell crash.

The Air Force report cites testimony from a sworn affidavit dated June 7, 1991 in which former RAAF Master Sgt Robert R. Porter attested that Captain William E. Anderson (of the base fire department) had directly told him that the crash was of a flying saucer. Porter and Anderson were both on a flight heading out of RAAF to Ft. Worth in a B-29 with cargo that contained some of the crash debris. Porter apparently trusted Anderson's word and thought that Anderson had a more intimate involvement or knowledge about the flying saucer crash incident. Interestingly, Robert Porter is the brother of Loretta Proctor, the rancher who lived adjacent to the Foster Ranch where the crash occurred. Loretta has testified that rancher Mac Brazel brought over a piece of the debris for her and her husband Floyd to examine. Porter is also Uncle to the late Dee Proctor, Loretta's son who was with Mac at the Foster Ranch where crash debris was found.

So we have an RAAF Master Sgt from 1947 implicating a member of the Roswell base fire department as being intimately aware of the fact that the crash was of a flying saucer. [...]


It is of course perfectly possible that a Captain William E. Anderson was a fireman at RAAF and crew member in alleged flight of the debris.

However, Porter did not say Anderson was "of the base fire department", and he did not say there was "the crash was of a flying saucer", instead he said that what they were transporting "was from a flying saucer".

My comment:

Except that his name appeared in the references cited above and many others on the web, despite the fact that a few websites put his name on a list of Roswell witnesses, it appears that William E. Anderson did not testify of anything and never said anything publicly known about the flight he was supposedly in and the nature of the cargo.

So, to the best of my current knowledge, William E. Anderson is not a witness per se, he is only cited by witness Robert R. Porter.

It should also be understood that if he did say that what their plane was transporting "was from a flying saucer", it does not mean that it was something extraterrestrial, as "flying saucer" back then did not imply this. It only implied that it was something talked about and mysterious, maybe from space, maybe some secret craft from the UD or a foreign nation.

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