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Roswell 1947 - first ufologists investigations

Announcements of publications about the incident in 1980

April 1980:

Another UFO "crash" report is featured in the February 26 issue of NATIONAL ENQUIRER. A former Air Force intelligence officer claims to have handled pieces of metal from an unknown craft which exploded near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The incident is the subject of a forthcoming book by Charles Berlitz and William L. Moore, THE ROSWELL INCIDENT. The story is also featured in the new documentary film, "UFOs Are Real."

October 1980:

The September 2 issue of NATIONAL ENQUIRER contains Leonard Stringfield's comments on the various descriptions of UFO entities which have been reported through the years. An excerpt from THE ROSWELL INCIDENT by Charles Berlitz and William L. Moore appears in the September 16 ENQUIRER issue.

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We've heard them for 30 years, those fascinating, but apocryphal, stories of how UFOs supposedly crashed in Mexico or Arizona or New Mexico or any one of a few dozen other locations. Mostly, they've been just that — stories. But, did something actually happen near Roswell, New Mexico, in, July 1947, which served as an inspiration or starting point for all the rumors? This is the theme of the new book by Charles Berlitz and William L. Moore, THE ROSWELL INCIDENT. The authors contend, on the basis of their extensive research into the story, that a UFO did crash in the New Mexico desert, with its remains (including alien humanoids) being confiscated by the military and taken to Wright Field (now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base), Ohio.

The book is marred by the inclusion of unverified material (though not necessarily information pertaining directly to the book's central theme), but when the authors stick to the events which allegedly occurred near Roswell, they provide some fascinating data. There is no proof that crashed saucers exist, but there is certainly enough information to strongly suggest that they do. THE ROSWELL INCIDENT makes for highly interesting reading. It is available for $10.00 from Grossett & Dunlap, Inc., 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010. If you prefer an autographed copy, these may be obtained from William L. Moore at P.O. Box 1845, Prescott, AZ 86302. Add $1.25 for postage and handling.


Several other issues of the MUFON journal in 1980 had informed of the forthcoming or effective publication of the book "The Roswell Incident" by Charles Berlitz and William L. Moore. The issues here provided some details or comments.

News editor Lucius Farish made no mention that the Roswell 1947 "crashed saucer", or rather "exploded saucer" was first exposed by Leonard Stringfield in the August 1978 issue of the same journal.

The February 28, 1980, article in the National Enquirer was titled "Former Intelligence Officer Reveals 'I picked up wreckage of UFO that exploded over U.S." The author was Bob Pratt (1926-2005), and the article was made of his interview of Jesse Marcel in December 1979.

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