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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Anna Willmon

(Anna WILLMON, Anna L. WILLMON, Anna Louise WILLMON).

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Kevin Randle says Anna Willmon was in Roswell in 1947, and died in California a year after one of her interviews - presumably the latest one - which started in 1994 or soon after 1994.

Randle indicates her husband in 1947 was W. I. Witcamp.

I found no biography details about her outside the ufology literature, however, census, SSN and genealogy websites allowed me to find her:

Anna L. Willmon
date [of death] dd mm 1997
[Place of death] 95301 Atwater, Merced, California, USA

Anna Louise Willmon
Born: December 5, 1915
Died: March 30, 1997

Anna L Willmon, 81, born on December 5, 1915 and passed away on March 30, 1997.

Social Security number 525-84-9293 was issued to ANNA L WILLMON, who was born 05 December 1915 and, Death Master File says, died 30 March 1997.

Anna L Willmon
Born: Dec 5, 1915
Died: Mar 30, 1997
Last home: Atwater, California 95301, USA
SSN state: New Mexico

I also found "Mrs. Anna Louise Willmon of Roswell, N.M." cited as a daughter of a man who died, in The Amarillo Globe-Times, Amarillo, Texas, for January 27, 1975.

This means that she was 32 +-1 year old in 1947.


There is no affidavit by Anna Willmon.

Interviews and public statements:

There was apparently no published verbatim or video interview of Anna Willmon.

Investigators notes and comments:

Kevin Randle:

Kevin Randle says Anna Willmon is a witness found through investigative work, who did not come forward but agreed to talk to investigators who had learned she had seen the Roswell craft and the bodies from it.

Randle says that when she was found, she was elderly, her mind was not sharp anymore, she had vague memories of the event.

She said she had been in the Capitan mountains West of Roswell, returning to Roswell, when her husband saw something shining and stopped to look at it. They turned to the north from the old Pine Lodge Road about 20 miles from Roswell, on a property that Willmon said now belonged to the Corns, while she did not know who owned it in 1947.

The couple worked their way through the brush to the object which reminded her of an overturned washtub. It was about 12 feet long, and she saw the bodies of "littles guys", as she called them. She said it looked as if one of them got out of the craft, walked a short distance and laid down.

She said she did not see much of their skin, which looked like burnt rubber of a hard to define grayish-brown color. She did not see their eyes.

She went back to the car to search for a telephone, called the military to let them know what they found.

When the military arrived, they were not at the craft anymore, but met the military truck and gave the directions; then the left and did not tell anyone about this.

Randle says she had no diary or paper about this and that she had no proof of what she told. He says the timing, in the late afternoon, does not fit, and the place does not fit because the site is too far south from the Corn site of today. Randle thinks she might have heard about the Corn place, not well known in 1994 but not secret either.

He says that shortly after the interview, she moved from Roswell to California and died about one year later.


Kevin Randle says he met Anna Willmon in 1994, she was clearly in Roswell at the time of the UFO crash and told her first-hand story to him just about a year or so before her death.

Randle says she was a nice woman whose memory was not as sharp as it once had been, she remembered some details of her encounter, but some of her memories are at odds with what others recalled, perhaps as the passage of time might colored her memories.

She told during both a telephone and later a video-taped interview, that she had been in the Capitan Mountains west of Roswell with her first husband, W. I. Witcamp, returning from a long morning of work at a saw mill.

In the late afternoon, they were about twenty miles from Roswell along what is known as the Pine Lodge Road when they saw something shining off the highway and stopped to look for it.

The couple moved through the brush until they came to an object shaped like an overturned washtub, which means that it was circular, or saucer-like. She thought it was not very large, maybe 12 to 15 feet in diameter.

She described the surface of the craft was very shiny, almost mirror-like. It was in two pieces: one of them sat up on four short stubby legs; the other looked as it if had been knocked from the top in the crash, and was sitting a short distance away. She insisted on calling it a flying saucer and said that her husband had called it that repeatedly.

She saw bodies of the flight crew, "little guys" as she called them, but did not see much of the creatures because as she approached one, with the thought of turning it over, her husband stopped her. He was afraid of radiation or maybe disease. He did not want her to touch thee bodies or the remains of the craft.

She said that there were two bodies: one lying face down in the dirt, and the other in the shade of some cedar trees as if he had crawled over there before he died.

She said the skin looked rubber-like, like burnt rubber, grayish-brown, she said the color was hard to define. Both beings had the same skin color.

She said "...that other one was laying up kinda towards this brush and the other was out back... like he had been flung out of the thing. And this other little guy looked like he’d got out and went off and laid down… And he wasn’t very big. He was about as big as a little five year old kid. A little one."

She said that one of them was slim, skinny, with short arms and little hands and feet, and the one she thought might have survived the crash only to die a little later, was chubby. His arms were short and his feet looked like human feet. The only difference was that he was heavier than the other.

She said that they were dressed the same. They wore green shorts and nothing else. She could see their backs and said that they looked normal. She mentioned repeatedly that were small creatures.

She kept no diary and wrote no letters that mentioned the incident, and those she knew in 1947, who might have been be able to corroborate what she said were long dead. She had no way to verify the information and no proof for what she said. She did the best she could to answer the questions and seemed sincere in what she said.

Randle notes that the location she gave and the timing of her story does not fit with other information that has been developed.

She made it clear that they had gone to a ranch house to call the military.

Randle says she did say that they had talked to a colonel, but then her husband had a habit of calling any military man "colonel." She said that they had been cautioned not to talk about what they had seen, but it seemed to have been more of a request than an order, she did not perceive it as a threat, rather a suggestion they not mention it to anyone else. She did not seem surprised by the reaction of the "colonel", as he seemed to be aware of the situation, as if this was not the first such site that he had visited. This suggests that there might have been more than a single site where bodies were found, which does fit with information being developed today.


Randle says that in 1994, civilian witness Anna Willmon was discovered.

She claimed she saw the craft and the alien bodies in 1947, at a crash site closer to Roswell and closer to the highway leading to the West of the town.

Her story was that she was returning to Roswell with her first husband W. I. Witcamp when they potted something shiny off the highway about 20 or 30 miles outside of Roswell. Seeing it, they stopped to find out what it was. They moved to the brush until they came on an object in the shape of an overturned washtub. She did not thing it was very large, only 12 to 15 feet in diameter. She saw two bodies of "little guys", as she called them, one lying face down in the dirt and the other in the shade of a cedar tree as it it had crawled before he died.

Thin skin looked like burnt rubber, grayish brown; she said the color was hard to define.

She said that "...that other one was laying up kind of towards this brush and the other was out back... like he had been flung out of the thing. And this other little guy looked like he'd got out and went off and lay down... And he wasn't very big. He was as big as a little five-year-old kid. A little one."

She said one was slim, skinny, with short arms, little hands and feet. The other, the one she thought to have survived the crash to die a little later was chubby, with short arms too, and feet that looked like human feet. The only difference between them was that this one was a little heavier.

She said the surface of the craft was shiny, almost mirror-like, in two pieces. One piece sat on four short stubby legs and the other, smaller piece looked as if it had been knocked from the top of the craft during the crash, and it was sitting a short distance away. She insisted on calling it a flying saucer, and that her husband called it like that repeatedly when they talked about it.

She said they went to Roswell and called the sheriff to tell him what they saw, and then returned to the site to wait for the police. She said she later talked to a colonel from the base who requested that they do not talk to anyone about what they had seen. She insisted that the colonel did not order this but only requested it.


Randle located other secondhand witnesses who, like Rowe, had been kids in 1947 and learned of the small bodies from parents. Firsthand accounts are always best, of course, and Randle eventually located a woman able to tell just such a story. Although elderly when Randle got to her in 1994, Anna Willmon recalled with reasonable clarity how she and her husband came upon wreckage near Pine Lodge Road, about twenty miles from Roswell. The Willmons discovered two corpses sprawled near a silvery disc. Anna Willmon recalled the bodies as being the size of small five-year-olds, with gray-brown skin.


My comments:

There seems to be no indication of a date in the report.

This - alleged - site was visible from the road, Willmon implied, as they, or her husband, spotted something shiny off the road while they were driving on the road. This means that the "crash" there - if there is any truth in it - likely did not occur very long ago because other drivers would have spotted the shining stuff.

No other testimony related to the Roswell incident ever mentioned body with all skin visible except for the parts hidden by the "green shorts" they wore.

Below: Typical landscape from W Pine Lodge Road at about 20 miles off Roswell:

Below: If they "turned to the North from the Old Pine Lodge Road" while being "about 20 miles from Roswell", they may have been somewhere on "Brown Lake Road"; which is not a logical way back to Roswell from the Capitan mountains.

This would indeed by a "fifth" "crash site"; - if all other 4 alleged crash sites are considered (Foster Ranch, Corn ranch, Ragsdale site, plains of San Agustin). I note that there seems to have been no effort to check the place for any debris and that this site in not publicized in the Roswell incident literature.

Of course, a "skeptic's" view of this testimony would insist that Anna Willmon was not sharp-minded anymore, "her mind was not sharp anymore, she had vague memories of the event" per Kevin Randle, so the story could be false memories and thus does not "prove" anything.

Another track would be that Anna Willmon had blurred memories of some car crash or aircraft crash. I tried to find some prosaic crash in the Press that would be the source of some memories.

So I did not find an accurately "matching" crash in 1947 near Roswell; however, I did not explore all the 1940's and 1950's newspapers, and I do not have all the NM newspapers.

One thing that could match a car accident would be "It was in two pieces: one of them sat up on four short stubby legs; the other looked as it if had been knocked from the top in the crash, and was sitting a short distance away." The part on the 4 short legs would be the car, the 4 legs being the wheels. The other part would be, for example, the torn off hood. We see in the examples of car crashes in the Press that I quote above an example of a car accident without collision with another vehicle, so an accident with a single car thrown off the road is possible.

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