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Roswell 1947 - Involved people

Alan D. Clark

(Al CLARK, Alan CLARK, Alan D. CLARK, Col. Alan D. CLARK, Alvin CLARK).



I did not locate any affidavit by Alan D. Clark.

Interviews and public statements:

I did not find any indication that Alan D. Clark ever stated anything in person about the Roswell incident.

Investigators' notes and comments:

Comments found on the Internet:

"Col. Alan D. Clark flies debris in a B-26 from Ft. Worth to Washington, DC for Gen. McMullen."

- or -

"At the Fort Worth Field, DuBose and Col. Alan D. Clark, the base commander, meet the aircraft from Roswell. Clark receives the plastic bag of debris and walks it to a waiting B-29 to fly it to Washington."

No source indicated for this comments and similar comments found on the Internet in various Roswell incident timelines.

Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt:

According by the two Roswell incident investigators Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt, Colonel Thomas J. DuBose, General Ramey's chief of staff at that time, attested: "Actually it was a cover story. ... The balloon part of it ... the remnants [from Roswell] were taken from this location, and Al Clark (the base commander at Fort Worth) took [them] to Washington, [D.C.,] and whatever happened then, I have no knowledge. That part of it [the weather balloon] was, in fact, a story that we were told to give to the public and the news, and that was it."


Gildas Bourdais:

"Colonel DuBose personally controls the transfer of the bag on board of another plane (B-25 or B-26), which leaves at once for Washington. DuBose attached the bag to the wrist of colonel Alan Clark, commander of the base, responsible for this transport."


David Rudiak:

"According to Dubose, this debris traveled from Roswell to Fort Worth and was transferred to another plane, with the Fort Worth base commander, Col. Alvin Clark acting personally as the new courier, obviously attesting to the importance attached to this shipment. This was then flown to Washington and from there to the aeronautical labs at Wright Field for further analysis. (The story of this shipment is mentioned in Dubose's affidavit, but confused with the other events of July 8. In other interviews Dubose made it clear that this shipment took place several days before when he was first made aware of the discovery at Roswell.)"


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