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Chase Brandon

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The story:

In July 2012, a man calling himself Chase Brandon, claiming to be former CIA agent who was tasked with manipulating the entertainment industries from 1996 onwards in order to instill in them the ideas matching the agenda of the intelligence agency, told to the web site "Huffington Post" he had found a "box" labeled "Roswell" in the CIA's resticted-access historical archives.

He said that, intrigued by this label, he opened the box and found documents, photographs of extraterrestrial corpses, which made him exclaim "my god, it was true", in the sense: - it is true that there was, he had always thought - a "crash" of an extraterrestrial craft and its occupants, near Roswell in 1947.

He did not want to tell the "Huffington Post" interviewer what the documents and pictures described exactly, assuring: "I will never tell anything more to anyone".

He made these statements on July 8, 2012, to Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post. He located the famous box in a room with restricted access at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, called "Historical Intelligence Collection." The article can be found at:

The story appears on many English-speaking websites, and also French-speaking websites. For example, in "":

or "":

While he was featured in the Huffington Post article as "The CIA's First Entertainment Industry Liaison," so the first (chronologically or hierarchically?) CIA's liaison officer to the entertainment industry" , neither I nor anyone else apparently found any official document to corroborate that he was even a CIA member. He claimed to have been a CIA agent for 35 years, until 2006. This lack of trace can of course be perfectly normal rather than proof that this job was invented.

Actually, his name is quoted as a CIA agents name in a few books, such as "How Seven CIA Officers Opened the War on Terror in Afghanistan" by Gary Schroen in 2005.

After his statements anout Roswell, journalist Bill Cox of the Herald Tribune intertogated, at a press conference, Robert Gates, former CIA director and former secretary of defense, taking the opportunity to ask the latter wether Chase Brandon's claims should be believed. Robert Gates neither denied nor confirmed Chase Brandon's claims about Roswell; which, he said, he had not heard before. However, it was clear that he had known Chase Brandon at the CIA where he was a martial arts instructor. Gates said he had "a lot of respect" for him. Asked about Roswell, Gates replied that although he thought he had all the possible clearances suring his 45-year career, he had never found the slightest evidence of a recovery of extraterrestrial craft of corpses - However, he was not asked if he had ever done any research on this matter specifically.


What was also apparent in 2012 is that Chase Brandon had written a fiction book of espionage and science-fiction, "The Cryptos Conundrum", which he was promoting. The book includes a story of extraterrestrial contacts, and was hardly successful. He was preparing a second book, and he had a website - it disappeared later - at

He had participated as screenwriter or "technical consultant" in Hollywood espionage films in the years 1998-2003:

He claims to have participated in several such films: The Recruit, Sum of All Fears, Enemy of the State, Bad Company, Mission: Impossible III, Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers, The Good Shepherd, Charlie Wilson's War, Spy Game, The Interpreter and The Bourne Identity.

As it stands, it should be perfectly clear that what Chase Brandon, certainly indeed a former CIA agent, claimed, is for the moment not supported by any evidence and that the claim's content is of extreme poverty.

It is perfectly possible that his bold but sparse statement about Roswell was a way of getting some fame in order to promote his future book, which has not been published since.

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