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Web testimony:

From: Ed Gehrman
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2000 14:26:35 -0800
Fwd Date: Sat, 01 Apr 2000 03:16:43 -0500
Subject: An MP's Story - Roswell, NM, July 3rd, 1947

Errol and list:

This is _not_ a joke!

Several months ago while I was having a heated discussion on UpDates regarding the Alien Autopsy, I received an e-mail from a person I didn't know. It was simple and to the point. He advised me to keep defending the AA and that Santilli's creatures, depicted in the Fox TV show, were not hoaxed nor faked. He knew because he had seen the creatures himself. He had been at Roswell when the crash occurred! Since that time I've kept in contact with him and we've exchanged information but he never told me the complete story until several days ago. Here is his version of events, Roswell, July 3rd, 1947.

An MP's Story

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but I wanted to try and remember all I could before I sent you this. Here's some information for you to start with. The crash I saw was at what they call the Roswell location. It was not the Brazel location but on the Plains (of San Agustin.)

I was stationed at the base and was taken to the site with several other men to secure the area. I was an MP. All of the men on guard with me that morning were MPs at the base. I have my regular papers stating that I was stationed at Roswell. I left the service in 1948. There was some talk after the event, but not very much. A lot of people had been told to say nothing. I only ever spoke of it to one other person at the base who I trusted and I knew trusted me. His name was Pappy Henderson, a wonderful guy. I only told my son after the 50th anniversary was all over the press. I thought he should know the truth for sure. My wife passed away 5 years ago. I never told her.

I did not see all of the creatures, but was able to see one just as it was being covered up and then put into a truck. The one I saw had the six fingers, not three or four. As they put the creature onto a stretcher one of the arms hit the side of the MP. It was then that I took notice that it was funny looking. As I looked at it I took notice that it had six fingers. Something you will never forget! It had the big head, pale skin, pale as in Chinese complexion and was short, looked to me to be about 4'9, but it's just a guess. It was smaller than the stretcher it was on, so that gave me a idea of size. That I can still see as if it were yesterday. The creature from the Alien Autopsy film is what it looked like. So you can imagine what a shock it was to see the film on TV. I almost died.

The creature had on a silvery suit, no helmet. I was not allowed to look inside the craft. We were told to stand facing the other direction and make sure no one would get close to the area. The craft had crashed and struck the rocks, smashing up the front of it and also cracking the big rocks. The left side of the craft had a huge hole in it going from the middle part along to the bottom. To me, it looked like something had exploded from inside the craft.I would say I was about 15 feet or so from the craft which looked like a damn stingray, with weird tile like objects under it that had a faint glow. It was dark before all the flood lights had been put up, so I was able to see that glow. They also put up flood lights facing out so no one could possibly see the area if they had been looking from a distance. To the best of my memory, it was July 3rd. The entire area was filled with people I did not know. Truman was not there at the site, but several people from DOD were in charge. Besides the regular MPs, I saw several men in normal clothes, a few with suits on. When I was debriefed it was by DOD, at least that's what they told me, so I assume they had been in charge. I can tell you for sure that Col. Blanchard was there. He was my CO.

The craft was loaded on a flatbed truck by crane and covered with tarps and that was the last time I saw it. I can also tell you for sure that the creatures were taken to the base and then flown out to various locations, including Wright-Patterson. After that, I was told to forgot what I had seen. I was brought into Col. Blanchard's office, he was not present. Two men dressed in suits told me that they were from DOD and not to talk about this to anyone, family or otherwise for the best interest of the country and my family.

The only thing after was just rumors. I feel that most had been afraid to talk about it. I know that three trucks had come back to the base with parts of the crash. As far as being sent to Wright-Patterson, as I mentioned, I was on friendly terms with Pappy Henderson. He flew the bodies out.

Not everyone knew about the crash. It was the damnest thing. As far as I knew, very few people at the base knew and if they did, they didn't talk about it. The only person I ever talked to about it was Henderson. I was thirty-two at the time. I think about it almost everyday. It is a sight that you can never forget. You think, "My God! Something from another world came here and the government don't want anyone to know" You feel like if you had tried to tell anyone back then about it, they would have thought you were crazy. It was only after hearing others come out and talk about it that you feel better about saying something.

I wonder if the truth will ever get out. The problem right now is that we don't have any proof. Nothing to show for it. I think the people in Washington made sure that word would never get out. I hope and prey that the truth will come out soon. I'm getting older everyday and I would like the people to know. This has been upsetting over the past fifty plus years for me. Hope this helps. I am a little scared about telling this to anyone.


Investigators notes and comments:

The reaction to Ed Gehrman's text on the UFOupdates discussion list was of justified skepticism.

Stanton Friedman effered to Ed Gehrman to verify in the 1947 RAAF Yearbook that the author of the testimony had actually been there in the military police. This was met with a refusal.

Another ufologist pointed out that the term DOD (Department of Defense) was not yet used in 1947.

My comments:

I note that the "Alien Autopsy" film with its six-finger alien was, onl later, shown to be a fraud, and an admitted one. In 2000, its credibility was still being debated.

I note that nothing in the narrative could not have been written by anyone from what had already been published on the incident.

It is suspicious that what the author claims to have been called "the Roswell site" is the so-called site of the San Agustin Plains, which is by far the furthest from Roswell and has been in the list of sites due to the fraudulent testimony by Gerald Anderson.

It is odd for an MP in Roswell to say that Colonel Blanchard was his commanding officer: he was, but not his immediate superior, so that this information makes no sense, whereas the name of his direct superior is not given.

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