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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Paul Wilmot

(Paul WILMOT).

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Paul Wilmot is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Wilmot, witnesses of a phenomenon in the sky in Roswell on July 2, 1947; which might have been a meteor.

This bio information is established by he fact that he appeared as such in a TV documentaries series by Leonard Nimoy titled "In Search of..." (1976–1982), about the latter's investigations into various mysteries.

Paul Wilmot - and Jesse Marcel - appeared in an episode first aired on September 20, 1980, titled "UFO Coverups", with a summary saying: "An investigation into UFO sightings with an emphasis on the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico sightings, Project Blue Book, and Hangar 18 at Wright-Patterson AFB."

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These is no affidavit by Paul Wilmot.

Interviews and public statements:

Paul Wilmot said about the Roswell incident in the TV documentary "In Search of..." by Leonard Nimoy in 1980:

"[Image of the house] this was their home. In July 1947. It was one summer evening they were sitting out here [shows the porch], Dad looked up in the West saw an object that came down, it had lights blinking and... it was rather frightening to him but he said all of a suddent it seemed to rock a little bit [Paul Wilmot spoints above the house opposite in the street] and counter-balanced itself, wiggled a little bit then seems to settle down, take off and rapidly gain speed [Paul Wilmot nakes a gesture as if the UFO goes to his right]"

The Wilmots home.

Paul Wilmot showing the object position before showing it to go to the right.

Investigators notes and comments:

On the web:

There is a little more to the Wilmot story. In his last interview in 1981, former Roswell intelligence chief Jesse Marcel said he had met the Wilmot's son Paul when he returned to Roswell in 1980. According to Marcel, Paul Wilmot said his parents had also seen the object seeming to explode in the distance, but did not report this. Marcel then added that a few days later was when the rancher came to town to report that something had exploded over his ranch during a lightning storm.


Note: several websites published the same.

David Rudiak:

David Rudiak says Jesse Marcel Sr. told Linda Corley in his last interview that when he went back to Roswell around 1980 and spoke to Wilmot's son, Paul Wilmot told him his parents not only saw the object fly overhead but explode off in the distance. Then, said Marcel, the rancher came to Roswell a few days later to report the exploded flying saucer.


Jérôme Beau:

Inhabitant of the locality of Roswell.

Wilmot was reported to have witnessed Roswell's crash, 1947-7-2 at 9:50 pm, when he and his wife saw an oval-shaped craft streaking in the sky heading northwest.

On 7-8, the Roswell Daily Record published the news on the cover, preceded by dozens of newspapers around the world. It can be read, below a beautiful headline on 5 columns, citing the testimony of the Wilmot.

In 1980 Paul Wilmot, son of Dan Wilmot, told Jesse A. Marcel that his parents had actually seen the object explode.


My comments:

Apparently, Paul Wilmot told Major Marcel that his parents heard, or saw, the "saucer" they saw passing, explode. Marcel apparently told this in his last interview in 1981 by Linda Corley.

Refer to the Wilmots file for details on what they reported. The claim about the explosion was not made by the parents at the time, or at least, it was not published at the time.

I would like to note that the mention of an explosion of the object brings nothing very convincing either way: it may seem to corroborate that a flying saucer exploded in the direction of the Foster ranch on July 2, 1947; but meteors too can explode... And the Wilmots testimony may or may not be explained as a meteor.

If the statements are taken at face value, with an object that "wiggles" and "counter-balances itself", the meteor explanation does not hold. But I cannot be sure that Paul Wilmot's memory is correct, and I cannot be sure it is incorrect. It does seems quite different from his father's report as there was no mention of blinking lights, no mention of movement changes, in his father's testimony on July 8, 1947.

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