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Roswell 1947, articles and discussions:

This section has articles by researchers discussing particular aspects of the Roswell incident.

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Roswell, general:

Click! My review of Nick's Redfern's new truth on Roswell interview"

by this site's author, 2005.

Click! "International Roswell Initiative"

By Kent Jeffrey, open letter, 1995.

Click! "Kent Jeffrey and Roswell"

By Stanton T. Friedman, article, July 21, 1997.

Roswell, alleged newly found debris:

Click! "Chemist says strange artefact is extraterrestrial - "Case Closed" says Paul Davids; but Roswell link unclear"

By Michael Lindemann, CNI News, article, 1997.
The alleged alien artefact tested by Dr. Russell VernonClark, news and comments.

Click! "Criticims leveled at "E.T. artifact" claims - But Dr. Russell VernonClark stands by findings"

By CNI News, article, 1997.
The alleged alien artefact tested by dr. Russell VernonClark, comments and critics.

Debris discussed:

Click! "If the sticks were of wood, what wood was it?"

By Patrick Gross, discussion notes, April 2005.

Roswell, Major Marcel:

Click! "Marcel's last words on Roswell Crash"

By Robert Scott Martin, article, September 30, 1999.

Roswell, sociology:

Click! "Did the notion of extraterrestrial visitors exist before Roswell?"

By Patrick Gross, article, August 31, 2003.

Roswell, books:

Click! "Roswell. Inquiries, Secrecy and Disinformation"

By Gildas Bourdais, February 2004.

The crash(es) site(s):

Cliquez! Claims of true crash site, and UFO tourism

By the Albuquerque Journal.

The "alien autopsy" fake footage:

Click! "April 2006: Ray Santilli completely changes his story"

By this website's author, April 6, 2006.

Click! "Answer to the article in Strange magazine"

By Bob Shell, public email, January 3, 1997.

Click! "Is the holding of the scissors in the alleged Roswell autopsy footage correct or incorrect?"

By Patrick Gross, notes and comment, March 2005.

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