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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Leo Spear

(Leo SPEAR).

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I found outside ufology sources that one Leo Spear was a resident of Roswell, New Mexico, born on September 4, 1928, died on Saturday, January 30, 2016.

This Leo Spear would have been about 19 years old at the time of the incident in 1947; this can be compatible with his picture fron the 1947 RAAF yearbook.

Leo Spear is presented as Roswell Campus Police chief on page 2 of the Roswell Daily Record for December 21, 1979.


There is no affidavit by Leo Spear.

Interviews and public statements:

There is no public statement by Leo Spear.

Investigators notes and comments:

Kevin Randle:

Even if we ignore the testimonies of Steve MacKenzie [1] and Jim Ragsdale [discredited witness], who describe activities on the impact site during the recovery of the craft and bodies, we can still offer testimony to the 509th's involvement prior to the July 8 press announcement. Leo Spear, a military policeman in Roswell in July 1947, reported hearing other MPs return to the barracks talking about the crashed flying saucer. Like the others who had not been used as guards, Spear thought they were making up the story. But Spear says that when he read about the saucer in the newspaper (July 8), a day or two after he had heard from his fellow MPs, he changed his mind.

In other words, he had heard about the crash from the guards prior to the press release. The release convinced him their stories were true. This corroborates the reports of those who claim military involvement on july 5 and supports the idea that the military were preparing for contingencies on July 6. It suggests they knew a great deal more much earlier than researchers have believed until recently.


Kevin Randle says Leo Spear was an MP with the 1395th MP Company assigned to Roswell in 1947, and when interviewed in May 1994, he said that he had no first-hand knowledge, that he hadn't been out to guard the crash site, but he had been in the barracks when those who had been guards returned. He heard them talking about the crashed flying saucer.

According to Spear, "I can't remember if it was the evening shift... or if it was the next morning... but they saw the truck come in and they said, 'You know what? They brought in some stuff from a UFO...that crashed north of Roswell...we thought they were BS-ing until we read the article about it. (emphasis added.) I think it was the next day or the next day after that."

Randle notes that in 1947, they would not have used the term UFO, but undoubtedly did say flying saucer or flying disk.

He comments that this does establish military involvement in a retrieval operation prior to July 8 when the conventional wisdom suggests that the only military personnel involved to that point had been Marcel and Cavitt, and that Spear was suggesting that the MPs were guarding the site as early as July 5.


Kevin Randle explains that at one time he tried to find all the members of the 1395th Military Police Company and went through the Roswell base Yearbook for 1947 and matched the names to telephone numbers thanks to computer programs and free white pages sites.

One of the MPs he found was Leo Spear, and he interviewed him in June 1994.

Spear himself did not go to the crash site or the hangar, he was in the barracks when some of the others came in. He told Randle: "I can’t remember if it was the evening shift or if it was the next morning when they came in with a cock and bull story... these guys come in but they said the truck come in and they brought in some stuff from a UFO... that crashed north of Roswell. And we thought they was BS-ing until we read the article about it..."

Randle says the timing seems to suggest that those MPs who went out to guard the site had gone out the day before the article appeared in the newspaper. They had come back late that evening when Spear and the others thought they were making up the tale. When they saw the article in the next day's newspaper, they changed their mind.


On his blog, Kevin Randle says that on June 3, 1994, he interviewed Leo Spears, a former member of the 1395th Military Police Company who had been stationed in Roswell in July 1947.

He says Leo Spear told him, that he was a PVT E2, however in the Roswell 1947 Yearbook he was identified as a PFC in July 1947, with the military police company. He had not been assigned to guard duty involving any of the material recovered, but did talk about it with his friends who had been involved. He said " was the next morning when they came in with a cock and bull story... they said, 'You know what? They brought in some stuff from a UFO. And that it had crashed north of Roswell.'"

Randle notes that he did say "UFO" (an acronyme that did not exist in 1947 - PG note) but that in 1994, it is not surprising and in 1947 they likely had said "flying saucer".

Spear told Randle that he thought the MPs were crazy, but the next day, when he saw in the newspaper that they had picked up pieces of a flying saucer, he realized that it wasn't a cock and bull story and that something had happened.


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