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Roswell 1947 - newspapers in 1947

Dr. Lincoln LaPaz on the search for mystery objects, New Mexico, November 1947:

The article below was published in the newspaper The Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, page 3, on November 19, 1947.


Second Strange Visitor in Sky

Dr. Lincoln La Paz, University of New Mexico meteorologist, Monday reported another mystery object in the sky was seen Sunday evening. He said the object "which could have been anything but a meteorite" formed a rosy train [trail?] and looped over the southeast.

Dr LaPaz and other searchers still have been unable to find pieces of a meteorite seen northwest of Albuquerque nearly two weeks ago.

The first observer of the Sunday phenomenon was D. M. Gregg, University of New Mexico mathematics department.

Another observer, who witnessed the formation of the train, reported that it took from 16-18 seconds to form. That, Dr. LaPaz said, is far too slow for the formation of a meteorite train, but might be the result of a guided missile, rocket or some other experiment in the desert of New Mexico.

Dr. La Paz asks that Journal readers who may have seen the object contact him at the University.

Brief comment:

Researchers who worked on the "Roswell incident" argued more or less firmly that Dr. Lincoln LaPaz, a meteor specialist in New Mexico, had been involved in some way , or "in the know," of something extraordinary about the incident.

Others thought his interest in flying objects came later, about the more or less mysterious "green fireballs" seen in New Mexico and Texas in 1949 basically.

Thus, this article indicates that Lincoln LaPaz was not only interested "flying discs" in the first two months of their appearances, but also that he tought not all of them were hoaxes of meteors.

However, it seems he was not "in the know" of some "alien UFO crash" since he was apparently thinking that the discs that remained unexplained were some Army experiment.

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