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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Elaine Vegh

(Elaine VEGH).

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Elaine Vegh was reportedly the first cousin of Captain Darwin E. Rasmussen, of the 718th Bomb Group, based in Roswell at the time of the incident.

I found at that Darwin E. Rasmussen was an American, born in Muskegon, Michigan, who achieved the highest rank of Captain and flew as a Navigator.

He was shot down on December 30, 1943 in a B-24 "Liberator" #427766, over Belgium, and evaded that same day.

He served with the 389th Bomb Group known in more familiar terms as "the Sky Scorpions", who flew strategic bombing missions in B-24s from Hethel, England. They also sent detachments to join bases in North Africa at Benghazi No. 10, Libya, between 3 July 1943.

He was also a member of the 566th Bomb Squadron.

I found on the France-Crashes website - listing information about allied air forces personal who crashed in or near France during WW2 - that Darwin E. Rasmussen was a US Army Air Force who crashed as he was the navigator of B-24 Liberator 42-7766 "Heavy Date" of the 389th Bomb Group of the 8th Army on December 30, 1945, in the Ardennes. He successfully escaped through the Pyrénées, Spain, Gibraltar route.


The source indicated by Kevin Randle lists Operation Crossroads crew member names of 509th Composite Group's "Hot" planes, i.e. a 1946 United Press dispatch telling of two "hot" sampler planes which passed through the mushroom clouds while taking air samples to measure radioactivity levels. Rasmussen is listed there as "Radar Officer: Captain Darwin E. Rasmussen, Muskegon, Michigan".


There is no affidavit by Elaine Vegh.

Interviews and public statements:

There is no public statement by Elaine Vegh.

Investigators notes and comments:

Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt:

These authors said that Captain Darwin E. Rasmussen, the 718th Bomb Group operations officer, a part of the 509th, told family members just before dying that the Roswell incident was true, and that four bodies had been recovered.

Elaine Vegh, cousin of Rasmussen, told them that she had personally heard Rasmussen tell her father that he had no doubt that flying saucers were real because he had helped to retrieve the bodies from the one that crashed at Roswell.

They indicate that this is from an interview of March 1, 1990.


Kevin Randle:

Kevin Randle wrote that Captain David E. Rasmussen, later Colonel, was at a family barbecue when he said that he had no doubt that flying saucers were real because he had helped recover the bodies from a crash. There were four bodies and they were loaded into a truck and immediately driven to Roswell. He also said that within hours they were told that they had not seen anything and suggested not to talk about it.


Kevin Randle indicates that Stanton Friedman and him had interviewed Darwin Rasmussen's cousin, Elaine Vegh.

Back in 1990, he learned of Elaine Vegh, and her claim was that her first cousin, Darwin Rasmussen, had been a career Air Force officer stationed in Roswell in 1947.

Elaine Vegh told that she had been standing near her father about 15 years ago, when Rasmussen reportedly said "...never doubt that there is a cover up here. We did pick up bodies and the Air Force does have them."

She said that "He had seen what was picked up. He had seen the craft."

Kevin Randle says this is all she told, as best she could remember, that she did not see anything herself and her memory of this is somewhat clouded, so that it is not a very convincing testimony. He adds that Rasmussen died in 1975, Vegh's father died in 1983, and no one else heard the conversation and there was no detail. Veigh was 62 when interviewed, and she was 10 or 12 when she overheard the conversation.

Kevin Randle says that Rasmussen's picture is not in the Roswell Army Air Base Yearbook for 1947, but his name does appear in the Roswell base telephone directory published in August 1947. He also found his name associated with a 509th flight crew.

He notes that he used this information in his book "UFO Crash in Roswell", and Carey and Schmitt used it in their "Witness to Roswell" correctly indicated it came from an interview of March 1, 1990, but that they did not specify the interview was by Kevin Randle, who gave Don Schmitt a copy.

Randle says that since then he located some records showing Rasmussen was assigned to an aircrew as a radar officer for Operation Crossroads in a document not related to Roswell, at

Randle also explains that she did not correctly remember her age at the time she overheard the conversation, and that she had seen the "Unsolved Mysteries" TV show about the Roswell incident.

Kevin Randle notes that claims are circulated about Jesse Marcel saying that the alien bodies were retrieved under the command of Captain Darwin E. Rasmussen. Randle notes that this is likely a total invention.


My notes:

As indicated by Kevin Randle, there are websites making claims such as "The corpses, according to Marcel, were retrieved under the command of Captain Darwin E. Rasmussen." Jesse Marcel actually never mentioned any "corpses" and never cited the name of Capt. Rasmussen.

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