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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Phyllis McGuire

(Phyllis MCGUIRE, Phyllis MAC GUIRE, Phyllis MACGUIRE, Phyllis WILCOX, Phyllis WILCOX MCGUIRE).

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Phyllis McGuire is Sheriff George Wilcox's daughter. The other daughter of Geroge Wilcox is Elizabeth Tulk.

Chaves County Sheriff George Wilcox was the first authority contacted by William Brazel after he discovered the unusual debris at the Foster ranch near Corona. Wilcox subsequently contacted the Roswell Army Air Field. Wilcox himself never referred to the event publicly.


In the best of my knowledge there is no affidavit signed by Phyllis McGuire.

Interviews and public statements:

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During an interview for a documentary concerning the incident, Phyllis McGuire said, from father, sheriff George Wilcox:

"He had some material with him... which I did not know what it was. ...He said that he had sent some deputies out there and they had seen some things. They had seen a corral that had some of the material in it and they had seen a large burnt spot on some grass about the size of a football field."

During an interview for a documentary concerning the incident, Phyllis McGuire reported that her father, sheriff George Wilcox, sent his two deputys to investigate on location after William Brazel told of his finding of the debris and he informed Roswell Army Airfield She said that the deputys had difficulties finding the debris field, did no located it, but instead found a nearby area where the vegetation had been burnt and sand had seemingly melted as under an impact:

"They found ... like after a bombing. A big circle that had been burnt."

Phyllis McGuire told, according to Kevin D. Randle, that she remembered that two deputies of her father had found "an area of blackened ground" which looked like "something large and circular had touched down."


In a letter of January 1996 to Robert Shirkey, according to Robert Shirkey, Phyllis McGuire wrote:

"When I read in the Roswell paper about the Flying Saucer being found, I went into his [her father sheriff George Wilcox's] office to ask about it... I asked my father if he thought the information about the saucer was true. He said: 'I don't know why Brazell [sic] ... would come all the way in here if there wasn't something to it.' He said Brazell had brought in some of the material to show, and that it looked like tinfoil, (a material like aluminum foil), but when you wadded this material up it would come right back to its original shape. He felt it was an important finding and he sent deputies out to investigate."


Investigator Donald R. Schmitt has recorded an interview with Elizabeth Tulk:

This audio CD can be oredered at

Investigators notes and comments:

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