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Roswell 1947 - Documents on the witnesses

Jesse Marcel Jr.

(Jesse MARCEL Jr., Jesse MARCEL, Jesse A. MARCEL).

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(1) My name is Jesse A. Marcel, M.D.

(2) My address is: [Confidential]

(3) I am a physician, and I have served in the National Guard since 1978; I am a certified crash investigator and helicopter pilot.

(4) In July 1947, I was eleven years old and lived in Roswell, New Mexico, where my father, Major Jesse Marcel, was stationed at the Roswell Army Air Field, serving as the base intelligence officer.

(5) One night, I was awakened by my father in the middle of the night. He was very excited about some debris he had picked up in the desert. The material filled up his 1942 Buick. He brought some of the material into the house, and we spread it out on the kitchen floor.

(6) There were three categories of debris: a thick, foil-like metallic gray substance; a brittle, brownish-black plastic-like material, like Bakelite; and there were fragments of what appeared to be I-beams.

(7) On the inner surface of the I-beam, there appeared to be a type of writing. The writing was a purple-violet hue, and it had an embossed appearance. The figures were composed of curved, geometric shapes. It had no resemblance to Russian, Japanese or any other foreign language. It resembled hieroglyphics, but it had no animal-like characters.

(8) My father said the debris was recovered from a crash site northwest of Roswell. He felt it was very unusual and may have mentioned the words "flying saucer" in connection with the material. He was certain it was not from a weather balloon.

(9) I have not been paid or given anything of value to make this statement, which is the truth to the best of my recollection.

Signed: Jesse A. Marcel
Date: 6 Mar 91

Signature witnessed by:
Trudy Anders LPN

Interviews and public statements:

Statement circulated among researchers:

"The remnants of a Mogul device do indeed come close to looking like the material I had examined years ago -- BUT -- there are essential differences that have not been explained adequately and maybe all it takes is a little closer comparison with what I saw and what the Mogul device actually looked like."

"I am told that the flower figures were imprinted on Scotch Tape which was used to affix paper backed foil to balsa wood beams and that Mr. Moore of the Mogul project drew diagrams of just that."

"The debris I saw and I am absolutely sure of this because of the excitement generated by my dad did not really look like the Mogul debris. What I saw was NOT paper backed metal foil. The foil was metal on both sides. I fully admit that I did not "bend staple or spindle" this said foil. I did not witness the so called "metal with a memory" characteristic that some other people said they saw."

"The beams I examined were NOT balsa wood but were metal which had the same color etc. as did the foil. The symbols did not look like flower petals to me but had more geometry attached to the configuration. They were certainly not on Scotch Tape but could be found only on the inner surface of the beam. The largest vertical dimension would have been no more than 3/8 inch in length. This is very much smaller than the tape would have been. In fact if one did not hold the beam up so that light would have reflected on it I doubt if it would have been noted. The colors when held up to reflect the light source which was an incandescent bulb were rather striking in the metallic violet hue reflection."

"The black or brownish plastic (Bakelite) could have been anything. I would like to see actual remnants of a Mogul device to compare with what was on our kitchen floor that night. If it was a Mogul balloon device, so be it that is what I saw -- I would again like to see if possible just what a Mogul radar target etc. would have looked like. If it fits the description, so be it. So far there are just too many discrepancies for me to come out squarely on the Mogul device and Air Force side for me to say Damn, that is it. Problem solved!!!"

"Sincerely, Jesse"


Letter to Bob Shell:

Bob Shell stated that when he had knowledge of the above statement, with comments by some researcher that the above letter would mean that Dr. Marcel was now favoring the balloon hypothesis and had accepted the Air Force conclusion, and particularly the veracity of Captain McAndrew, as was being suggested, he decided to ask Dr. Marcel directly for comments, and published the latter's reply in full:

"Dear Bob;"

"I don't want to convey the impression that my stance has changed about the Roswell debris. I have felt and certainly still feel that the debris recovered in Roswell was a portion of an extraterrestrial probe. My thoughts about the Air Force involvement may stem from the fact that I am a trusting individual and am trying to 'make excuses' for the Air Force and in particular Capt. McAndrew. I want to believe that these guys are really not in the loop to know what actually happened and they are going on a belief system that they will move heaven and earth (including distortion of fact) to foster that belief system."

"As far as Capt McAndrew goes, he will do whatever to promote the Mogul balloon recovery theory and I want to believe that this is because he is not knowledgeable about the true story, but maybe I am giving him too much. He also made the statement to me that if I divulged certain aspects of our conversation he would deny making such statement. I guess the bottom line is that I would like to trust people but that illustrates how unworldly I am. The truth of this matter will have to come out and hopefully it will be in my lifetime. Please touch bases with me at any time."

Jesse Marcel."


Letter to Mr. Solomon, with drawing of "I-beam":

Jesse A Marcel, M.D., P.C.
Fellow, American Academy of Otolaryngology
Head and Neck Surgery

Dear Mr. Solomon:

The following is a general description of the fragment that had what appeared to have a form of writing on its surface.

There was a series of geometric patterns embossed on the inner surface of a fragment shaped like an "I" beam strut. There were no recognizable animal figures such as seen in Egyptian hieroglyphics but the symbols resembled hieroglyphic type characters.

Most of the debris looked like pieces of an aircraft airframe and its skin. Some of the debris was not metallic but more like pieces of black plastic fragments thicker than the metallic skin.

The color of the symbols was of a violet or purplish metallic hue. Obviously the above symbols are not an exact duplication, but this is more or less what they looked like as I can recall after more than forty years.


PS I showed the above drawing to my mother who was also present and she concurs with the above description.


Participation in "Unsolved Mysteries":

When [Dad] came back to the house he had a bunch of wreckage with him at the time, and he brought the wreckage into the house. Actually wakened my mother and myself out so we could view this, because it was so unusual. This was about two o'clock in the morning as I recall, and he spread it out so we could get some basic idea what it looked like, what it was...

We were all amazed by this debris that was there, primarily because we didn't know what it was, you know, it was just the unknown...

This writing [on a piece] could be described as like hieroglyphics, Egyptian-type hieroglyphics, but not really. The symbols that were on the I-beams were more of a geometric-type configuration in various designs. It had a violet-purple type color and was actually an embossed part of the metal itself.

Years after this incident happened, we would talk privately among ourselves about what the possibilities of this, what this thing was. And I feel that we, well I know that we came to the conclusion it was not of earthly origin.

If I had not actually held pieces of it in my hand, I would not think that it would be possible. But because I happened to see this, that's the only reason I believe it...

My dad said obviously it [the weather balloon story] was a cover-up story, it was not a weather balloon. He was a little disturbed about that, but he had his own security classification to protect. He could not really go public with, hey this is not the real thing, I mean this is not a weather balloon. So he had to keep that to himself.


Investigators notes and comments:

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