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Roswell 1947:

Important note: this is an ongoing documentation effort. The listing underneath comprises also discredited witnesses names, non-witnesses that have been said to be witnesses, and witnesses who state that a balloon and not a flying saucer has been recovered. Please see the bottom of this page before asking questions or making comments.

Frequently asked questions and answers about this section:

"You are biased, you present more information in favor of this than in favor of that explanation."

This is an ongoing documentation effort, forever "under construction." Feel free to provide any additional information, sources, references to

"You have started by presenting one side of the story more than the other side. This misleads your readers."

I am sorry that you feel this way. I do not intend to disregard your criticism so please feel free to provide any additional that may be useful, if possible complete and with accurate source references. If you do not have any references I will quote you as the source. Please understand that I will disregard anonymous unsupported claims.

"Why even bother? Why are you doing this? Hasn't all this been re-hashed over and over?"

During a long and vivid discussion of the Roswell affair on a French UFO-discussion group where I participated, several people have mentioned that there is not enough information on the French speaking internet on the Roswell affair. I thought I may help there. This page is English, but the site is bilingual. I need to provide both the original English and the French-translated documents and texts, so that my translation can be critically checked.

"So what happened at Roswell?"

I do not know. You have to make your own opinion. I only wish I can help by providing reliable documentation. If at some point in this effort I come to a conclusion for myself, it will appear in an "articles" section among other position statements.

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This page was last updated on July 5, 2003.