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News 2001:

This page provides information on events, latest observations, and news of interest for 2001. Click on the dates to read the news items.

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Click on the dates:


12.25.2001UFO seen by family in Ipswitch, UK.
12.23.2001UFO sighting in Tessin, Switzerland.
12.23.2001Alleged impressivle UFO footage taken in Scotland.
12.19.2001Belgium UFO sightings on the raise.
12.17.2001Popocatepetl watch continues.
12.16.2001German ufologist Karl L. Veit RIP.
12.15.2001UFO sighting in Tourcoing, France.
12.15.2001Triangular UFO and spheres in North Carolina, USA.
12.15.2001Bright object with rings, Florida, USA.
12.14.2001Possible UFO Aircraft air miss, Cuba.
12.14.2001Flying triangle and light near Edwards AFB, Washington DC, USA.
12.11.2001UFO sighting in Wisconsin.
12.05.2001Mars: new evidence of vast amount of water 3 ft below surface in warm regions.
12.10.2001WTC UFO stupidities.
12.08.2001Flying saucer lands in Arizona Mountains, USA.
12.06.2001Sightings in La Florida, Chilean AF surprised but will investigate.
12.06.2001Sighting in Maisons-Alfort, France.
12.05.2001NASA'S MGS detects possible climate changes on Mars.
12.05.2001UFO encounter in Australia.
12.05.2001Latest new evidence of past life on Mars.
12.04.2001UFO sighting over Seville, Spain.
12.03.2001Space Junk out there here and there.
12.02.2001Cylinder in Northern Alabama, USA.
12.02.2001Flying cylinder and light in New Jersey USA.
12.02.2001Observation in Lille, France.
12.01.2001Strange noisy flying crafts in Louisiana, USA.
12.01.2001Luminous phenomenon near Palaiseau, France.


11.29.2001Alleged UFO explosion in Brazil: possible hoax, continued.
11.29.20011st detection of an extrasolar planet's atmosphere, precisions.
11.28.2001First detection of an extrasolar planet's atmosphere.
11.27.2001A UFO did NOT sink a Portsmouth boat, UK.
11.26.2001Odyssey encounters unexpected wind vortex.
11.25.2001Alleged UFO explosion in Brazil, ufologists warn: possible hoax.
11.24.2001Three UFOs in San Pedro, Chile.
11.25.2001UFO Conference in Bonsall, UK?
11.21.200116 UFOs or ballons filmed over Mexico State.
11.18.2001Observation in Silicon valley, USA.
11.18.2001Flying wing in Idaho, USA.
11.20.2001Allen Hill meteorite magnetites, scientist in denial.
11.17.2001UK government grants £130 million to ET life discovery.
11.17.2001USA Mount Adams UFOs still a mystery.
11.16.2001Laser in Essex, UK.
11.15.2001Teardrop shaped UFO, New York.
11.15.2001Disclosure UK on hold.
11.15.2001Debate around alleged planet in Zeta 2 Reticuli system.
11.14.2001Oregon man witness strange red light in his yard.
11.14.2001Argentinean aerial mystery.
11.13.2001Mars Odyssey probe: cameras work fine.
11.13.2001Cerro Moreno a UFO passageway?
11.12.2001USAF statement about chemtrails.
11.12.2001MGS, active volcanism on Mars.
11.11.2001UFO videotaped in Chile.
11.11.2001Disc in california, USA.
11.11.2001Flying triangle over North Carolina.
11.11.2001Cigar shaped ufo seen near New York.
11.10.2001Aircraft or other craft in Oklahoma, USA.
11.10.2001Silvery cigar shaped UFO or blimp in Missouri, USA.
11.10.20013 observations in Wisconsin, USA.
11.08.2001A UFO flies around a mountain in Arizona.
11.08.2001English UFO hotspot Dales, another sighting.
11.07.2001Close encouter with car failure, North East USA.
11.07.2001Halloween night flying triangle, UK.
11.06.2001Fireball seen in Pennsylvania, USA.
11.06.2001Strange object seen on TV by viewer in Missouri.
11.06.2001UK spies say they stop studying UFO because they do not exist.
11.06.2001Bill Cooper dies is bloody arrest, Sheriff deputy's life at risk.
11.05.2001Bonsall UFO video: what £20.000?.
11.05.2001Newspaper reports strange UFO seen by one in Connecticut, USA.
11.04.2001Transparent disk seen by aircraft passenger, UK.
11.04.2001Light falls straight down in Wisconsin.
11.02.2001A UFO flies Westwards in Arizona.
11.02.2001Texas UFO sightings continue.


10.31.2001Weird lights in Dakota, USA.
10.30.2001Lights in New Jersey, USA.
10.29.2001Yellow lights 26 minutes observation Leamington, UK.
10.28.2001Flying Cylinder at Little Rock, Arkansas USA.
10.27.2001Observations in the North of France.
10.27.2001Flying light in Canada.
10.26.2001Flying rectangle in Virginia.
10.26.2001Daylight silver disc in Tennessee.
10.25.2001Flying triangle in Arizona.
10.24.2001Dramatic sighting in Wyoming.
10.24.20012 Flying triangles in Washington.
10.24.2001Chielan former Admiral reports his observations.
10.23.2001Odissey orbits Mars.
10.21.2001Six orange orbs in Australia.
10.21.2001New witness comes forward in 1973 Pascagoula case.
10.19.2001Lights flying in triangle formation in Arizona.
10.18.2001Yet another sighting in Dales, UK.
10.17.2001UFO over Suriname.
10.15.2001New York flying triangle with flat edges.
10.15.2001Sphere shaped UFO seen in Virginia, USA.
10.15.2001UFO seen in Chile.
10.15.20018 new extrasolar planets found, some with circular orbits.
10.13.2001Sighting in Stoke On Trent, UK.
10.13.2001Strange moving light near Poughkeepsie, New York.
10.12.2001Flying object in Alabama.
10.12.2001Flying disk in Florida.
10.12.2001Blue lights in Canada.
10.08.2001UFO seen in Lebanon.
10.07.2001UFO conference in Avanche Switzerland 10.30.2001.
10.06.2001Extreme life under the ocean floor.
10.04.2001Saucer shaped craft seen by 3 in Missouri USA.
10.03.2001Circle of lights, Massachussetts, USA.
10.02.2001Floating lights in Canada.
10.02.2001Mysterious circle pressed into bracken, UK.
10.02.2001Var Matin French newspaper reports UFO footage of June.
10.01.2001Object changes from blue to red, New York.


09.28.2001English TV documentary presents 20 minutes UFO footage.
09.27.2001Two boomerang shaped objects, New York.
09.27.2001Triangular shaped UFO near Perpignan, France.
09.27.2001News from the speed-of-light barrier.
09.26.2001More UFO events in Northern Norway.
09.24.2001Silent "helicopter" searched by Norwegian Police.
09.15.20012nd cylinder sighting in New Jersey.
09.14.2001Oklahoma UFO in steep climb.
09.10.2001Louisiana football shaped UFO.
09.08.2001Virginia golden lights, USA.
09.07.2001Carteret, June: after FOIA request, FAA reports radar detection of UFOs.
09.06.2001Wisconsin bowling balls lights.
09.06.2001Beer mats sighted in Germany.
09.01.2001Luminous spheres in Bielorussia.

AUGUST 2001:

08.31.2001Two low flying triangles in Ohio, USA.
08.30.2001UFO sighting in Argentina.
08.30.2001UK TV Documentary about Derbyshire Dales UFOS.
08.29.2001"Mothership" with 4 UFOS in Ohio, USA.
08.30.2001France2 TV documentary "UFOs the American secret scheduled 9 or 16 10:30pm.
08.27.2001Venezuela round object.
08.24.2001Planetary system found, quite similar to ours.
08.24.20013 flying triangles in California.
08.23.2001Fisherman observes hovering cylinder, New Jersey, USA.
08.23.2001Bright light in the Wyoming sky.
08.22.2001Delaware multiple sightings, USA.
08.22.2001Unexplained lights and sounds in Maine, USA.
08.21.2001New Jersey cylinder, USA.
08.20.2001New Hampshire flying triangle, USA.
08.19.2001Oklahoma light approaches car, USA.
08.18.2001Minnesota triangle shaped UFO, USA.
08.18.20013 lights in Missouri, USA.
08.18.2001UFO flew over house in Texas.
08.18.2001Object flashes and takes off vertically in Wyoming, USA.
08.17.2001Daylight sighting in Oregon, USA.
08.16.2001More observations this year in Canada.
08.14.2001Scientists discover "watery hole" on Mars.
08.13.2001Michigan light chased, USA.
08.12.2001Nightime UFO taped over Victoria, USA.
08.10.2001Cigar shaped truck size object near Philadelphia, USA.
08.10.2001UFOs and jets observed in Florida.
08.09.2001Chicago diamond shaped orange flying object.
08.09.2001Turkish Ufology group report similar incidents.
08.09.20012 Turkish Air Force pilots report possible UFO.
08.07.2001Canadian hovering disk.
08.07.2001Flying triangle over Evanston, USA.
08.07.2001UFO over Tyneside, UK.
08.06.2001Wheaton silvery circle, USA.
08.06.2001Scotsman photographed a UFO.
08.04.2001Announcement of the creation of a French Flying Saucers Bureau.
08.03.2001500 report UFO in Wisconsin, probably ISS.
08.03.2001Franklin Ohio UFO report, USA.
08.03.2001Sneak preview of UFO documentary at the French Senate before national broadcasting.
08.02.2001The Vatican did NOT announce ET contact.
08.01.2001UFO near air traffic, Illinois, USA.

JULY 2001:

07.30.2001ET cells found in high atmosphere.
07.28.2001HISTORICAL: scientists announce that there is life on Mars today.
07.27.2001Black UFO sighting in Nice, France.
07.27.2001Several sighting reports from Italy.
07.26.2001Armando Valdès to publish a book on his experiment.
07.27.2001Liquid water under the surface of Callisto too.
07.16.2001Mass UFO sighting probable hoax over New Jersey, USA.
07.15.2001Bat shaped UFO sighting at Boss Airport, France.
07.11.2001Japanese TV crew said they taped UFOs in Scotland.
07.08.2001UFO sighting increase over El Loa, Chile.
07.06.2001California disc.
07.04.2001Rhodes island flying triangle, USA.
07.04.2001Missouri aliminium looking flying triangle, USA.
07.02.2001Crop circle in Russia.
07.02.2001Australian triangular UFO.
07.01.2001Neon blue eggshaped object in Illinois, USA.
07.01.2001UFO footage and photographs in UK.

JUNE 2001:

06.29.2001Researchers add radar to track Hessdalen UFOs.
06.28.2001Argentinean UFO reseacher says Cachi UFO video is legitimate.
06.28.2001Hubble detects 6 planet sized objects not orbiting stars.
06.25.2001Gigantic UFO captured on video in Argentina.
06.18.2001Cone shaped metallic looking object in Italy.
06.18.2001British Civilian Aviation authority aknowlegdes 30 cases of Aircraft - UFO near air misses in the last 20 years.
06.19.2001French Air Force new radar will soon be able to detect stealth aircraft.
06.18.2001Korea too.
06.16.2001More than 20 people spot UFO in Melbourne, Australia.
06.15.2001Zig-zagging orange spot over Cremona Italy, possibly Mars misinterpreted.
06.10.2001Washington couple see black UFO.
15.06.2001Ufo researchers show Turkish alien of June 1st was a baloon.
06.13.2001UK observations over West Wiltshire.
06.12.200118th Martian meteorite discovered.
06.12.2001Some of this month's crop circles.
06.12.2001ESA to seek for extra-terrestrial life.
06.05.2001Scottish news photographer captures UFO on video, many other reports follow.
06.05.2001"Red" planet "to spark UFO sightings."
06.05.2001Turkish authorities close village after alleged extraterrestrial encounter (explained).
06.04.2001NASA X-43 hypersonic prototype fails test.
06.01.2001Newspaper says Russian scientist reveals UFO crash in Siberia.
06.01.200126th UFO sighting in the last past months in Dales, UK.
06.01.2001TV pays 20.000 £ fur UFO video.

MAY 2001:

05.19.2001New York City oval.
05.25.2001At last a complete NASA image: the "Face on Mars" is natural.
05.23.2001Has a "Dysonsphere" just been found?
05.16.2001George Filer: Project Disclosure, an initial success.
05.16.2001Project Disclosure: 21 highly credible UFO witnesses speak out in front of US TV cameras.
05.13.2001Italian scientists claim they revived ET bacteria from meteorite.
05.10.200123rd UFO over Dales, UK, is a giant disc.
05.10.2001NASA to start test 12 ft long unmanned X43 hypersonic ramjet.
05.01.2001Parkes signal: Swiss Radio admit they hoaxed it.
05.01.2001UFO close encounter, Granada, Spain.
05.01.2001Parkes Observatory announces ET signal is a hoax.
05.01.2001According to Swiss Radio, articifial ET signal detected from Parkes radiotelescope, decoded by MIT, will be announced by UN, signal increasing.

APRIL 2001:

04.29.2001"Who wants to be a millionaire" contestant saw UFO..
04.30.2001Swiss radio continues announcements of ET signal detected from Parkes radiotelescope.
04.29.2001Swiss radio announces ET signal detected from Parkes radiotelescope.
04.28.2001Ambitious announcement from "Project Disclosure"
04.27.2001Media desinformation: no more UFOs in UK?
04.26.2001Dome shaped UFO in Norfolk, England.
04.23.2001UFO over Bogota, Columbia.
04.24.2001A postcard from Mars.
04.21.2001Popular Mechanics article: "when UFOs land".
04.19.2001Manoeuvering globe spotted in Ohio, USA.
04.13.2001Connecticut USA, cigar shaped UFO.
04.08.2001Maybe you will see UFOs on a webcam.
04.08.2001Dick Cheney raises an eyebrow.
04.08.2001Luminous lights in Washington.
04.07.2001Four blue flying discs in New Jersey, USA.
04.06.200111 new exoplanets discovered, including potential habitable zone.
04.05.2001Chile: Tocopila Cameraman Films UFO over Arica.
04.05.2001Conference on artificial structures on Mars.
04.04.2001Chile: oval shaped UFO over Arica.
04.04.2001Return of the Pennsylvania disc shape object.
04.04.2001Pennsylvania diamond shaped UFO.
04.03.2001Five sided craft spotted in Virginia, USA.

MARCH 2001:

03.31.2001UFO (Venus) over Barnaul, again.
03.31.2001A summary of the Dales UFO flap in the past months.
03.28.2001Red UFO lands, Australia.
03.24.2001Several researchers finally admit Mars life has escaped detection by Viking.
03.24.2001UFO over New York seen by 5.
03.23.20016 million years old men.
03.20.2001UFO witness by two in Portorico.
03.19.2001UFO videotaped in Washington state, USA.
03.18.20013 UFO rendez-vous over Honolulu.
03.20.2001Spy Agence announces Mars Polar Lander located, intact.
03.15.2001Numerous UFOS seen and taped again over Popocatepetl. Webcam available.
03.14.2001Two UFOS fly over Elk City, Oklahoma, USA.
03.12.20011st Earth-like extrasolar planets found.
03.11.2001Two UFO observation over Rome.
03.11.2001Triangular UFO over Lake Erie.
03.11.2001Budget zeroes for human Mars exploration.
03.09.2001UFO taped again over Popocatepetl, new image released.
03.06.2001Huge orange light streaks through Oklahoma skies.
03.08.2001Daylight disk over capital of Honduras.
03.06.2001New UFO photographs in February 2001 over Popocatepetl released.
03.05.2001Some new information about the UFO that shutdown a Siberian airport on 01.27.2001.
03.04.2001Luminous spherical flying object in Italy.
03.04.2001Triangular shaped object near Pau, France.
03.03.2001Canadian UFO reports up 2% last year.
03.03.2001Anonymous witness of oval shaped UFO in South Carolina.
03.04.2001Strange lights in the past months in Butaco area, Chile.
03.01.2001SETI@Home interrupt to be repaired soon.


02.29.2001Giant UFO in Chile 02.16.2001 was a weather balloon.
02.27.2001Scientific proof of past life on Mars established and released.
02.26.2001Chilean Air Force Communications Director welcomes UFO researchers.
02.17.2001More UFO observations in Saenz Pena, Argentina.
02.16.2001Dark circular UFO over Rawang, Malaysia.
02.20.2001Water detected in deep space.
02.16.2001Pilots spot giant UFO in Chile (explained: balloon).
02.15.2001Possible UFO crash in Ireland.
02.13.2001Scotland UFO event.
02.11.2001Alleged UFO Causes Stir in Saenz Pena, Argentina.
02.08.2001Europa Focus Group sponsored by NASA.
02.08.200121st UFO sighting in Darbyshire, UK.
02.07.2001Illinois TV gathered 600 UFO sighting reports.
02.06.2001NASA scientists demonstrated hands-off piloting of simulated 747 airliner.
02.05.2001Previously unreleased manuscript by Project Blue Book’s Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla.
02.03.2001More UFOs in Darbyshire, UK, video tape broadcasted on BBC.


01.30.2001Enormous step forward: cell membranes and lifelike chemical reaction spontaneously starting simulated deep space environment adds up evidence that life can start everywhere in the universe.
01.29.2001Benzene, life building molecule, detected in space.
01.28.2001UFO flap in Darbyshire, UK.
01.27.2001AFP news item: Russian airport shutdown because a UFO hovers above runway.
01.20.2001Lynch Mountain mystery deepens.
01.16.2001Harlemville, NY Triangular shaped UFO.
01.14.2001Isle of Man, flying triangle.
01.12.2001Hovering ufo sighted in Maine.
01.11.2001Massive power shortage after UFO flyby in Southern Brazil.
01.11.2001Giant green fireball lights up western USA.
01.10.2001Triangular UFO sighted in Southeastern Ohio.
01.07.2001Large ufo at Trout Lake, Washington.
01.06.2001Slow moving triangular UFO over Kentucky.
01.04.2001Dark disc-shaped UFO seen in Saginaw, Texas.
01.03.2001Strange moving lights.
01.02.2001Trio sights triangular UFO in Southern germany.
01.01.2001New Zealand disk to start a new millenium of ufo observations.


The main British news paper "The Mirror" has written that British Ministers are pumping £130 million into the search for extra terrestrial life. The cash injection is part of a £380 million package revealed yesterday to fund new space research. Joint European projects will include a search for "signs of life in the solar system and beyond". Unmanned missions will go to Mars and Titan, a huge moon of Saturn. Probes are also planned to find earth-like planets in other solar systems which could support life.

Science Minister Lord Sainsbury said the £380 million would "keep the UK at the leading edge of science and technology". Welcoming the cash, space campaigner and Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik said: "The Government is wise to back this research because of the ground-breaking shift in outlook that finding extra-terrestrial life would cause. Even if we only discovered simple single cell life forms, it would prove that we are not alone."

The European Space Agency is committed to sending the British-led Beagle 2 Lander to Mars in 2003.

Editor note: An english ufologist has commented that the money is wasted because "we won't find living beings on Mars and Saturn (...); it's to bloody cold. (sic)" to which I disagree in the sense that life has already been found on Mars by the Viking probes in 1977 but the scientific community needs to look again. A long story, explained in the Mars section of this site.

On the other end, devoting 10% of this amount, £13 million, to serious and sincere UFO research and investigation, is 50 to 1000 times the amount that the most involved countries have officially spent in UFO investigation in the last 50 years.


The first mission to Mars since back-to-back failures in 1999 has survived. The $300 million NASA spacecraft Odyssey made it into Martian orbit late Tuesday night October 23, 2001.


Several web portals specialized in space news and exobiology news items are now announcing that scientists have found "watering holes" on Mars, detected by the use of lasers.

The location of the "watery holes" is indicated as Valles Marinensis, where I have located several pictures that might be interpreted as lakes of water or other liquid or frozen liquid.

But the annoncement at this time is somehow ambiguous, it seems that the "watery holes" are to be understood as poaches of frozen water underground.


In Hubble Space Telescope data, scientists at the Space Telescope Science Institute have unintentionally detected six Saturn-sized objects that neither shine like stars nor orbit around stars like planets do.

The measurements are published in the June issue of the journal Nature. To Kailash Sahu and the other scientists that made the observations, they have found objects that by all definitions would be planet, if they would be orbiting stars.

Sahu said: "We explored every other possible explanation. We asked, maybe it’s a cosmic ray? Something wrong with the data processing, or the data itself?" Mark McCaughrean of Germany's Potsdam Astrophysical Institute rather names the objects "sub-brown dwarves" than "planets." The objects are 10 ten smallers than brown dwarves. The amazed STScI scientists recommend further investigation. The data was recorded every three days for four months starting in February 2001.


French newspaper Le Figaro informs that a new type of radar based in Dreux and humorously refered to as "Nostradamus", a 3 branches star setup of metallic rods, will be able to detect stealth aircraft such as the B2 ou le F117.

This new radar systems emits on low frequencies and has a much longer range than traditionnal radar systems.

Nostradamus can detect anti-radar coated aircraft, since the special stealth paints are designed to confuse high frequencies traditionnal radar only. Moreover, it cannot be jammed at all.

A similar technology is known to exists already in Australia for example, but the french system is the only one to have a 360° range, thanks to its star-shaped design, and the only one to use the same antenna to emit and receive. This makes it a very precise detector.

Nostradamus will be tested until 2003, when the government will probably turn it into an operationnal device for the french army.


Geologists Marc Hauser and Lorenz Moser of the University of Bern in Switzerland discovered an 18th meteorite originating from Mars on the coasts of the Sultanate of Oman. Named "Say Al Uhaymir 094" and thus receiving the reference "SaU-094", it has a size of a fist and weighs 223,3 grams. It is part of a batch of 180 meteorites collected during a campaign carried out in January and February in the Sultanate.

"This meteorite is of great scientific value because it will probably be the only material of this type entirely at the disposal of the scientific community in the next ten years", stated the Institute of Mineralogy and Petrography of the University of Bern.

The analysis of the meteorite has already started in the Bern University laboratories. Hauser said X-rays of the new rock had shown a surprising number of hollow pockets inside that might contain gases or atmosphere. That could offer clues about both the meteorite's history and Mars itself. The pockets have "a much greater potential" than the rest of the rock for containing evidence of life on Mars, Hauser said.


The European Space Agency (ESA) has announced they are now planning a major search for extraterrestrial life.

The initial research targets will be Mars (I have told you about Mars, didn't I?), the Moon, Jupiter's moon Europa and a number of asteroids. Its Aurora programme will search for evidence of life on Mars and prepare for future human space exploration there. A mission to bring back samples from Mars will be one of the highest priorities.

The plan was announced at the first meeting of the European Exo and Astrobiology Network in Italy.

But if Aurora does become a full programme, the ESA will need up to $130 million (£90 million) a year to fund it.


Reports of UFO sightings are expected to rise over the next few weeks as the planet Mars passes close to the Earth, according to some astronomer promptly quoted by various mass media.

However, trained ufologists and serious scientists are generally considering themselves capable of differentiating a planet from a UFO. So if a glowing object lands in your garden, of if you track a very fast maneuvering object on your radar, they might avoid to serve you the old "planet Venus" or "planet Mars" explanation who has been very popular amidst the debunkers and skeptic scientists for more than 50 years now.


NASA aborts the test flight of the X-43 hypersonic jet model designed to break the aircraft speed record after a booster rocket veers out of control.

Flying from seven to ten times the speed of sound, using air breathing scramjet engines instead of traditional rocket power, the smaller, 12-foot-long X-43 is seen as a major leap forward in the goal of providing faster, more reliable and less expensive access to space by NASA.

UFO-skeptics often cite such alleged advanced planes as the explanation of UFO sightings. However, the X-43 for example is a remote controlled model, it is never flown over skies of foreign countries or cities, and it is not operational yet.


An Italian team claims they revived bacteria within in an ancient meteorite. The Italian newspaper La Stampa reported that Bruno D'Argenio, Italian National Research Council, and Giuseppe Geraci of the University of Naples discovered "cryms" bacteria or cristallomicrobi, within the crystalline structure of space rocks found in several parts of the world.

Reuters reported that they held a press conference to the Italian Space Agency in Rome earlier this week. The researchers said the 2 billion years old bacteria resisted the extreme pressures and temperatures of entering Earth's atmosphere while inside the meteorite, and bear DNA chemistry identical to that of Earth-based life, reproduced normally and are sensitive to antibiotics. They indicate the cryms were found in several other Earth rocks, which could contradict the claim of extraterrestrial origins.

The finding would support not only the existence of life beyond Earth but panspermia, a theory that life came here from space, rather than emerging from a primordial soup on this planet.

NASA scientist Everett K. Gibson, who has himself been under constant attacks for ongoing work on Martian meteorites that can be interpreted as bearing signs of fossilized life, was quite skeptical of the Italian reports, noting they provided no detail on where the meteorites were found.

Gibson, a senior scientist at NASA's Johnson Space Center, was the co-leader of a group that announced evidence in 1996 that could be interpreted as ancient life in a Martian meteorite, which has been confirmed in 2001.

Gibson said of the Italian findings: "In this case there is not enough evidence that we see from the report to assume anything other than the characterization that it is similar to 50 terrestrial rocks. That strongly suggests that what they are seeing is something from a contaminant. It's extremely likely that [incoming meteorite] material will pick up contaminants from the Earth. These are terrestrial bacteria. So the burden of proof lies with the investigator to prove that what he has is truly indigenous from the sample he is studying."


The first of three unpiloted X-43 vehicles in NASA's Hyper-X program will soon begin hypersonic flight from NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, CA.

Flying from seven to ten times the speed of sound, using air- breathing scramjet engines instead of traditional rocket power, the smaller, 12-foot-long X-43 could represent a major leap forward in the goal of providing faster, more reliable and less expensive access to space.

On Wednesday, April 18, at 1 p.m. EDT, NASA will conduct a press briefing from Dryden, featuring key program and project officials to outline plans for upcoming X-43 flights and the Hyper-X program. Reporters will be able to ask questions from participating NASA centers.

The press briefing will be carried on NASA Television, which is available on GE-2, transponder 9C, located at 85 degrees West longitude, with vertical polarization. Frequency will be on 3880 MHz, with audio on 6.8 MHz.


Science Editor Jim Wilson of Popular Mechanics Magazine has written another great article about UFOs. The cover page of Popular Mechanics headline reads: "WHEN UFOs LAND". It goes on to say on page 64, "Startling Physical Evidence They Can't Explain Away". Jim writes, "At long last, scientists have their hands on the proof skeptics say does not exist." In headlines it says, "Most professional scientists never bother to look at the evidence. Dogmatic dismissals are taken at face value." Jim has data on French government landings and samples of the Ubatuba debris.

It is a rare and very refreshing event to see a major magazine handle the UFO situation fairly. Here is this article.


VP Cheney was taken aback by the very first question posed to him" by a caller to Diane Rehm's national radio show. The caller asked Cheney whether the administration "has developed a policy on 'UFOs' and the little creatures flying them?

Raising an eyebrow, Cheney no doubt made the caller's day by replying that if he did attend such a meeting on UFOs, it most certainly would be 'classified,' and therefore he'd be unable to discuss it.


Widely published astronomer, Dr. Thomas Van Flandern will take Q&A and present findings representing contributions by dozens of researchers, including physicists, geologists, engineers, and image processing specialists from several organizations.

The presentation materials will include photographic evidence from the NASA's Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft, as well as independent photographic analysis. Several of these images have not previously been made public.

Other topics to be discussed include the following:


Several american scientists are now finally doubting analysis from Viking in 1977, at last admitting that Martian life might have escaped detection by one experiment. They think that million bacteria per gram of Martian soil sample would have been unnoticed. New instruments and experiences have been proposed. The important point is that one life detection experiment in Viking has detected life, and the result was rejected because of this other invalid experiment.


The remains of a new specie of hominid found in Kenya are believed to be 6 million years old, twice older than the famous skeleton named "Lucy". Since October 2000, 5 individuals have been found, chimpanzee sized, but upright walking.


When NASA announced in December 1999 that the Mars Polar Landed probably crashed on Mars, because of an inches/centimeters bug, some of us felt cheated, most of us felt disapointed.

Today, NIMA, a military imagery intelligence service, announced that the craft has been found, landed, probably intact since it stands on its three feet.

NIMA is a combat support agency of the Department of Defense, with advanced capacities of image analysis. They offered their support to NASA to track the Lander shortly after NASA announced its loss. NASA now says it is too early to conclude, whereas a photographic expert at NIMA said that the lander appears intact on the surface, sitting atop its trio of landing legs. NIMA engineers made this search in their spare time as a "fun project".


Laurance Doyle and his team working at the american SETI Institute have detected the trajectories of two solid planets just a little heavier than Earth. Both planets are orbiting the "habitable zone" of the binary star systen CM Draconis at 57 light years from our Sun.


As a result of cost overruns in the Space Station program, NASA headquaters has issued an order to stop or eliminate all technology development projects supporting human Mars exploration. Among the programs killed are Bioplex, Transhab, In-Situ Resource Utilization, the VASIMIR advanced plasma propulsion system, and Crew Return Vehicle. Without these programs, the ground-work for a human mission to Mars will not be layed out anytime soon.


Paul Recer, Associated Press Science Writer in San Francisco, announces that vast waves of water vapor and clear traces of carbon molecules, which are key ingredients for life, have been found in the dust and gas around distant stars. The findings boost the theory that the cosmic stew of life is common in the universe.

Martin F. Kessler, a staff scientist for the European Space Agency (ESA) states: "It shows that complex carbon chemistry is not unique to Earth. We now see similar chemistry elsewhere in the universe."

It proves that the conditions that led to the formation of life and our solar system are present in lots of places. Inside gas clouds where new stars are forming, temperatures soar to several thousand degrees, setting off chemical reactions favoring production of water, and also cooler ice-covered grains of dust sticking together and forming increasingly larger objects, eventually becoming the building blocks of planets in a new solar system. The water then can release when these planets form and can collect into oceans and lakes, like it did on Earth.


NASA Scientists outfitted a pilot with an armband implanted with eight electrodes. The sensors read muscle nerve signals as the pilot made the gestures needed to land a computer-generated aircraft at San Francisco International Airport in California. The pilot successfully demonstrated the ability to control the 757 passenger jet simulation, using only human muscle-nerve signals linked to a computer. The work was reported in the October 2000 proceedings of the World Automation Congress.

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