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News 2004:

This page provides information on 2004 events, observations, and news of interest. Click on the dates to read the news items.

Check also the updates page if you want an overview of the addition to this site since your last visit.

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Click on the dates:


12.27.2004Strange object seen and photographed, Alabama, USA.
12.22.2004Opportunity gets better, Spirit not.
12.19.2004Light out of the moon, Los Angeles, California, USA.
12.14.2004Ufologist Alexander Mebane, R.I.P.
12.13.2004Mars exoplanetology and exobiology at LPI/NASA seminar.
12.12.2004UFO photographed over Mexico.
12.11.2004Probable meteor fall in Gansu province, China.
12.10.2004UFO reportedly seen above Underwood Quarry, U-K.
12.09.2004UFO seen in Kingston, Tennessee, USA.
12.09.2004Triangle UFO photographed above Tennessee, USA.
12.01.2004Sparkling UFO seen in Switzerland.


11.13.2004Observations in Paington, U-K.
11.11.2004Lights follow truck, and other observations in Crane River, Canada.
11.09.2004Titan, new images.
11.09.2004Group of lights hovers above Greyhound bus, Canada.
11.08.2004Lights seen in Kenora, Canada.
11.06.2004Amber UFos sighted in Steelville, Missouri, USA.
11.04.2004White B-2 looking UFO above Detroit suburb, USA.
11.03.2004Airline pilot sighted a UFO, San Francisco, USA.
11.03.2004Couple sees three UFOs in London, Ontario, Canada.
11.03.2004Observation in Western Pennsylvania, USA.
11.01.2004Light seen in Saskatchevan, Canada.


10.28.2004Large orange light, Ridgecrest, California, USA.
10.27.2004Two UFOs over Hampton, Virginia, USA.
10.21.2004Blue cigar shaped UFO seen in the Netherlands.
10.19.200423 objects seen in Veracruz, Mexico.
10.12.2004High flying UFO spotted in North Port, Florida, USA.
10.10.2004Object seen in the sky, Indiana, USA.
10.08.2004JPL: Mars rovers probing water history at two sites.
10.07.2004Object seen in Harlow, Essex, U-K.
10.07.2004Mutilated cows in La Pampa region, Argentina.
10.07.2004Strange red light seen in Trinidad.
10.04.2004Three lights over Boise, Idaho, USA.
04.10.2004Astronaut and UFO witness Gordon Cooper dies.
02.10.2004Large flying triangle above Tenessee, USA.
01.10.2004Disc seen in the Bronx, New York, USA.


09.27.2004Odd sighting in India.
09.27.2004Strobing lights seen in Massachusetts, USA.
09.26.2004Three lights spotted near Philadelphia, USA.
09.26.2004Fireball seen in Batavia, USA.
09.26.2004Light seen in New York, USA.
09.26.2004Observations in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, USA.
09.26.2004Fate of MoD's UFO papers in question, U-K.
09.24.2004Bright orange light in Strattanville, USA.
09.24.2004Nocturnal lights seen in Fring, Norfolk, U-K.
09.24.2004Flying cylinder in Belgium.
09.23.2004Multicolored lights seen in New Jersey, USA.
09.22.2004UFO stops traffic on Ohio Turnpike, USA.
09.17.2004Strange lights seen by two in Ridgecrest, California, USA.
09.16.2004Bright light in Nice, France.
09.15.2004Black object in the Maine, USA.
09.13.2004Fireball in brive, Correze, France.
09.12.2004Sighting in San Francisco, California, USA.
09.12.2004Three UFOs spotted in Belvedere, U-K.
09.11.2004Disk seen in Massachusetts, USA.
05.09.2004Observations in Aldershot, R-U.
09.04.2004Fast maneuvering lights in Ridgecrest, California, USA.
09.02.2004Sausage-shaped objects in the sky seen in Greeley were balloons, USA.
09.02.2004SETI people say mysterious radio signals news is overblown and hype.
09.02.2004New Scientist says SETI says mysterious signals from 1000 light years away detected.
09.01.2004Nocturnal lights, Tamworth, U-K.

AUGUST 2004:

08.31.2004NASA: extra-solar Neptune class planets found.
08.30.2004Témoin bouche-bée au Royaume-Uni.
08.28.2004NASA: Major extra-solar discovery annoucement scheduled August 31, 2004.
08.28.2004UFOs seen in the Philippines.
08.24.2004Mars Odyssey was to be stopped, but it continues til September 2006 at least.
08.23.2004Six unidentified lights seen by many around Victoria, Australia.
08.23.2004Tunguska alien UFO update.
06.09.2004Bedrock in Gusev crater hints at watery past of Mars.
08.18.2004Balloon or UFO above Minneapolis, USA.
08.15.2004Tunguska alien UFO update.
08.15.2004The detected/not detected ammonia on Mars found again, at ESA's web site.
08.12.2004I'm not convinced Russians found debris of the infamous Tunguska alien UFO.
08.12.2004UFO spotted in Ontario, Canada.
08.12.2004UFO spotted in Ontario, Canada.
08.11.2004Pictures taken in Montreux, Switzerland.
08.11.2004Russians say they found debris of the infamous Tunguska alien UFO.
08.09.2004Green fireball in the Finistère, France.
08.07.2004Mutilated calf found in Anderson, California, USA.
08.07.2004Orange sphere in West Sussex, U-K.
08.07.2004Sighting report, Annecy, France.
08.04.2004UFO sighted in South Birmingham, U-K.
08.04.2004Aliens spotted in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA.
08.03.2004Neon blue Disk in New Jersey, USA.
08.03.2004Two UFOs allegedly seen during ISS Spacewalk.
08.03.2004Brazilian man snaps a UFO on cell phone camera.
08.01.2004Four triangular UFOs, Savannah, Georgia, USA.
08.01.2004Sighting in the Tarn, France.

JULY 2004:

07.31.2004Sightings this month in Coquimbo, Chili.
07.31.2004Five see UFOs near Perris, California, USA.
07.31.2004Three lights, Paris suburb.
07.27.2004No, ammonia not detected on Mars.
22.07.2004Car has problems, UFO sighted, New York.
07.21.2004Saucer seen in Rojas, Argentina.
20.07.2004Sci Fi channel and UNM sponsored sig at supposed Roswell crash site found nothing.
07.19.2004Ammonia detected, one more evidence for present life on Mars.
07.19.2004Biological hotspots on Mars? wonders scientist.
07.18.2004Mylar balloon reported as strange sphere in Pennsylvania, USA.
07.18.2004Philanthropist and UFO research sponsor Laurance Rockefeller dies.
07.17.2004Flying Triangle seen in Ohio, USA.
07.12.2004Baku Today says Unidentified Flying object hangs over Baku, Azerdbaidjan.
07.12.2004UFO reports in Dryden, Canada.
07.11.2004Sightings in Gobernador Ugarte, Argentina.
07.08.2004An unimpressive first crop circle of the season in France.
07.08.2004Gigantic UFO near Cachi, Argentina.
07.08.2004Hundreds see UFO in Cachi, Argentina.
07.06.2004Two rectangular objects fly over Southern Maryland.
07.03.2004Large triangular object hovers then streaks across sky, Hudson, New York, USA.
01.07.2004Titan's surface, first Cassini-Huygens images.
01.07.2004Nocturnal lights in Cavaillon, France.

JUNE 2004:

06.30.2004Two flying triangles above Paris, France.
06.29.2004UFOs photographed in Llay-Llay, Chile.
06.26.2004Triangular UFO spotted in Northern Ireland.
06.25.2004UFOs spotted in Turkey.
06.22.2004Soon a book on the result of the Roswell digs.
06.19.2004UFO hovers Over Ovalle, Chile.
06.14.2004Five UFOs reported in U-K.
06.13.2004Scientific study of the abduction issue, U-K.
06.11.2004Cylinder object seen in San Francisco, USA.
06.09.2004Salts in evidence of Mars past water found also by the Spirit Rover.
06.08.2004CNES, SEPRA and my "UFOmaniac" reaction.
06.07.2004UFO captured on cellphone, France.
06.05.2004Short and strange sighting in Helecine, Belgium.
06.04.2004Reports from Italy.
06.03.2004Moving light in New Jersey, USA.
06.03.2004Strange red creature seen in Syria.
06.02.2004Sighting in Italy.
06.01.2004UFO or meteor ssen and detected on radar, Portugal.

MAY 2004:

05.31.2004Object spotted in New Jersey, USA
05.18.2004SEPRA closed, SEPRA not closed ... Open the archives to the public!
05.18.2004Strange observations in the sky of Côte-d'Orient, France.
05.14.2004Mexican report: brazilian ufologists than the mexican authorities for their transparency.
05.14.2004Mexican report: an explanation flap.
05.13.2004Mexican report: in the media.
05.13.2004Mexican report: Ministry of Defense already criticized, answers.
05.11.2004Mexican pilots UFO report hits the big news.
05.09.2004Identified flying planet in Cadillac, USA?
05.03.2004Another Venus-UFO.
05.03.2004Man tapes strange lights in the sky, Texas, USA.
05.02.2004UFO over Capilla Del Monte, Argentina.
05.01.2004Animals death at an East Texas ranch, USA.
05.01.2004Observation in Sunderland, England.

APRIL 2004:

04.30.2004Sighting in Nova Scotia, Canada.
04.30.2004Venus videotaped in Iran.
04.29.2004Cattle mutilation, Canada.
22.04.2004Another lake on Mars.
04.19.2004Silvery But Translucent Saucer seen in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada.
04.15.2004AFP reports on UFOs seen in Iran.
04.06.2004Lights in V, France.
04.05.2004Nocturnal light in Stony Plain, Canada.
04.03.2004New cattle mutilation in Argentina.
04.02.2004Exoplanet Osiris has carbon and oxygen evaporating.

MARCH 2004:

03.29.2004Six canadian observations.
03.27.2004Unofficial: methane, a tell-tale sign of life, has been found on Mars.
03.24.2004Huge dark craft at low altitude, Québec, Canada.
03.22.2004UFO seen above rio de la Plata, Argentina.
03.25.2004News from Hessdalen, Norway.
03.23.2004Standing body of water left its mark in Mars rocks.
03.21.2004UFO reports from Wisconsin, USA.
03.19.2004Observation in Ciel de Saint-Rémy, Québac, Canada.
03.21.2004NASA to announce major Mars rovers finding.
03.17.2004UFO in Ohio, USA.
03.11.2004UFO in Ohio, USA.
03.11.2004Blue elliptical object seen in Washington State, USA.
03.09.2004Two UFOs on a webcam in southern Brazil.
03.09.2004Kids' sighting, U-K.
03.07.2004Unidentified radio signal from space detected by SETI project.
03.06.2004Luminous thing seen in South Africa.
03.04.2004Rumours near A-Plant, Ohio, USA.
03.02.2004NASA press release, Meridiani Planum: "Drenched".
03.02.2004Opportunity rover finds strong evidence Meridiani Planum was wet.
03.01.2004Mars-rover Opportunity press briefing tomorow 3rd.


26.02.2004UFO flotilla in Queensland, Australia.
02.26.2004Meteor seen by many over Colorado, USA.
02.21.2004UFO observations in Pantanal, Brazil.
02.20.2004Rover microscope shows strange thread-like features in the soil at Opportunity site.
02.19.2004Hints of salty liquid water in the soil at Opportunity site.
02.19.2004Pictures in Plymouth, U-K.
02.18.2004Light in the sky in Georgia, USA.
02.17.2004Low coloured light seen above New South Wales, Australia.
02.16.2004Lights in the sky, Canada.
02.14.2004Green light in Indiana, USA.
02.14.2004Lights in the sky in Arizona, USA.
02.13.2004Large nocturnal light in Poland.
02.13.2004An error explains why the Spirit and Opportunity images of Mars were much too red.
13.02.2004Call for witnesses, Canada.
12.02.2004Flash in the sky, U-K.
02.11.2004UFOs reported in Sweden.
02.11.2004ISS crew loose something in space again, media advertise on "UFO".
02.10.2004Green object streaking in Ohio, USA.
02.10.2004UFO landing with traces, U-K.
02.10.2004UFORUM announces all-time high in UFO sighting reports in Canada for last year.
02.09.2004UFO advertising in Guadeloupe.
02.08.2004Flying triangle seen in North Carolina, USA.
02.08.2004UFO, planet or star sighted in U-K.
02.06.2004Alien encounter in Florida, USA.
02.06.2004Cigar-shaped UFO seen in Petaluma, California, USA.
02.05.2004Sighting in Avignon, France.
02.04.2004Bright light video in Canada.
02.04.2004Blimp in New Jersey, USA.
02.04.2004Figures for unexplained UFO reports in Northern Norway.
02.03.2004Five discs spotted in Arizona, USA.
02.02.2004Three big white disks shoot into sky in Australia.
02.02.2004Orange ball in South Africa.
02.02.2004Brightly lit cylindrical object rises slowly, Oregon, USA.
02.02.2004Lagos alleged plane crash, Nigeria.
02.01.2004Five scattered ball lights, Connecticut, USA.


01.31.2004Two aviation technicians in Mexico city claim to have seen UFOs above the capital.
01.28.2004UFO reported in India.
01.24.2004Bright disc shaped object in North Carolina, USA.
01.24.2004Humanoid spotted by three, Indiana, USA.
01.24.2004Dark features at the bottom of Valles Marineris.
01.24.2004Second NASA rover Opportunity lands successfully on Mars.
01.23.2004First data from Mars Express confirms ice water in the south polar cap.
01.23.2004First images from Mars Express confirms water erosion features.
01.21.2004Nocturnal light observed, New York, USA.
01.19.2004Sighting in U-K.
01.16.2004Giant flying humanoid seen by several in Mexico.
01.16.2004Spirit microscope shows many hollow grains of sand.
01.15.2004Picture from Australia.
01.15.2004Conditions for water on Spirit landing site.
01.15.2004Carbonates and hydrated material, possible clay, found at Spirit landing site.
01.15.2004Forthcoming Mars weather daily reports from ESA.
01.13.2004Strange bedroom experience, Poland.
01.09.2004Spirit measures ground level temperatures on Mars.
01.07.2004Spirit image shows what looks like muddy soil under the surface dust.
01.05.2004Strange creature encountered in Chile.
01.04.2004Partigoers watch UFO in Southern California, USA.
01.03.2004Spirit lands safely on Mars and sends back first images.
01.02.2004Sighting in U-K.
01.01.2004British couple seens a UFO in Cancun, Mexico.

Check also the updates page if you want an overview of the addition to this site since your last visit.

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