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UFOs in the daily Press:

Three nocturnal lights reported in Tamworth, U-K., 2004:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Tamworth Herald, of Tamworth, U-K., on September 9, 2004, on their website at


I am writing to ask if you have received any other reports of an incident that I witnessed on Wednesday, September 1, at approximately 11.45pm.

I returned to my car after visiting a friend in the centre of Tamworth, and happened to glance up at the sky. I saw a bright orange glow, which on first glance looked like a planet.

I assumed that it was Mars, as it had a similar colour.

I got into my car, and then looked back up at the 'planet'. It now seemed to be larger and brighter, and I suddenly thought it looked odd.

It was slightly overcast, and so I couldn't see any other bright stars to compare it against.

The object didn't appear to move, but looked 'very high' as if it was at an altitude of an aircraft or above - so I instantly ruled out the idea that it could be a flare or firework.

It seemed to get brighter and brighter and then suddenly there were two brilliant white objects that appeared to fall away from the light and 'burn-up' as they fell to earth.

The images flashed memories of the recent Space Shuttle explosion and I was terrified that I had just witnessed a plane exploding.

I ran to tell my friend, but by the time we came back outside, it was gone, leaving me feeling physically shaken, confused and frustrated that my friend could not confirm what I had seen.

I honestly expected to see news reports the following morning of some kind of explosion.

I have no idea what I saw, and wouldn't like to speculate as to what it was.

Therefore I wondered if you could help me?

Have you received any other reports of the incident, and if so, have you any idea what it was that I witnessed?

Many thanks.

A very curious Tamworth resident, full email details supplied.

P.S. I've never written to a newspaper in my life. Nor have I ever reported an incident such as this. This is an honest account, and the sole purpose of this email is the hope that someone can explain to me what I witnessed.

LAST Wednesday night, at around 11.35pm, I was walking along the river walk near Tamworth's bowling alley when I noticed three balls of fire in the sky. Has anybody reported seeing anything similar?

There was no sound and I couldn't see any clear shape.

They came over the castle, not moving very fast, and turned right and climbed steeply upwards, eventually disappearing from sight.

Is the army carrying out tests on anything? Was there any hot air balloons flying in formation?

There were two other people sitting on a bench, who I told about it. They also saw this.

I will be interested to hear any comments in the near future.

J Wilson, Birmingham, sent via Herald website at www.tamworth

If you witnessed this or know what it may be, please write to the Editor at the address at the foot of this page.

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