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UFO reported in Cachi again, Argentina, 2004:

This article was published in the daily newspaper El Tribuno (Argentina) July 10, 2004.

"It was gigantic, shining, noiseless and with portholes"

Three executives traveling from the capital city to Cachi last Sunday claimed having seen a giant UFO "some 100 meters in diameter, silent and luminous" in the vicinity of Cachipampa near the Los Cardones National Park, a mountainous, semi-desertic region some 120 km south of Salta. "It was a truly marvelous spectacle", said Susana Urdines, coordinator of the Virtual Distance Learning System of the Ministry of Education.

Urdines was traveling in the company of Federico Andolfi, a surgeon from the Vallisto Hospital and her colleague Mary Maigua. Both women were on their way to perform tasks related to their activities in the area and were being driven there by the physician, who had offered to do so. "The time was approximately 21:30, the night sky was clear when we saw the object," said Susana, who is a native of La Plata, although she has lived in the province for over a decade.

"I had always heard and read stories and accounts of UFOs seen by residents of Cachi, but never thought I'd have the good fortune to see something as beautiful as it was strange," she said. "It appeared all of a sudden and got in front of the car, although at a considerable distance. We weren't frightened, since at no time did we sense any aggression or hostility coming from it. It was enormous and flashed without making a sound, had multicolored lights and gave the appearance of being circular, with portholes all around. The vision lasted for a few minutes, but enough for us to realize that it wasn't a natural luminous phenomenon, but a device built by someone. It vanished at startling speed and lost itself behind the eastern mountains."

"However, the object reappeared a few kilometers ahead, when we were driving along the Tin Tin segment, before reaching Payogasta."

Translation © 2004. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU).
Special thanks to JosÚ Echevarria, ARGUSPR.

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