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Photographs by amateurs:

Pictures taken in Montreux, Switzerland, August 11, 2004:

Subj: Triangle on Geneva Lake
Date: 08.13.2004 12:07:46
From: [X]

The day before yesterday, three lights flying above the lake of Geneva have been photographed from Montreux Switzerland. I send you a copy if you want.

Subj: UFOs seen from Montreux
Date: 08.16.2004 13:12:09
From: [x]
File: (143652 bytes)

Here it is,
A friend managed to observe a triangular shaped type UFO above Montreux Switzerland last Wednesday. The photographs here are digitized in low resolution so that I can send them to you. In enhancement it clearly appears three lights.

Here are the photof. "VM OVNI.jpg" is the one with the "mothership". P[] told me he was sure not to have seen a plane at this time.

On August 17, the sender spontaneously added:

The witness tested his digital camera at the fall of night to make romantic photographs. He saw these lights evolving without noise on the lake. The photograph all at the bottom comprises rectilinear luminous points which result perhaps from a flickering of a plane in high altitude, whereas the 'yellow and orange' lights are lower. In the case of a flare there would have been a rectilinear and finished motion, whereas with a plane or a helicopter there would have been noise. Those were more or less motionless.

Note: Frequent appearances of UFOS happen on the lake léman during the fall of night, like here. The photographs are directed to the East, therefore in the direction Vevey-Lausanne.

Note: this is possibly one of the early cases of UFOs that are actually the Chinese lanterns now sold by thousands over the Internet in Europe.

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