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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO snapped over Plymouth, U-K., 2004:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Plymouth Evening Herald, Devon, England, on February 19, 2004.


This amazing photograph snapped over Plymouth is being called one of the best pictures of a UFO ever taken.

A city-based amateur photographer captured this image when he was trying out his new hi-tech digital camera at night. It shows what can only be described as an 'unidentified flying object' hovering above St Budeaux.

Another, equally stunning, snap shows the same brightly-illuminated object tilted at a different angle.

UFO experts are highly excited by the pictures and the Royal Navy today asked the Herald to supply them with the photos - because they want to study them.

Plymouth-based UFOlogist Bob Boyd has called the snaps among the 'best five' pictures of a UFO he has ever seen - in 25 years of spotting the phenomena. Mr Boyd, chairman of the Plymouth UFO Research Group, said: "It's the real thing."

He claimed the picture had been examined by a photographic expert who confirmed it was genuine.

The man who took the photograph, a dockyard worker living in St Budeaux, didn't realise what he had snapped until he got home and inspected his pictures.

A Plymouth City Airport spokesman said it was 'highly unlikely' it was a commercial flight. Mr Boyd does not know of anybody else reporting the UFO, but said: "That doesn't mean nobody saw it."

Webmaster note: the picture, of which only a cropped and probably enlarged portion has been circulated, may be only a reflection of some sort. It is not even made clear whether the witness saw or did not saw something with the naked eyes, nor when it occurred (January 28 at 06:00 p.m.).

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