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News 2003:

This page provides information on 2003 events, observations, and news of interest. Click on the dates to read the news items.

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Click on the dates:


12.31.2003Mini cigar shaped UFO approaches vehicle in Pennsylvania, USA.
12.26.2003Policemen sighting in Indiana, USA.
12.26.2003Beagle 2 lander still silent in second contact attempt.
12.25.2003Beagle mission to Mars: landing status report.
12.19.2003Beagle mission to Mars: successfull separation from mothership.
12.18.2003Saucer shaped object seen in Woodstock, Georgia, USA.
12.18.2003Eight rectangle craft at top speed in New Zealand.
12.18.2003Large low flying cigar shaped object, Colorado, USA.
12.18.2003Two shiny objects or meteors, North Texas, USA.
12.18.2003Large object on mountaintop, Canada.
12.17.2003Strange flying machine in Burnett County, Wisconsin, USA.
12.16.2003UFO and occupants seen in Argentina.
12.16.2003UFO seen in Malaysia.
12.15.2003Flying triangle in Colorado, USA.
12.15.2003Flying triangle in the Orne, France.
12.13.2003Bright cylinder seen shortly after sunset, Massachusetts, USA.
12.13.2003Cigar-shaped UFO seen in Tasmania.
12.13.2003Luminous diamond shape seen in Antwerp, Belgium.
12.11.2003Silvery shining object seen near Vienna, Austria.
12.11.2003Triangular UFO seen in Northern Ireland.
12.07.2003Yellow orb seen in Kerman, California, USA.
12.06.2003Follow-up on humming object above Froideville, Switzerland.
12.04.2003News release, joint effort for UFO investigation.
12.02.2003UK study looks for abduction witnesses.
12.01.2003Cylinder in the sky, Ohio, USA.


11.29.2003Football shaped humming object above Froideville, Switzerland.
11.27.2003European probe soon to land on Mars.
11.26.2003Sighting in Lancashire, U-K.
11.15.2003UFO follows three mechanics in Salta for two hours.
11.13.2003MGS provides proof of persistent liquid water flow on Mars.
11.11.2003Channel 4's fake Avebury UFO.
11.09.2003Transient Lunar Phenomenon, New Jersey, USA.
11.08.2003Nocturnal saucer above Huron, Ohio, USA.
11.08.2003Boomerang lights in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA.
11.08.2003Five grayish fast object over Detroit, Michigan, USA.
11.08.2003Unknown objects during lunar eclipse, Massachusetts, USA.
11.08.2003Observation in Minnesota, USA.
11.06.20035 lights seen near base in Maine, USA.
11.06.2003Observation in Lille, France.
11.03.2003Observation in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, USA.
11.01.2003Two luminous disks reported above Buenos Aires, Argentina.
11.01.2003Trio spots UFO near Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA.


10.27.2003Observation in Airdrie, Canada.
10.25.2003UFOs in Caracas, Venezuela.
10.25.2003UFOs in Caracas, Venezuela.
10.24.2003According to Sci Fi Channel, NASA will release 36 pages on the Kecksburg incident.
10.23.2003Fast moving strobing lights, Wisconsin, USA.
10.21.2003UFOs in Caracas, Venezuela.
10.18.2003Fireball seen in Wisconsin, USA.
10.18.2003Nocturnal lights, Calgary, Canada.
10.15.2003Couple reports UFO landing, Australia.
10.15.2003UFO seen and taped, Bahrein.
10.14.2003Strange object on photograph, Québec, Canada.
10.08.2003Bob White's UFO fragment linked with planet Mars.
10.07.2003Flying triangle seen in New Mexico, USA.
10.06.2003UFO seen and taped in Grimsby, U-K.
10.05.2003Strobing red-white-blue lights splitting, Ohio, USA.
10.05.2003Call for witnesses, Argenton, Britton, France.
10.03.2003Phenomenon above New Hampshire School, USA.
10.03.2003Oblong object in Canada.
10.01.2003UFO seen and taped in Utah, USA.


09.29.2003Luminous phenomenon in the Netherlands.
09.28.2003Glistening white object seen in Venezuela.
09.29.2003Cigar shaped object seen in the Netherlands.
09.21.2003Daylight phenomenon on video, New Hampshire, USA.
09.19.2003Graham Birdsall, UFO magazine editor, passed.
09.15.2003Sightings in Canada.
09.14.2003Observation in Whitehaven, England.
09.14.2003Liquid water can persist on the surface of Mars, study indicates.
09.13.2003Flying triangle, Ohio, USA.
09.13.2003Observation in Louviers, France.
09.10.2003UFO reported in Argentina.
09.10.2003UFO reported in Argentina.
09.10.2003UFO reported in Argentina.
09.08.2003Green light in Scotland.
09.08.2003Bolsover man snaps UFO on video camera, U-K.
09.08.2003Large disk shaped object, Mannhattan, USA.
09.08.2003Light near Mars, New Jersey, USA.
09.07.2003Disk in California, USA.
09.07.2003UFO spotted in Durban, South Africa.
09.06.2003Observation in Airdrie, Canada.
09.06.2003Strange phenomenon in the Appalaches, USA.
09.06.2003Nocturnal lights, Scotland.
09.05.2003Alleged UFO taped at air show, England.
09.04.2003Ohio residents report strange lights in the sky.
09.04.2003Two UFOs photographed and a cigar, Croatia.
09.03.2003Fast-moving light, Wisconsin, USA.
09.03.2003Red cylinders, Washington, USA.
09.03.2003Triangle, Washington, USA.
09.03.2003Strong strange light above car, Jordan.
09.03.2003Bell-shaped UFO, Australia.
09.01.2003Extremely bright searchlight in Maryland, USA.
09.01.2003Nocturnal manoeuvering lights near Annecy, France.

AUGUST 2003:

08.30.2003Montebello residents saw red flashing lights, California, USA.
08.30.2003Flying cigar was model plane, England.
08.29.2003Small ball of light videotaped in Ohio, USA.
08.28.2003bNocturnal lights near Lake Charles, USA.
08.28.2003Probable candle-on-a-stick hoax in England.
08.18.2003Observation in Airdrie, Canada.
08.16.2003Candle-on-a-stick hoax in Germany.
08.16.2003UFOs photo archive of Project Blue Book available on 3 CDs.
08.15.2003Football shaped UFO seen in New Jersey, USA.
08.14.2003Round red flying ball seen in British Columbia, Canada.
08.12.2003Aviation enthusiast spots flying cylinder near London, England.
08.11.2003UFO spotted in southern Brazil.
08.09.2003UFO or ISS in Shelpton Mallet, U-K.
08.08.2003UFO reported in Nechochea, Argentina.
08.07.2003UFO reports increase in U-K.
08.05.2003Two spectacular saucers, Minnesota, USA.
08.05.2003UFO in Suffolk, U-K.
08.04.2003Daylight white disk, Colorado, USA.
08.04.2003Nocturnal light and aircraft, Canada.
08.03.2003Sphere seen in England.
08.03.2003New ET pictures circulating almost certainly hoaxed.
08.02.2003Daylight rectangle UFO, Alabama, USA.
08.02.2003Group sees disk in North Dakota, USA.
08.02.2003Daylight disc videotaped in Tennessee, USA.
08.02.2003Triangle seen in England.
08.02.2003Nocturnal light, Canada.
08.02.2003Luminous phenomena in Chaulgnes, France, probably manoeuvers by Franch Air Force.
08.01.2003Three orange lights in triangle, Massachussets, USA.

JULY 2003:

07.22.2003Meteor in Greece.
07.22.2003Lights caught on video by BBC cameraman seen by another witness, U-K.
07.22.2003Disappearing reappearing lights caught on video by BBC cameraman, U-K.
07.19.2003Large luminous UFO seen by three in Venezuela.
07.18.2003Silver sphere or meteor sighted in Lincolshire, U-K.
07.17.2003Silver round shaped object, British Columbia, Canada.
07.17.2003Numerous object circling, New Jersey, USA.
07.17.2003Meteor sighted in Minnesota, USA.
07.16.2003Gordon Creighton dies in England at age 95.
07.13.2003Strange objects in the sky, Staten Island, USA.
07.13.2003Red and purple lights in the sky, England.
07.13.2003Daylight disk or meteor seen in Sturbridges, Massachussetts, USA.
07.12.2003Object above the mountain, Terrace, Canada.
07.10.2003UFO and car encounter in Chile.
07.10.2003Confuse report from Oststeinbeck, Germany.
07.07.2003Chevron object makes right angle turn, England.
07.07.2003Smokey gray flying object seen in Quebec, Canada.
07.06.2003Green object off-shore, USA.
07.05.2003Daylight cylinder spotted in Wisconsin, USA.
07.05.2003Nocturnal light observed in Boulder, Colorado, USA.
07.04.2003CIA "unable to locate" budget figures for 1947-1948.
07.03.2003Cigar shaped object spotted near Syracuse, USA.
07.03.2003Large UFO near Caricuao, Venezuela.
07.03.2003Oval shaped wingless object seen in New York State, USA.
07.03.2003Jupiter-like extrasolar planet detected.
07.03.2003Alleged abduction and implants, France.
07.02.2003Observation by campers in Michigan, USA.
07.01.2003Communiqué - Les Repas Ufologiques Parisiens.

JUNE 2003:

06.29.2003Fast nocturnal lights, Haute-Savoie, France.
06.29.2003Slow flying small blue lights, New York, USA.
06.29.2003Investigation un UFO landing rumour in New York state, USA.
06.28.2003IFO videotaped in Maipu, Chile.
06.28.2003Bright lights above Wellington, Somerset, U-K.
06.28.2003Group claims CIA wants its reports, Turkey.
06.24.20033 UFOs seen and videotaped in Cachi, Argentina.
06.23.2003Dark object seen in Mexico.
06.23.2003Alleged UFO allegedly videotaped in Spain.
06.22.2003Unusual lightning bolts in Wiltshire, U-K.
06.20.2003Sonic booms in the US.
06.18.2003Object seen in Oregon, USA.
06.18.2003UFOs in Indiana, USA.
06.18.2003Low UFO activity in Hessdalen, Norway.
06.17.2003strange glow and sound, Maryland, USA.
06.16.2003Bright star like light manoeuvers, USA.
06.16.2003Bright blue light, Canada.
06.16.2003UFO reported in Hendon, U-K.
06.16.2003Pine Bush stories, USA.
06.15.2003Cigar shaped with spikes, England.
06.15.2003Object seen in Oregon, USA.
06.14.2003Rumour that a UFO landed in a field, New York, USA.
06.14.2003UFOs in the Grampians, Australia.
06.14.2003Unidentified object near ISS identified: a drifting cable tag.
06.13.2003Unidentified object near ISS likely coming from ISS.
06.13.2003Observations in Worcestershire, UK.
06.12.2003Green tear-shaped light seen in Georgia, USA.
06.12.2003Daylight fireball seen by many above New Zealand.
06.09.2003Six UFOs in Indiana, USA.
06.09.2003Disc reported in Lyon, France.
06.09.2003Glowing low object, Tennessee, USA.
06.09.2003Six daytime spheres in Missouri, USA.
06.06.2003Liquid water mud flows observed on Mars.
06.04.2003Magenta-colored UFO seen over Georgia, USA.
06.02.2003Successful launch for Mars Express.
06.02.2003Object falls in Saudi Arabia.
06.01.2003No alien baby in Wyoming.
06.01.2003Flying rectangle, Tennessee, USA.
06.01.2003UFO or luminous blimp seen by family in Alabama, USA.
06.01.2003Two more mutilated calves, Argentina.

MAY 2003:

05.31.2003Observation in Worcestershire, UK.
05.28.2003Two green fireballs seen in Omark, Washington, USA.
05.28.2003UFO seen over the Wisconsin Dells, USA.
05.27.2003UFO or Venus pilar in South Africa.
05.25.2003MUFON investigates Booger Bottom, Georgia, USA.
05.25.2003Couple reports UFO in Dunoon, Scotland.
05.25.2003UFO fleet over Argentina.
05.25.2003Ica Stones museum and association founded, Peru.
05.24.2003Two more calves mutilated in Argentina.
05.23.2003Ufologists claim they pick up underground electromagnetic signals, Argentina.
05.23.2003Three triangular glowing UFOs above Northern Utah, USA.
05.20.2003Three flying spaghettios, Wisconsin, USA.
05.20.2003Trois spaghettios volants, Winsconsin, USA.
05.19.2003Four UFOs seen in Laurentides Park, Canada.
05.17.2003Photos of UFOs, the Netherland.
05.16.2003Crop circles in Australia.
05.15.2003Amateur astronomer sees UFOs near the moon, Wisconsin, USA.
05.15.2003Three flying spaghettios, Wisconsin, USA.
05.15.2003Orange bluish orb seen in Wisconsin, USA.
05.13.2003California Highway Patrolman spots disc, USA.
05.12.2003Light in the sky, Denmark.
05.11.2003Green nocturnal flying light, Florida, USA.
05.11.2003Disc-like object, California, USA.
05.11.2003Short and wide craft, Kentucky, USA.
05.10.2003Nocturnal light, Terrace, Canada.
05.10.2003Orange light in the Blue Mountains, Australia.
05.09.2003Silent flying triangle in California, USA.
05.09.2003Golden UFO spotted by witness in Iowa, USA.
05.08.2003Cone or triangular object makes terrific noise, Canada.
05.08.2003Call for additional witnesses, observation in Alsace, France.
05.07.2003Two flying triangles, Florida, USA.
05.07.2003Strange craft with many lights, Arkansas, USA.
05.07.2003Possible missing time case in Oklahoma, USA.
05.07.2003Mysterious glowing light seen at London par, U-K.
05.06.2003Cigar shaped object without wings, Virginia, USA.
05.06.2003UFO seen in Ukraine.
05.06.2003Daylight disk spotted near San Diego, California, USA.
05.06.2003Observations in Australia.
05.05.2003Light with erratic movements in Pennsylvania, USA.
05.05.2003Possible saucers, England.
05.05.2003UFO or lenticular cloud seen in Ukraine.
05.04.2003Ten black UFOs, actually birds, on video in Texas, USA.
05.04.2003First quarter sightings in Italy.
05.03.2003White cigar object in morning sky, Illinois, USA.
05.03.2003Fast high flying sphere in Pennsylvania, USA.
05.03.2003Flying triangle in the Netherlands.
05.03.2003Nocturnal light in Pennsylvania, USA.
05.02.2003Strange cow story, London, U-K.
05.01.2003UFO hovers above Belfast, Ireland.
05.01.2003Bright flashes of light, B.C., Canada.
05.01.2003Flying triangle in Washington, USA.
05.01.2003Flying lights in Washington, USA.
05.01.2003Spheres of light in California, USA.
05.01.2003Five small flickering lights in Wisconsin, USA.
05.01.2003Whitish rectangle flying in Seine et Marne, France.
05.01.2003Reflective white tube flying low in Pennsylvania, USA.

APRIL 2003:

04.30.2003Couple at home sees UFO in Medina, Ohio, USA.
04.30.2003UFO seen in Niagara, USA.
04.30.2003Stationary flashes of light in the sky in Ukraine.
04.29.2003Another blue UFO buzzes Sandia peak, New Mexico, USA.
04.28.2003A very bright flying triangle in Illinois, USA.
04.28.2003Very bright light seen in Ireland.
04.28.2003Two white UFOs seen in Rowlett, Texas, USA.
04.28.2003Mysterious fake UFOroundup van appears again, Texas, USA.
04.26.2003UFO in the Crimea.
04.26.2003Orange ball seen in Florida, USA.
04.26.2003Daylight disk, Georgia, USA.
04.26.2003UFO sighted in Wisconsin, USA.
04.26.2003Phenomenon seen in Wisconsin, USA.
04.26.2003UFO sighted in California, USA.
04.24.2003UFO sightings in Essex, U-K.
04.24.2003UFO in the Crimea.
04.23.2003UFO in the Crimea.
04.23.2003Aqua blue sphere in Idaho, USA.
04.22.2003UFO or perhaps a kite seen in England.
04.22.2003Observations in Eastern Brazil.
04.22.2003Fraud in Michigan, USA.
04.20.2003Chevron shape object moving rapidly, Texas, USA.
04.19.2003UFOs seen by campers in California, USA.
04.19.2003Cattle mutilations, Argentina.
04.18.2003Amazing photographs, Ohio, USA.
04.17.2003Nocturnal light, Colombo.
04.17.2003Observation in Tour, France.
04.16.2003Cattle mutilations in Nebraska, USA.
04.15.2003Cattle mutilations in Argentina.
04.16.2003Burbank Airport lights.
04.13.2003Triangular UFO spotted in Nova Scotia, Canada.
04.13.2003Strange lights inside a car in Georgia, USA.
04.13.2003Photographer reports possible UFO candidate captured in his picture, France.
04.12.2003UFO with coloured lights, New Zealand.
04.10.2003Police investigating reports of a green gnome, Ecuador.
04.09.2003Charles Hickson recalls encounter, USA.
04.07.2003Daylight disk in Tennessee, USA.
04.06.2003Round object makes 90 degrees turn in Arizona, USA.
04.05.2003Sighting in California, USA.
04.05.2003Weird sighting in Devon, England.
04.05.2003Observation near Dijon, France.
04.04.2003Phenomenon photographed in France.
04.04.2003Blue sphere falls from the sky, England.
04.04.2003Large sphere enters cloud, Oregon, USA.
04.04.2003Luminous phenomenon in California, USA.
04.04.2003Luminous phenomenon in California, USA.
04.04.2003Flying triangle joins huge circle, Southern Carolina, USA.
04.03.2003Changing object photographed in New York, USA.
04.03.2003Triangle flies over Maine, USA.
04.03.2003Phenomenon with blinking lights, Belgium.
04.02.2003Large blue UFO appears in Northern Arizona, USA.
04.02.2003Flying triangle in Pennsylvania, USA.
04.02.2003Mutilated horse found in central Argentina.
04.02.2003Observation in Terrace, BC, Canada.

MARCH 2003:

03.31.2003Two spheres seen from Tucson airport, USA.
03.30.2003Nocturnal pink light, Scotland.
03.30.2003Star like fast flying object, probably ISS, England.
03.30.2003Huge silent flying triangle, Washington, USA.
03.30.2003Investigation on judge's photos, Washington, USA.
03.29.2003Strange cigar shaped object, Philippines.
03.28.2003Creature and lights, USA.
03.27.2003Pilot sees cone shaped object, Virginia, USA.
03.27.2003Teardrop light over Lake Michigan, USA.
03.27.2003UFOs sighted twice in western Brazil.
03.26.2003UFO sighted in California.
03.25.2003Huge flying triangle in Canada.
03.23.2003Nocturnal light, Washington, USA.
03.23.2003Disappearing satellites, Normandy, France.
03.23.2003UFO or stealth blimp in Wisconsin, USA.
03.23.2003Farmers report cattle mutilation again, Argentina.
03.22.2003Two ovals spotted in Florida, USA.
03.21.2003UFO phenomena, Gariscan, France.
03.21.2003Flying triangles in New York, USA.
03.21.2003Rectangular object in Connecticut, USA.
03.21.2003UFOs above Providencia, Chile.
03.20.200340 people watch a UFO in central Poland.
03.20.2003UFOs in Mexico.
03.19.2003UFO with flashing light seen in Venezuela.
03.17.2003UFO seen in Columbia.
03.16.2003UFO seen in Washington, USA.
03.15.2003UFOs seen in Brasil.
03.15.2003UFOs seen in Columbia.
03.15.2003Sphere appeared and moved very fast in Ohio, USA.
03.15.2003Luminous disc sighted in east Pennsylvania, USA.
03.14.2003Oval object with multiple colors, Pennsylvania, USA.
03.14.2003Cigar hovers in Massachussetts, USA.
03.13.2003Three boomerangs in Florida, USA.
03.13.2003UFO reported near a beach in Australia.
03.10.2003"Xendra" appears again, this time in Brazil.
03.10.2003Greenish glowing disc fly over, California, USA.
03.10.2003Bright lights in 'V' pattern in the sky of Ohio, USA.
03.10.2003Strange large flying triangle, Florida, USA.
03.08.2003Yellow-orange UFO seen in Veracruz state, Mexico.
03.08.2003A large turquoise colored sphere, USA.
03.08.2003Object hovers over a field, Missouri, USA.
03.08.2003Orange compact disc shaped UFO, West Virginia, USA.
03.08.2003Three spheres and "chemclouds" in Texas, USA.
03.07.2003Bright light, Canada.
03.07.2003Bright lights in 'V' pattern in the sky of Ohio, USA.
03.07.2003Observation of an alleged UFO above Paris, France.
03.06.2003UFO in Rufino, Argentina.
03.05.2003Small "alien" seen near school in Calama, Chile.
03.05.2003Black thing on the road in Arizona, USA.
03.04.2003Transparent flying crafts in Louisiana, USA.
03.03.2003UFO observed, Washington, USA.
03.03.2003Luminous UFO again in British Columbia, Canada.
03.03.2003Bright lights in 'V' pattern in the sky of Ohio, USA.
03.03.2003Flying triangle or diamond in Connecticut, USA.
03.02.2003New wave of UFO sightings, Chile.
03.01.2003UFO flap sweeps Brazil.


02.28.2003UFO seen in Vina del Mar, Chile.
02.28.2003UFO investigators claim to have found UFO landing trace in Bathgate, Scotland.
02.27.2003Another sighting in North-East Fife, Scotland.
02.27.2003A new idea boosts chance of life on Europa.
02.26.2003Ufology news from Scotland.
02.24.2003Airliner paced by small disc, Washington, USA.
02.24.2003UFO reported from Pune, India.
02.24.2003News about the "Starchild."
02.23.2003Strange star with rotating lights in Wisconsin, USA.
02.23.2003Blinking maneuvering red lights, Washington, USA.
02.23.2003UFOs over Cork Harbor, Ireland.
02.23.2003Orange or yellow lights, Washington, USA.
02.22.2003Phenomenon observed in Noisy le Grand, France.
02.21.2003Mutliple witness UFO report, physical traces, Canada.
02.20.2003Recurring sightings of bright lights, Canada.
02.20.2003Object seen in Smithers, British Columbia, Canada.
02.20.2003CISU newsflash N.384, Italy.
02.19.2003An odd hum in Missouri, USA.
02.19.2003HBCC's Brian Vike gets media interest, Canada.
02.19.2003UFO causes car bumps, Scotland.
02.18.2003Two black objects flutter in Montana, USA.
02.18.2003Officer sees golden shining object, Sri Lanka.
02.17.2003Oval craft seen in Massachussetts, USA.
02.17.2003UFOs seen in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA.
02.16.2003UFO experience in Maryland, USA.
02.16.2003Flying saucers seen by the police, California, USA.
02.16.2003Diamond shaped object, Washington, USA.
02.16.2003Vertical diamond shaped object, California, USA.
02.16.2003Giant hang glider and cylinder, New Jersey, USA.
02.15.2003Craft with lights in Milwaukee, USA.
02.15.2003Particularly bright star, England.
02.15.2003Two flashes of green bright light, Virginia, USA.
02.14.2003South pole of Mars is also mostly water ice.
02.12.2003Fort McArthur museum reruns battle of Los Angeles.
02.11.2003Light taped on video, New York, USA.
02.10.2003Circular object with a ring of fire, Canada.
02.10.2003Yellow - green flashing object in the sky, the Netherlands.
02.09.2003A motorist reports a UFO, Italy.
02.09.2003UFO causes car engine to stop, Hungary.
02.09.2003Bright object seen in Connecticut, USA.
02.09.2003Fox News airs recent UFO video from Scotland.
02.08.2003Triangular shaped craft lands in New Jersey, USA.
02.08.2003Dancing lights in the sky, New Jersey, USA.
02.07.2003Flying lights in the sky, Australia.
02.06.2003Large lights seen in the sky in Ohio, USA.
02.06.2003Teardrop UFO sighted in Florida, USA.
02.07.2003Fireballs above Japan.
02.04.2003Shooting stars of flying saucer, California, USA.
02.03.2003Emormous cylindrical UFO seen in Italy.
02.03.2003UFO sightings, British Columbia, Canada.
02.03.2003Huge UFO or balloon seen in Florida, USA.
02.01.2003Fairy ring, USA.
02.01.2003UFO photographed, Wisconsin, USA.


01.31.2003Police officers watch the skies, U-K.
01.29.2003More maneuvering spheres reported in Yucatan, Mexico.
01.25.2003SoHo images Euroseti controversy, NASA SoHo team answers.
01.28.2003Luminous UFO over Waihi, New Zealand.
01.26.2003It appeared to be red and emitted two fireballs, Ireland.
01.26.2003Strange ground circle found in Argentina.
01.25.2003White UFO spotted in Germany.
01.24.2003UFOs sighting, Canada.
01.24.2003Red light in the sky, Arkansas, USA.
01.24.2003Diamond shaped object seen in England.
01.22.2003Sky mystery above Loch Ness, Scotland.
01.22.2003Cylinder spotted over the skies of Salem, Oregon, USA.
01.21.2003Black orb in Washington, USA.
01.21.2003Triangular object seen in Boca, Florida, USA.
01.21.2003Strange white object, Massachussetts, USA.
01.21.2003Triangular UFO spotted in UK.
01.21.2003Hovering strange silent light seen in Gloucestershire, U-K.
01.20.2003Three teardrop shaped objects, Pennsylvania, USA.
01.20.2003Cigar shaped object, Texas, USA.
01.20.2003Flying triangle, Washington, USA.
01.19.2003Daylight silver disk north of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
01.18.2003SoHo images Euroseti controversy.
01.18.2003Spherical UFO seen in southern Brazil.
01.18.2003Mars, to go or not to go.
01.17.2003Orange light pursued by an airplane, South Carolina, USA.
01.17.2003Fast flying disc, Malaysia.
01.17.2003UFO flotilla spotted in Yucatan, Mexico.
01.17.2003UFO and possible ground traces, Necochea, Argentina.
01.16.2003Wingless cylinder spotted, New York, USA.
01.16.2003Strange shadow in Georgia, USA.
01.16.2003UFO seen in Spain.
01.16.2003Nocturnal light seen in Northern Ireland.
01.16.2003Fights over gravity speed measurement.
01.15.2003Many colorful lights in Wisconsin, USA.
01.15.2003Three red UFOs seen in Puerto Rico.
01.15.2003CISU: Italian sightings 2002.
01.14.2003Sighting in Dubbo, Australia.
01.14.2003Couple sees orange phenomenon in Wisconsin, USA.
01.13.2003Supposed UFO seen in city of Pucallpa, Peru.
01.13.2003Three red-orange UFOs seen by couple above Sidney, Australia.
01.11.2003Strange fireballs dominate the sky above Buenos Aires, Argentina.
01.11.2003Speed of gravity measured for first time and found probably equal to speed of light.
01.11.2003EuroSETI says they will reveal hundred of UFO images taken from 2 satellites.
01.10.2003Large flying wing shape above Calgary at night, Canada.
01.09.2003BUFOSC investigates on possible UFO landing, U-K.
01.09.2003TV host has close encounter, Australia.
01.07.2003UFOs reported to police, Papua New Guinea.
01.09.2003Farthest known planet discovered.
01.09.2003White lights in formation, Georgia, USA.
01.06.2003Orange UFO seen above Pretoria, South Africa.
01.06.2003Object falls from the sky, Porto Rico.
01.04.2003UFOs in British Columbia, Canada.
01.03.2003UFO in British Columbia, Canada.
01.03.2003UFO or Sirius or whatever seen by residents of Baku, Azerbaidjan.
01.03.2003Walnut-size "UFO" hits car, USA.
01.03.2003Changes in SETI project.
01.02.2003Object with lights in Iowa, USA.
01.02.2003Track attracts UFOs, Australia.

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