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UFO investigations, Birmingham, U-K., June 2003:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Birmingham Evening Mail, U-K., June 5, 2003.

Take me to your boozer

UFO experts are investigating reports of strange lights seen in the sky over the city centre.

The respected investigators Contact International UFO Research (CIUFOR) are looking into the sightings over Broad Street last Saturday night [May 31].

A man in his 30s phoned the organisation after he was left 'disconcerted' by what he saw at around 11.20 pm.

CIUFOR spokesman Michael Soper said: "The eye witness told us he saw two triangular shapes of white, bluish light moving from north east to south west west.

"He was surprised because there was no noise. They were moving completely silently. A third object joined them and together moved in a set square shape before one of the objects shot off vertically. The remaining lights then disappeared leaving a clear sky.

"The sighting lasted for a couple of minutes in total."

Mr Soper said the organisation was now investigating the sighting and checking with air traffic control to see if it could be accounted for by aircraft activity.

He said CIUFOR investigates around three or four UFO sightings a year in the West Midlands. UFO hotspots include the Malvern Hills and Clee Hills. CIUFOR was founded in 1967 by the eighth Lord Clancarty, Brinsley le Poer Trench, author of several UFO books. Up to 50 overseas branches were set up in the 1970s with a total membership of 11,000 enthusiasts. CIUFOR now limits its activities to collecting and disseminating data.

Mr Soper added: "We would be very interested to hear from anyone else who saw these strange lights last Saturday."

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