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UFOs in the daily Press:

Observation in Froideveille, Switzerland, 2003:

This article was published in the daily newspaper 24 Heures, region of Vaud, Switzerland, on December 6, 2003.

See also this previous article on the same story.

A child paced by the Froideville UFO?

The "flying rugby ball," ["football" in the US], seen last week by villagers, is said to have circled around a boy.

Following several testimonies, it is now possible to determine the path of the unidentified flying object through Froideville.

Its passage to Froideville was short. Very short. But the streets of the village are still filled with its particular humming [metaphorically speaking]. It is difficult, one week after the facts (See 24 Heures for November 29), to forget the "flying rugby ball" observed by at least three villagers. A UFO? A remotely controlled probe sent by a spaceship; which remained with farther away? A home made rocket? The mystery remains. However, we know about the trajectory of the machine today, about its short exploration of the county of Vaud to some extent. Other news: a 10 years old child is said to have claimed a face to face encounter with the UFO. He is said to have talked about it at school.

A short summary of the facts. Last Friday, in the morning, the county police force received three distinct phone calls. Three inhabitants of Froideville said to have seen an unidentified flying object. It had the shape of a rugby ball. The size of it also. It hummed and moved horizontally. Dispatched on the spot, a team of the explosives management service of the police force came back clueless.

By confronting the various testimonies, the hearsays, the locations of appearance of the apparatus, one manages today to reconstitute his trajectory. It has apparently first appeared in the north of the village, Bottens side. It had then moved in direction of Montheron. It turned back in front of the Café de l'Ecureuil. It is precisely with the bottom part of the village that a child had crossed its path. He also described an orange red object. The boy was inside a house. The flying object entered the house. It turned several times around him. Panicked, the child is said to have fled to the first floor. The "rugby ball" continued its flightpath towards the east, practically to the other end of the village, before practically going back where it had appeared first. A trajectory in the shape of circle.

It should be noted that other witnesses are said to have come out of the wood. Precisely located in Jorat, they are said to have seen something. The famous rugby ball? No. But a "bulkier" object hovering in the sky.

Related to the above affair, I received this email:

Subj: follow-up on the UFO in Froideville, Switzerland
Date: 07.12.2003 01:09:14 AM Pacific Standard Time

Hello, first of all, a great cheer for your website for I despaired to see a serious UFO website with updates held before I stumble on yours.

I also read the article on these ladies who saw a UFO in Froideville. I live in [xxx] in the canton of Vaud within [10-50] km of Froideville, I never saw a UFO, but when I was young, I was interested in the phenomenon. The encounter by these ladies raised my interest again. One of my best friends comes from Baumes (vd) [region of Vaud] and he saw a UFO in front of the station of Baumes when he was aged 15. I could tell you the details if you want. As for myself, on holiday in the South of France three years ago, I carried out my own investigation to the Trans-en-Provence case and I was able to film the garden of the Italian gentleman who saw the object. I also recorded his testimony in video. I could give you details also if you want. The newspaper 24 Heures of Saturday, December 6 follows-up on the case in Froideville. I summarize: a small object of rugby ball shape is said to have penetrate home where it circled around a child who spoke of it at school. Other witnesses are said to have seen a larger thing in the sky, close from there in the wood of Jorat. Unfortunately, I am [busy with another activity], without that I would have gladly go there. (For my children, I bought a light balloon, which goes up and with the heat of the sun, if it were operated by remote control, it could easily deceive somebody). If you want, I could send a scan of this article to you.



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