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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO or not UFO above Loch Ness, Scotland, January 2003:

This article was published in the daily newspaper The Inverness Courier, Scotland, January 22, 2003.

The article is also on their web site, where the picture below was published.

A personal comment: it is quite rare to read so much imprecise description about a UFO sighting. The videotaped object may very well have a commonplace explanation, or not, but I fell there is not one chance to get any correct explanation at all ever on this sighting, and the astronomer's blah blah is not really helping either.

Mystery in the sky above Loch Ness

FOLK around Loch Ness have been keeping watch on the night skies after mystery lights appeared above the village of Drumnadrochit last weekend.

Local astronomers have been called in to see if they can find the truth about what is out there, while residents in Drumnadrochit have gathered to watch the light in the early hours of the morning.

"Itís the buzz of the village," said Liz Gresham, whose husband Ian first spotted the light.

"A lady who lives in the respite centre asked the kids if they had seen the light. When they said they had, she told them; ĎThey should do something about that. Itís not naturalí."

Mr Gresham first noticed the light when he looked out of his window at around 1.30am last week to check for snow and has since filmed the light using the family camcorder.

"Itís amazing, whatever it is, because it spins and rotates into shapes," Mr Gresham declared.

"It looks green when you look at it on the video, but itís actually bright blue. We sat and pondered about it. It canít be a shooting star, otherwise, it would shoot off, and its not an aircraft. Itís amazing how it just hovers about and then heads off in different directions. When it slows down, you can see itís not round, itís oblong."

Mrs Gresham revealed that people were coming down every night to watch it. "Iíve never seen anything like it," she said.

"It looks as though there are two black things, one at the top and one at the bottom and colours in the middle. For the colours to blend like that it must be spinning round."

Mrs Gresham has even contacted RAF Lossiemouth to see if they have picked up anything on radar but was told there is no record of it. The station radar is not manned after 11pm at night.

The light gradually moves across the north-west sky, then appears to take off in a different direction. "It looks as though itís going down, but itís actually getting further away," Mr Gresham claimed. "With the camera, Iíve been trying to get as close in as possible. Whether you expect to see some little aliens waving back at you, I donít know."

The family are keeping an open mind about what the light may be, but are not ruling out an extra-terrestrial origin.

"The whole village, to be honest, thinks itís a UFO. Thatís whatís putting worries in their minds," Mrs Gresham stated. "I have been on astronomy websites and thereís not a star that does anything like that.

"Weíre now just waiting for the kidnappings to start!"

Less worried are the coupleís three children, Nicole (12), Lauren (8) and Bradley (7), who are excited about the whole phenomenon.

"The two oldest were up on the first night and they thought it was fantastic," Mrs Gresham recalled. "Nicole came home from school and told us she had to stand there a hundred times aday and tell people about it."

Mr Gresham thought that the TV programme "The X-Files" had fired peopleís imagination. "I think people do believe there is a big place where they keep bits that have fallen off flying saucers," he said.

Maarten de Vries, of Highlands Astronomical Society, has studied the video with colleagues and, although he has not identified the object, he believes it is most likely to be man-made as it is too low to be a celestial body, he added.

"Itís very unlikely it is extra-terrestrial or anything extra-terrestrial visiting, because there is no evidence of anything like that anywhere in the world. There are plenty of stories, but no concrete evidence," Mr de Vries stated.

"It is a UFO, because it is unidentified, but people confuse that with extra-terrestrials. Itís very possible itís a single light source that has been blurred by the atmospheric conditions, and atmospheric conditions have been very bad.

"If I had seen this, I would be intrigued ó so thumbs-up to the people for making the video."

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