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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO sighting in Scotland, 2003:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Wishaw Press - Lanarkshire, Scotland, September 19, 2003.

They Had a Close 'UFO' Encounter

By Kenny Smith

MORE Wishaw residents have come forward after having their own close encounters of the UFO kind.

In last week's Wishaw Press, we reported the sighting of a green light in the sky, above Craigneuk on Monday September 8, around 9.30pm.

The green light had been seen in the sky, at a height of around 400 feet, before shooting off in the Muirhouse direction.

Friends Rose Gillespie and Marion Vance were travelling by car when they spotted the green light in the sky.

They read about the sighting in the Wishaw Press, and contacted us.

Marion said: "We were coming down from Grangemouth on Monday evening. We were about two miles from the Auchenkillen roundabout near Cleland.

"My friend saw it first, then said 'What's that?', then I looked up.

"It just flew right across in front of us, then dropped down a bit, and went out of sight.

"It was very bright green, was very fast, and a bit scary. Never in my life have I seen anything like that.

"I'd never thought there were UFOs until Monday night. I thought what could it be, and we started talking about it on the way down home. But when you see something like that with your own eyes, it makes you wonder."

Rose added: "I know it wasn't a shooting star as I've sent plenty of them in my life.

"It was very bright green, moving exceptionally fast across the sky, then it did a little dip as if it had turned, then vanished. It was there and gone in seconds.

"My husband said to me it would be a fancy aeroplane being tested, but if that's how fast it's going to go, I don't want to be on it!"

A Craigneuk resident, who asked not to be named, also saw the green light in the sky.

He said: "My dog ran across the road to a neighbour's house. The hackles were up on his back, and then I looked up. It was dark, but there was this bright green light - it wasn't pulsating or anything, but it was a bit of a shocker.

"I went, 'Oh, my', and then it just glided away. It look massive.

"I've seen a lot of strange things in Craigneuk, but that's something different."

East Kilbride UFO Club were informed of the sighting by a Craigneuk man.

The club's Noel Wallace said: "We've had some sightings in the Motherwell area in the past, but not heard of anything for a while."

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